...ass shaken.


Written on 12/27/2004 02:47:00 am by sikapitan

Thank goodness I decided to check out thestar.com.my or I would have missed what potentially could be THE story for Malaysia this year, but knowing our public, nothing could displace the more serious matter of Sharifah Aini’s case. We have just experienced “the worst natural disaster” in our history, though some might say the appearance of Tomok on our airwaves a few years back qualifies as a natural disaster in its own right. I’m referring to the aftershock felt in certain parts of Malaysia as a result of the biggest earthquake recorded in 40 years.

According to the report, the focal point of the earthquake originated some 100 miles off the shores of Sumatra. The initial earthquake was felt in almost every state in Malaysia in the morning. Recorded at 8.9 earthquake scale, it caused multiple natural reactions including tsunamis and aftershocks. Sri Lanka and India, with its strong coastal population was badly hit, with thousands reported dead. In South-east Asia, Thailand and Indonesia reported hundreds as confirmed dead while thousands missing. In Malaysia itself, our northern coastal states were badly hit, especially Penang and Langkawi, with the death toll expected to rise significantly as authorities attempt to find those missing. I would like to extend the deepest condolences to those who lost their love ones.

I didn’t feel anything. I was sound asleep on my bed, hopefully deep in some fantasy involving Jessica Alba and Elisha Cuthbert (circa The Girl Next Door, not 24). I don’t know. I can’t remember. But I went on the entire day oblivious to the tragedy occurring right on our shores. Almost nothing happens in Malaysia. Our newspapers are either filled with government propaganda or some new rape cases. We might not be a big country, but somehow we are fortunate enough to escape any significant nature’s weapons. All around us there’s volcanoes, earthquakes and tidal waves. The worse potential natural disaster that I could think of is some thunderstorm knocking out our power lines. We are blessed with this greatest of gifts, and yet our countrymen remain blissfully unaware of our potential. We could be the centre of South-east Asia, the focal point of trade and culture. And yet, Thailand controls the majority of automobile productions in our region, with more plants on the way; Singapore is the trading mecca of ASEAN and is considered one of the most educated countries in the world; Indonesia, because of its sheer size and population, remains central and pertinent to the rest of the world. Is it too much for me to claim that, despite propagandas to the contrary, we are insignificant in the grand scheme of things?

I’m going off track, but I just want Malaysians to realize that we have the resources and we are blessed enough to be living in such area as to facilitate tremendous growth in every part of society but yet we are complacent and docile, seemingly content at being where we are. But hey, maybe being insignificant has its advantages. For one, no terrorist has any reason to attack us, nor are we the target of the United States either. That must count for something right?

So what’s the biggest story this year? Kak Pah v. Siti Nurhaliza, of course.

Shake that ass...


Written on 12/19/2004 05:47:00 pm by sikapitan

I came out of watching Alexander thanking God that I wasn’t born in that era. Was I mistaken to proclaim that all men are genetically engineered to screw every girl they find attractive? Perhaps I should rephrase my proposition. It should be “men are genetically inclined to procreate with as many PEOPLE as possible” without actually referring to any particular gender. Historical facts have shown that men of yester-years engage in more homosexual activities than our current so called “liberal” generation. Isn’t it a scientific fact that all fetuses/babies have a general tendency towards the XX chromosome, meaning female, and the Y chromosome only comes in to mess things up and turn perfectly beautiful, caring females into hot-tempered, war-mongering males? So that’s why it’s easier to make a man sensitive than making a woman aggressive.

In addition to the annoyingly overbearing homosexual/bisexual theme in the movie, I find Alexander to be a truly boring show, and a major disappointment from Oliver Stone who had made great character-driven movies such as JFK and my personal favourite, Wall Street. The idea of encompassing Alexander massive accomplishments into a 2 hour 45 minutes spectacle is simply too much to handle. I’m very disappointed with all the battle scenes in the movie, which appeared disjointed and confusing. Those of you who remembered Colin Farrell in Tigerland and Phone Booth wouldn’t have believed that he’s the same person playing the sobbing whining title character. I understand that the script wanted to show that behind the mask there’s a sensitive side to Alexander. My gripe is that they made him TOO sensitive, seemingly in a state of perpetual “merajukness”.

And that is the crux of the matter isn’t it? We live in a world filled with imperfections, where heroes have affairs; leaders appear dumb (stand up you Texan), sports icons taking drugs and angelic-looking singing icons smoking. We all know that everyone has their imperfections, and we readily accept that fact. Look at Clinton, who is now regarded simply as a man’s man (though his choice of women appears to dent his standing in the ‘player list’). But the best movies of all time stress the HEROIC part of the character, rather than dawdling on his/her imperfections. Sure, Bruce Willis in Die Hard wasn’t really the model citizen, but we all remembered him shooting his way out of a tight situation with one handgun which magically appears to hit the bad guys with relative ease. And Gladiator was great because Russell Crowe’s character was a true hero, one that displays courage and strength in all its glory. In Troy, who was your least favourite character? Personally, I despise Paris (Orlando Bloom) not because he caused the war, but because he’s a whining pussy. He can’t fight to save his life. We all love Hector, who is the embodiment of the ultimate hero. He’s good-looking, he cares for his people, he’s honourable, but most importantly, he can kick some serious ass.

