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Written on 12/16/2008 02:08:00 pm by sikapitan

That 70’s Show, which used to be one of the funniest sitcoms around, is officially CRAP.

Officially, the last episode was aired in 2006, but as is common for us here in Malaysia, we get to see it now – 2 years later!

Anyway, if we were to ignore the out-of-date element, the season they’re showing on Astro every Monday night is the 8th season (I think). No more Eric (Topher Grace) or Kelso (Ashton “Punk’d” Kutcher). Both went on to bigger things.

Remember, the episode we’re getting in Malaysia was filmed two years ago. That’s when Topher played a major role in Spider-Man, and a few other movies. Ashton’s busy with his movies as well (and Demi Moore…how MILF can you get?).

Back to the show. It’s crap. It’s lousy. There’s this new character called Randy, played by Josh Meyers, and he must be one of the lousiest comedy actors I’ve seen from a U.S production. It’s MIND-BLOWING how lousy he is.

Even Fez is no longer a guaranteed laugh. And that reflects on the low-quality jokes permeating in the current (or outdated) season. I won’t even start on how they have denigrated Hyde into a drunken fool.

It’s getting harder and harder to find quality sitcoms. I really like 30 Rock, but it’s a bit too off-beat for everyday consumption, you know what I mean?

Where’s the next “Friends” (which they’re still showing…and I can’t get enough of that show…BRILLIANT!)?

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