It's rather ironic...


Written on 9/05/2006 12:59:00 am by sikapitan

Isn’t this ironic? On the day that my first real “creative endeavor” were published in a national daily, I realized that I am, in effect, not a blogger. I once read somewhere that one of the criteria to being a blogger is to update your site at least once a month. My last posting was at the end of the World Cup, and along the way the ever-present demanding coursework and a trip to Australia has somehow stopped me from actually updating my blog. It’s even more ironic that during that period I was paid RM100 for two articles published in the Star (I don’t know which one, and I don’t really care for it’s merely a reproduction of something I wrote here) and now another article in today’s MalayMail. All under the pretext of being a teenage blogger.

So how do I go about this? I mean, I love seeing my article published in the MalayMail, and the editor is a cool enough dude that I think I might just write something different for them, and something different here. I can’t really screw around with the mass media, so I guess this domain shall be truly a private one, where I get to vent out my innermost anger (often) or thoughts (seldom).

A dear friend has just lost her father to cancer last week, and being the dastardly person I am, I can’t even find the time to visit her. It’s sad really, but I’ve got a lot on my hands after missing a week and managing the Law Faculty’s Annual Dinner was simply a task that consumed me. On hindsight, I regretted not sacrificing one of those moments when I am busy at home choosing a song that I am going to perform, rather than visit someone who has been there, IF called upon, for me all this while. If this is the indication of my future, where I will be so focused on my tasks and even myself till I neglect the important people in my life, then I should be afraid…very afraid.

On another note, I have to make a confession – I love planning an event. I never thought I would, but apparently it IS true that I am a total control freak, and you definitely need a control freak as your event manager. I love making things right, even when the hotel’s technical staff could not be anymore daft and inefficient. I didn’t get to sit down at all at my own table, beside my girlfriend (whom I have to admit, rather shamelessly, looked stunning), and eat for more than five minutes before the walkie-talkie would crackle signaling that something needs to be done. Despite having to deal with micro-managing-addict lecturers, and other control freaks, the event finished on time, despite starting later than scheduled, so I would say that is a success on our part. Anything else that went wrong that night was beyond my control, which exonerate me from any wrongdoing (thereby bringing a sense of relief), yet leaving me feeling rather inadequate.