The problem with Colin Farrell’s Alexander is not because he’s not good-looking (though the whole blonde thing just doesn’t work), or he lacks compassion, or he’s less honourable, but because he can’t really kick ass. In fact, I’m led to believe that he love asses. Go figure.

Open House:)


Written on 12/14/2004 01:52:00 am by sikapitan

It’s weird. At the very moment I thought writing would ease my frustration, I find myself utterly lost in front of the monitor. I’ve been trying to write something, ANYTHING (and regular readers would attest that I’m never short of things to say), I experience what has been called a writer’s block. In my case, it seems more like a 10 storey high titanium clad steel wall. Certain events in the past few weeks have somehow distracted my mind from my own self-identity. I’ve become less insightful in every sense of the word; preferring the simplistic approach to problem-solving rather than looking at it from a sociological standpoint, watching movies without actually dissecting it like I usually do and generally moving backwards when it comes to improving my vocabulary. However, today I aim to start back on a fresh note, and though I do believe that no one’s reading this site anymore, I sincerely hope the outpourings of my radically multidimensional way of thinking would somehow save me from being an emotional wreck.

One of the most endearing features of our merry celebration known to many as Hari Raya and to some as Hari Kaya (to the kids especially, though at 21 I still get my odd money-packets from relatives;) is the phenomena known as ‘Open House’. Now for those unfamiliar with the concept of Open House, it does not entail physically dismantling the house or opening any particular form of clothing, but is a gathering of friends, relatives and even strangers ranging from the mini Open House to the opulently grand ‘Rumah Terbuka Datuk’ kind. Whatever the size, the purpose of Open Houses has always been to treat our friends and relatives to whatever culinary delights we desire, which could sometimes just be ketupat and kuih raya, in the hope that they would walk away remembering us and saying nice things about us. I see it as a sign of insecurity, where the thought of ending up alone without friends is more frightening than death itself. So we conjure up massive feasts in the hope that when we are old and on the death bed, there’ll be someone else other than that pleasant, but in truth very unattractive, nurse by our side. Trust me to equate Open Houses with death. I’m that messed up.

This year I’ve finally decided to go with the flow, and join in any Open Houses on offer, even if it wasn’t offered to me. You see, one of the best things about being young and carefree is the ability to be as thick-faced as you could be. I and my friends crashed one in PJ, not realizing that anywhere you go in this world there’s bound to be someone who knows you. So my raid of a truly wonderful quaint house (special mention to the sporting hostess who was kind enough to even allow us to catch a football match on her telly) didn’t go unnoticed here in Subang where everyone knows someone that knows everyone. It’s amazing how the world truly is as connected as Friendster. My point is this, unless you’re rude, obnoxious, ugly as an ox with personal hygiene like one to boot, you’re more likely to be welcomed to anyone’s house than to be turned away.

The young male species generally arrive at open houses with a perverted sense of anticipation that they would meet a lovely, stunningly gorgeous girl. At least that’s what I usually hoped for and though I do know of people who go about claiming it’s all about the food, I noticed that none of my friends really get on with the food at open houses, unless the trips to the buffet line coincide with the appearance of some cute girl. Be honest to yourself and you’re more likely to be happy. What’s amazing is that the male truly believe that sitting around talking with their friends would somehow entice any girl to come up and say hello to them. Hello, you’ve got to make the effort. Like the line in The Girl Next Door, “Is the juice worth the squeeze?”. I hate it when they go all bonkers the next day asking me who that girl was and how to meet up and stuffs. Do your own dirty work mates, I’ve got my own to clean up.

Ahh…I believe I’ve hit form again. And though that generally means more awkward sentences and weird logic in the next few weeks, I really hope you guys can dig me again. Or you could just dig a hole for me. Go figure.

sapa makan babi dia la masuk neraka...eih..cam tak kena jer...


Written on 11/22/2004 04:00:00 am by sikapitan

You need others to validate
Your existence to contemplate
Do people love or hate
It all depends on how many friends you make

We count to appease
The notion at least
More friends to be
Popular like you and he

My space is yours
Darkest secrets are lost
Revealing yourself at all cost
To gain friends, of course

It’s all staged for my benefit
How cool you are for my music
Try to fool me now aren’t we?
Though you forget I ain’t a kid

I see straight through the lies
And how popular you are with guys
To see the insecurity
Of a popular wannabe

One could be more than two
Or whatever digits you chose
If one is there for you
When you needed them the most

They don’t define you
Don’t make that mistake
Forever you’ll be untrue
Of what’s more worthy for your sake

Leave pride to one side
And be truthful for a change
Don’t take them for a ride
On the fake coolness train

I am not as cool as you
I don’t have friends as many
But I know some simple truth
Beneath it all you bleed just like me

Yeehaaa..back in KL...


Written on 11/20/2004 02:56:00 am by sikapitan

So how was your Raya? I was in Penang for 7 days, from last Wednesday till two days ago. Just like I wrote in the previous entry, it wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be, though cramming everyone into a typical terrace house meant I had to sleep on the couch most of the time, and not a particularly large one at that. But we had Astro, and I managed to fill up my time playing Football Manager 2005, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Don’t read this if you don’t like ‘poyo’ things: In two seasons I managed to win the FA Cup, League Cup, Charity Shield, Premier League and Champions League, using basically the same crop of players Man United are having right now. So Sir Alex, when do you want to give way for me?

Let’s get on with this whole Raya business, and it is a business now considering the commercialism of the whole thing. I’m not complaining though, just making an observation. Is it normal for you guys to be stuck in front of the TV during Raya period? My family, extended and all, live off TV every time we get together. We just love watching all these Malay shows on TV, from musicals to ‘blockbusters’. A few observations on the Raya programming on TV:

1. Please get that Pakcik Macam-macam Ada off the air. It was cute at first but the whole ‘Ada Riaaa Ada Rayaa’ ad just looked pathetically cheap. Now I just want to smack the old man right out of his songkok and that isn’t a pleasant thought to have during this glorious month.

2. Why are they showing depressing melodramas during Prime Time? Seriously, almost all the TV drama that was shown had some dark somber tone surrounding it. ‘Quran Buruk’ was especially depressing, almost as pathetic as the whole ‘Pondok Buruk’ series. If the Chinese watched TV during this period they would have thought we Malays like nothing better than to live in Kampung, having affairs, disrespecting our parents, gatal, and we are piously unrealistic, surrounded with lots of supernatural beings, or just simply stupid.

3. Musicals are getting a bit boring isn’t it? The problem is that there aren’t enough genuine stars here in Malaysia. We all know that Ning is a wonderful singer, but she can’t carry a show by herself, because she’s not a star. So what do our beloved TV stations do? Get Siti. So Raya this year is filled once again with Siti Nurhaliza. It’s not that I don’t like her, in fact I can be called somewhat of a fan of her music, but I just think it’s silly to see her face every hour or so on every TV channel.

4. What’s with the commercials this year? There appears to be a genuine lack of creativity. It’s so sad and pathetic. What makes it all the more depressing is that it’s all lies. Take Petronas “Tale of Two Mothers of Police Officers” ad as an example. Now, Petronas has always been noted for their strangely unique way of ushering in this month of festivity by placing sad ads. Remember the one with the two brothers who goes on a bus to meet their father and his new wife in the city? Well, this year, they tried to be clever about the whole thing and fell flat on their face. It’s not for me to say, but where the hell do you find this whole Malay and Indian mom cooking together in the same house and stayed friends forever for years? And that Indian guy at the end with one of the lousiest acting I’ve ever seen in a Petronas commercial... “Aleh, takkan la semua iklan Petronas kena ada yang mati kan” in a supposedly nonchalant way..screw his ass, if they put out any more of those crap I’LL go and kill someone from Petronas...man…

I like that Deepavali Tenaga Nasional commercial where the whole Indian family waited for the whole house to be lit up. It isn’t politically correct, nor is it morally positive (as it encourages power wastage), but it’s light-hearted, comical and more importantly, it is unrealistically real (go figure). And it’s way way better than any advertisements purporting unity and all that. Propagandas abound. The other day I was in OU with my best friend, and I’m the only Malay guy there with an Indian buddy. Does Petronas exec really have Indian buddies? I just hope they stop all the bullshit. Political correctness is overrated. I might call him ‘macha’ and he might call me ‘belacan’ but behind all that he’s there when push comes to shove, and that’s more important than being politically correct now isn’t it? Believe in your intentions.

5. This year’s Prof A. Razak Mohaideen’s year, because I count no less than 5 of his films shown on TV before and after raya. There was Jutawan Fakir, Mistik, Cinta Kolesterol, Hingga Hujung Nyawa, Anak Mami, Kuliah Cinta blab la bla (I guess there’s way more than 5 then). And he’s also got two movies showing simultaneously at the same time in the cinemas. If his shows are any good, I wouldn’t have much to complain, but they’re mostly crap. I’m not one of those fence-critics who only know how to diss without really understanding Malay cinema. I actually follow almost all Malay shows and entertainment news, so don’t call me biased. I think he’s a money-maker, churning out formulaic script that’s so typically pathetic yet commercially viable that it makes you wonder why you aren’t a millionaire director.

Oh man, I’m sleepy. Maybe I’ll have more things to kutuk by tomorrow. Oh yeah, it’s after Ramadhan, so must I still be nice? See what I mean about intentions?

Anak Mami..huhuhuhu


Written on 11/09/2004 02:34:00 am by sikapitan

It’s Tuesday morning, and tomorrow I’ll be on my way back to Penang for the Raya celebration. I’ve never been much of a traveler, preferring the sanctity of the Kuala Lumpur and all its endless superficial attractions like shopping malls and interconnecting highways. I used to enjoy going back to my hometown, but as I get older, I felt that I’ve outgrown the place. Perhaps it is part of the generation cycle that we all go through. The migration to Kuala Lumpur in the late 70’s and early 80’s by our parents led to a whole generation of “Balik Kampung” people. That’s why Kuala Lumpur is so empty during the holidays. We are actually 2nd generation migrants to KL, in that we are born here but we are inextricably linked to where our grandparents reside. Slowly, our grandparents pass away, and our family members drift apart, starting their own cycle. I’ve friends who are already in this stage, where their family celebrates their Raya here and THEIR parents would be replacing the role of grandparents. We will see this trend continue in the next decade, where more and more people would not be “Balik Kampung”.

It is a pity really because although I do feel apprehensive every time I have to go back, once I’m there, it isn’t so bad. In fact, there have been years when I truly felt sad coming back here to Kuala Lumpur. I fear the day when no one goes back for Hari Raya, perhaps sending out greetings and asking for forgiveness online (don’t freak me out). It is something that every kid must go through, the Balik Kampung routine. It helps build character. There’s nothing more challenging than staying entertain during a four hour journey, and that’s with a smooth running highway. I still remember the days before PLUS, and it took hours to get to Penang. But even though we only rode a simple Proton Saga, I find the sights truly amazing, creatively filling up the surroundings with imaginary soldiers and tanks, entertaining myself with play-acting as policeman/fireman/soldier/pilot/Robocop/Suria Perkasa Hitam. Now, my little brother, with his color Gameboy and plush seats can’t go half-an-hour without complaining being bored. We used to take our time, dropping by on relatives along the way in Ipoh, or stopping for “Kuih Pau” at Slim River. Now, we only stop to pee and complain that the journey’s too long. How times have change.

When you reach there, even the air smells differently (well, it could be the seawater:P). Even though Penang is an urban city, it is NOTHING like KL. Yes, you have the jams, but the people inside the cars around you look different. There are not many pretentious young posers in their nippy little sports car or Datin’s in their CLK’s thinking they look like Joan Collins when in fact they have a body like Collin Powell. There’s plenty of posh cars, make no mistake, but it doesn’t have that air KLites bring about them. The famous dining establishments there do not require you to wear shirts or ties. In fact, the servers are more usually seen in dothis and singlets. But somehow, you don’t really mind even though back here if you see the Chef not wearing a cap you immediately think that it is a dirty establishment. We let our guards down; we no longer have to care. I can walk around in whatever shirt I want, oversized or not, branded or not, and people wouldn’t care. In fact, the single most pleasurable thing about going back to Penang is the utter lack of care for others, in a non-bad way of course. You think “I wouldn’t see this person ever again so who cares if I sneeze”.

And what’s Balik Kampung without the relatives? They cause me endless confusion. I like to categorize. For example, I don’t like wannabe gangsters. It’s easy. I can generalize. But with relatives, they’re like..you cannot file them under any description. I absolutely dread meeting them, but I really enjoy conversing with them, exchanging banter with the sophisticated ones, teasing the simpler ones. I don’t like to go out with them, for they’re really really ‘Kecoh’ as a group, but they provide me with endless humorous anecdotes. But what I like most about them is the fact that they’ll always be there. You might not like them, you can hate them, and not talk to them for years, but they’ll always be connected to you. Friends come and go, and as the years go by I’ll promise you you’ll have lesser time to hang out with your mates and as they get their own little family you’ll eventually drift apart. But family will be there. When you’re down with cancer, family will be there. When you don’t have money, your cousin will lend you some. At least in my family they would.

I do leave Penang usually heavy-hearted, but as I get pass that final toll plaza, all thoughts about Nasi Kandar, duit raya, weird relatives, funny moments, ‘semayang raya’ all goes out of the window. There’s something je ne sais quoi about KL that makes me really happy to be staying here. While my father keeps on dreaming of a quite house with orchards in some far-away land, I’m quite comfortable in this concrete jungle. The only gripe I have is jams, but then that’s a story for another day, no?

This is my last entry till after Raya. Hope you enjoy your holidays. Selamat Hari Raya dan Maaf Zahir Batin. Yea yea, I’ve forgiven all of you. Just kidding.

Is it a better world?


Written on 11/06/2004 04:23:00 am by sikapitan

And so the rest of the world has to wake up with free-wheeling, trigger-happy cowboy as the leader of the most powerful country in the world for the next four years. After 2 years of serious campaigning, the most expensive election ever resulted in America never being as divided as it is. However, truth be told, it wasn’t as close as many might have expected. Yes, there was a fight till the end, but it was clear that Bush had the majority needed. Surprisingly, the Republicans made more inroads into the Senate, further diminishing the power of the Democrats. After all the hoopla surrounding it, the battle ultimately proved to be an anti-climax. Kerry was never strong enough to challenge the charismatic Texan. Perhaps Hillary (and it ain’t Hillary Duff) in 2008 is a better bet.

It is worth noting that the whole world virtually stood on a standstill while the election went on. There appears to be no battle, no economic meltdown, and no mass killing of innocent Muslims. Everyone seems to be just waiting for the result. This reflects not only the power of America, but also the difference between them and the rest of the world. The American Public does not give a damn about the world. It’s true. It’s not because they’re stupid. Far from it. Plenty of great inventions emerged from the land of opportunity.

America is unique, and its uniqueness can be traced back to its early history. They are fiercely independent, as characterized by their early frontier explorers (the old TV hit Little House on the Prairie exemplify this). They are proud of their hard earned independence. They are primarily an immigrant society and even more multi cultural than us Malaysians. It’s not like they DON’T want to care, but their diversity in culture provides enough news and problems for them to worry about than to care about Malaysia building the tallest building in the world. We MUST care because their every action affects on a global scale never before seen after the days of empires. If one kid decides to buy a new Nike shoe, it affects the life of the women in Indonesia who works in the factory trying to support 4 kids. They DON’T have to care because whatever we do doesn’t mean shit.

The problem with this election is that the media, especially foreign media, placed too much emphasis on international policy of the two candidates. Data collected has shown that the American public actually cared more about home-based problems like healthcare, education and taxes, as they have every right to be.

So guys and gals, be ready for another term of the Bushman Show:)

Yer, boleh saya tolong vs. Nak apa?


Written on 11/03/2004 03:06:00 am by sikapitan

Do we treat people differently because of the way they look? I watched “Becker” (which I love by the way) and some reality tv-show called “Mr. Joe Average” today, and their topic surprisingly was the same. Would the way a person look affect the way you treat them?

In my humble opinion, to put it eloquently..duhhh! To think otherwise would be extremely na├»ve. I cannot imagine anyone living in this world today who would seriously think that we can simply overcome the physical aspect of communication. We are all humans aren’t we? I’m extremely peeved when beautiful people act so surprised when they discover that people are no longer nice to them if they look haggard and suddenly had cracks in their face like the planet Mars. It’s a proven fact that we humans, as individuals, vary our responses according to physical appearance. I’m happier helping out Shanty with directions than I am with Syanie (if you don’t know who these people are, don’t feel bad. I’m just lame. Shanty is this superhot Indon artist while Syanie is this supersize Malay actress).

BUT the difference between us, and what separates the class act from the pretenders, is whether you would help Syanie at all. I would like to say I would, I really do. And if she was to ever ask me directions, I would help her out. I like to think that I’m non-judgmental in that way, but that’s just being polite isn’t it? I would help her because that’s the decent thing to do, not because I WANTED to. And I really don’t understand why people go all nuts and demand I actually like helping them out. These self-righteous COOL fools can say what they want, but EVERYONE discriminates on some level.

The thin and pretty might not like the fat and ugly. The fat and ugly might not like the clever and eloquent. The clever and eloquent might not like the stupid and ignorant. The stupid and ignorant might not like the thin and pretty. Sometimes you feel uncomfortable talking to them because their navel is showing, or you might be turned off by the headscarf. We all have out peeves and I don’t understand why we must be so politically correct that we lose our own self-identity. Our idiosyncrasies make us what we are.

However, the theory above only applies for small time communication and chance encounter. If there’s an opportunity to know a person better, and that person actually is a beautiful person on the inside, then don’t just hate them because they aren’t. In fact, the same can be said for those beautiful people who are hated just because they’re beautiful. I know. I’ve done that to others. Just because they’re beautiful doesn’t mean they’re shallow/bitchy/rude/arrogant and such.

It’s one thing to be quick giving directions to a fat lady but then offering to SHOW a beautiful girl the way to the same place, and another to bad-mouth a decent person simply because she/he doesn’t dress according to CLEO/FHM or they’re beautiful-so-they-must–be-cool-so-they-must-hate-us train of thought.


Top Ten Annoying Things...


Written on 11/01/2004 01:34:00 am by sikapitan

I just thought that I’ll start having Top Ten lists like the ones they have in Dave Letterman. Since I am generally a hard to please individual (or some might say “stubbornly arrogant bastard”), I guess I’ll make a Top Ten list of things that annoys me. Now, this is not as easy as it sounds because quite frankly I’m annoyed with almost anything. I’m dead serious. But here are at least ten of the most annoying things/situations/people that grates me to no end. It starts from 10 to 1, in that particular order, with 1 being the most annoying.

10. AMP radio network which runs Mix, Hitz, ERA and other what-nots. I do understand the importance of commercials to keep a station running, but I’ve seriously given up on listening to radios in my car. There was this one time, I started the radio and I didn’t get to listen to even ONE damn song throughout the journey. Yes, it only took 12 minutes but isn’t that a long time for a radio station NOT to be playing music? It could be traffic updates, news updates, chit-chat with callers (who cares where they go to school) or the much dreaded commercials. Whatever it is, it’s actually encouraging piracy. I’ve resorted to making my own playlist, from songs downloaded, and I must say it is wayyyy more satisfying than listening to some over-hyped radio I’m-too-cool-I-must-have-slang Deejay.

9. While we’re on the subject of crass commercialism, let’s take a look at that annoying POP-UP tv ads or even worse, the TV-IN-A-TV exploitation. Ntv7 and TV3 are the most obvious culprits. I can’t afford a 34-inch flat screen tv, so please don’t minimize the already small viewing area and filling up the outskirts with lousy-cheap commercials. What about NTV7 and their never-ending commercials? For every 7 minutes of Friends, we have 6 minutes of commercials, AT THE VERY LEAST. Thank god it’s mostly cosmetics/shampoo commercials;)

8. Potholes. Yes, it might seem a bit trivial to many but maybe that’s because we encounter too many of them that we take them for granted. I cannot stress enough the damage potholes, no matter how small and insignificant its effect can do to your car’s suspension. It’s a daily annoyance I tell you, and that’s what makes it all the more annoying!

7. Blind-man donation scam. I have nothing against charity in general or passing the odd buck or two to a person in need specifically. But I am pissed at the almost systematic way this duo-routine goes about collecting cash from people at hot-spots. Uptown is a favorite and even your venerable Hartamas/Bangsar is not spared. I used to give any spare change I have and decline the utterly rubbish sticker/card they hand out. But as I hang out more and more I’ve come to realize that there’s an actual syndicate going about because my friend once saw one duo we met in Uptown change places! The blind becomes the guide and vice versa. Unbelievable. And even if the blind person is really blind, I cannot help but think that the real person benefiting from all our money is not really him. And that sucks because I am a sucker for people in need of help.

6. Secondary actors in the cinema. You have your Ben Afflecks and Nicole Kidmans on the screen when suddenly out of nowhere you hear Ah Ben and Nik Kidal giving their own version of what’s going on. What’s worse is when they get it totally wrong!! “No la no la, she killed him first one.” “But I thought Troy was a girl” and other such nonsense. Then there’s the radio commentator giving free shot-by-shot account of the movie through his new 33-who-bothers-to-know Nokia handphone. “Yea yea..she’s going into the room…very dark…wait wait..dia bukak baju…t*t*k besar..”. You get what I mean. Can I safely say I’m on the right side if I just smack them right on their head? Could they then call their taikos, cover etc2 to beat me up?

5. Proton. I’ve driven Protons before, and quite frankly there isn’t much for me to gripe about, besides the fact that my Satria broke its rear bearing TWICE, or our WAJA’s dashboard popped up to reveal the inner workings of the speedometer, or the window on the driver side of my Satria kept on getting stuck! We’ve gotten rid of them, and thanks to the seriously reliable Korean and Japanese imports getting cheaper, so should YOU! They’re bloody too manja for my liking. I liked all its cars, but I think that Proton is milking every last bit from a very very old cow. It takes them the same amount of time to complete the KLCC to come up with a new model! I’m really frustrated. They keep on churning out variations of the SAGA and SATRIA which is essentially based on platforms older than my little kid brother who’s now in Standard 3. While Perodua has been progressively moving forward with each new product (plus they have really cooler advertisement), Proton came up with the JUARA and ARENA, two vehicles any car lover would deem horrendous at best. Lack of ingenuity in design, coupled with utter disregard for reliable customer care has left PROTON way too vulnerable to attacks from other mates, for example the recently launched so-affordable Toyota Avanza.

4. People who thinks they’re always right and makes it a point to prove it to everyone. Well, that’s because I think I’M always right, but it annoys me nonetheless. Example: “Semua orang tahu BMW lagi mahal dari Merc” and I go “Oh, aku selalu ingat Merc lagi mahal (the polite way of saying- fuck you don’t know shit)” but he’ll say “TAK. BM lagi mahal..” and goes on and on how he reads this mag or that mag. Annoying.

3. Posers. Yeah, I might be one of them but I do find MYSELF to be annoying sometimes. Seriously, what’s with this elitist attitude? What’s inherently wrong with befriending girls who wears tudung? They’re not cool enough for you? Why must he be hanging out at Bangsar before you talk to him? I guess at all levels we do discriminate but that’s human nature. Certainly my taste in music and culture is different from a guy coming in from Jengka, and we don’t hang out because we just don’t click but what’s wrong with just being nice? I just can’t stand those who don’t give other groups a chance. I personally like hanging with the quiet group as much as I do the yo-yo group. It helps me understand how people work. We are all created equal, no? And the differences between you and I are not actually controlled by us but by the society surrounding us. So if YOU were the one born in Jengka instead of him, you could be a Siti-fanatic don’t you think? Understand this and you’ll appreciate others more.

2. United losing. It's closer to hearbreaking but the way they are currently playing just gets on my nerves.

1. Arsene Wenger. Brilliant coach, but a grade-one whining wanker.


No...please don't be jiwang:)


Written on 10/29/2004 04:33:00 am by sikapitan

Who's freaking bored? Something to ponder.

Is that him over there?
Saying hello to you
Does anyone care?
I’m a part of you too

Or is he the one
Who brings you milk every day?
He’s pretty attractive
I always thought he was gay

Every smile and nod
Shake of hands and little pats
Bring me hateful thoughts
That there’s more in all that

I’m paranoid now you see
Losing you to somebody
It could be anybody
And that drives me crazy

All these insecurities
Are eating up on me
It’s a wicked world you see
Where people just take what they need

It’s better not to care
Better not be worried
Better not to stare
Better not to love

It means nothing.It holds nothing.It's rhymes. Cheerios:)



Written on 10/27/2004 01:56:00 am by sikapitan

I don’t want to talk about something that has been commented upon in great detail in my previous entry, but the recent comments and turmoil surrounding ANOTHER “Battle at Old Trafford” deserves at least a mention in this undeniably biased blog. To recap the events AFTER the game :

Arsenal players surround the referee. Sol Campbell refused to shake hands with Rooney. Henry in his usual dramatic Gallic style tries to make a point to Rio and Carroll.It has emerged through the grapevine that there’s one or two incidents in the tunnel, including Sir Alex being thrown a SOUP!
Arsene Whiner and PaTRICK Vieira both implied that the referee has acted unjustly during the post-match interview beamed live all over the world. Fergie can’t look any happier!
The papers are filled with editorials on how United cheated or Arsenal’s a bad loser. Even my MOM has entered into the fray by simply saying “Manchester tipu.”. If she wasn’t my mom…..
Ruud Econovan was charged by the FA for the tackle on Ashley Simpson..oh sorry, Cole. He claimed it was innocent. At the same time, Wenger has to appear to explain his comments.
Ruud subsequently accepted the charges without demanding a hearing and is now set for a three-match ban.

Let’s talk about the “incidents” in the match. Rio’s incident when he bumped Freddie looked very suspicious at first but upon seeing the replays over and over again I cannot say that the ref made a mistake. Freddie pushed the ball too far wide, and to the right side, but his body leaned across towards the left. I’m thinking, as a footballer, that he was trying to muscle his way with Rio and simply lost. 50-50, it’s a man’s game.

Now, the NEW brunt of Arsenal’s anger – Ruud’s tackle on Ashley. When it first played out, I thought nothing of it. But again from the wonders of modern technology, we can see the replay from almost every angle possible and at any range we wish to- from them looking like ants, to the beads of their sweat. We all know that Ruud is one annoying bastard, and when he tackles it looks like Arnold Susahnakeja trying to do a ballet. It just looks ugly. But in that game, we can clearly see him looking up and giving that gay-gangster-looking dude a right old jolly kick in the knee. I hate to see it, frankly, because now all attention has shifted from how United managed to keep Henry & Co at bay and also because it’s way over the top. Ashley, I hate to admit this, is a fine left-back and I secretly wish he is one of ours.

But I also have to admit that he’s a real wanker. He fights almost every decision against him. EVERY decision. It seems like he has no sense of right and wrong. He's the kind of player every other players and fans love to hate. A bit like Robbie Savage, though with less silly haircut. He cannot play the angel now and say that he hasn’t done what Van had done to him. This is football, and having played the game, I do understand that sometimes we carry grudges on to the pitch. I’ve elbowed one or two people I find really annoying, or jumped in with both feet. We are all humans and humans are generally retributive in character, no?

And what about Rooney’s penalty? Is it any worse than what Toure tried to do at the end of the game? There was minimal contact, and for a big lad Rooney fell down way too easily. In other words, he was looking for it. But so is every other player in the world. When a defender sticks out a leg like that, it’ll surely be too much to ask the ref to see everything in detail. I admit, it shouldn’t have been a penalty and I do regret that we’ve to resort to such tactics. But I remembered Robert Pires tripping WITHOUT any contact at all during last season. Seriously, if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s Arsenal I would have laughed at the whole stupidity of it all. I apologize for the dive, but you make your own luck on the pitch yea?

Thierry Henry’s simply frustrated at his lack of chances throughout the match so he’s irrelevant for our discussion. What I like to emphasis for Man United fan is to view things objectively. We rode our luck and we made it through. We won not through skill but pure determination. How we view things can be summed up by this peculiar scenario – when asked, Ferguson said he didn’t see the penalty incident but thought it should be given anyway while Arsene claimed he didn’t see the fracas inside the tunnel at the end of the game or his own players’ actions on the pitch, namely Vieira sticking his nose into everything. It just goes to show that what we see, and what we want to see, are two completely different things. Let bygones be bygones.

Oh Happy Days....


Written on 10/25/2004 02:37:00 am by sikapitan

Do men cry? Definitely.

Why do they cry? Now, that’s a difficult question to answer really because unlike the female species we men generally do not cry when a cat dies or when the new Guess top got burned by the iron. Even the death of a relative does not exactly lead men, or rather me in particular, to “dry my eyes”. We do cry when we discover our beloved car has been spoiled by unwanted “hands”, or when a football hits us straight in the nuts but we usually reserve our tears for things that REALLY matters to us. And these include our beloved sporting affiliation. For me, it has always been Manchester United ever since they lost the F.A Cup Final against Everton in 1995. And admittedly I’ve shed on too many tears over my beloved Red Devils. Whether it’s tears of joy when they clinched the Treble or if it’s tears of sorrow when Cantona called it quits, being a Manchester United fan has been a roller-coaster emotional ride for myself, especially in the past couple of seasons when that thug-team known as ARSEnal began dominating the game, and doing it beautifully too. They have gone on a brilliant 49 game without losing and doing it stylishly too. That’s like having sex with 49 different girls and hearing no complaints. But tonight, this special special night, it has stopped. Suddenly one girl said, “Damn, you’re pretty ugly.” And that special bitch is my beloved Man United.

I’m still drying my tears of joy. I can’t believe it. When the line-up showed the absence of Captain Miracle, Roy Keane, I was pessimistic that we could get away with a draw, let alone a win. But lo and behold, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. If you remember my previous article on Man United (why should you?), you would recall me wondering why Phil Neville hasn’t played a significant part this season. And that question remains on the table, especially after his magnificent all-action display in the centre of the park. He was tenacious, sometimes bordering on over-the-top, but that’s just what the doctor ordered. I do admit though that Man United practically bullied their way in the first half. They had chances, but it was as clear-cut as one might be led to believe. I still find their approach of pumping the ball forward to the wings where one striker HOPEFULLY would hold it up extremely wasteful of possession. There was seldom any play generated from the centre of the park.

Comparatively, Arsenal played the smoother football, as anyone would expect. Their brilliant one-touch, run into space, lateral triangle tactics is extremely effective and beautiful to watch. But like I said, United bullied them in the first half. Most teams try to do the same, but really haven’t got the players to execute it. It is of no coincidence that the highlight of the first half was Rio Ferdinand bumping Ljungberg of his run when he’s through on goal. It is the epitome of United’s tactics that night. Hustle them off the park, bruise them up a bit, leave a trailing leg to catch theirs, winding them up with little pats- the little things which are too frivolous separately to constitute an offence but collectively managed to stifle Arsenal’s creative flow. I might have preferred the old United gung-ho attacking style, but we’ve got to admit that we’ll get slaughtered if we try to take Arsenal to the cleaners. It’s like, “I don’t look like Brad Pitt, but I’ve got a 7 inch dick”. It ain’t pretty, but it’ll definitely be performing.

Phil Neville pushed the boundary on the gamesmanship. I can see him tugging at Bergkamp’s shirt when the Dutchman was trying to run into space, or going across a running midfielder. Not the fairest of plays, but if that’s needed to stop this rampaging Arsenal side then who the bloody hell cares? Ronaldo wasn’t as effective as he usually is, but Giggsy was even more isolated. He was doing a lot more defending, and frankly speaking, the time has come for a suitable replacement to take over his illustrious mantle. Special mention must go to United’s defence, which but for one clear-cut chance, held their own against Arsenal’s famed strike-force. Arsenal’s style of play is based on movement and excellent technique, but when they are forced to move wide they have to resort to crosses, which in my humble opinion they are not really good at. United packed the middle so that the ball gets played to the wide areas. Usually when this happens, Thierry Henry would just glide his way past the defender, but surprisingly he was effectively shackled tonight. I cannot say that Gary Neville had a brilliant game, but does that mean that it’s actually Henry who was having an off-day? But when the crosses do come in, Rio Ferdinand was standing firm, clearing every danger and making at least 3 crucial tackles to save our neck.

United’s own strike-force leaves much to be desired frankly. Rooney, like Alan Smith, is a time bomb waiting to explode. He’s constantly getting involved in unnecessary fracas, even starting one or two melee on his own. He’s a young lad, and hopefully he’ll grow up soon. He might lack discipline, but what he doesn’t lack is quality. And the funny thing about having “quality” is how it sometimes doesn’t show itself throughout an entire game then suddenly it’ll magically appear when you least expect it too. Rooney was having a frustating night, but in one brilliant play he managed to get a penalty. Controlling it on the chest and holding it up before having a one-two with Giggs, he then pushed the ball beyond Soulman Campbell, who sticks out a trailing leg and made minimal contact with our prodigal son who, of course, tumbled. Penalty. Up steps Ruud Econovan Nistelrooy. Now this guy is the perfect example of a “moments” player. He’ll have an absolutely atrocious game, but then he’ll score a simple tap-in. He has “moments” and I wouldn’t mind him sitting on his ass the entire game if he managed to pop up with a goal or two. He was having one of those nights, where the only sniff he got of goal was when his head made contact with the grass.

Considering that last season he bottled it when faced with Jens Lehmann, who coincidentally he has never beaten from the spot, I was dreading the worse. But penalties show you character, and Ruud, petulant and annoying he may be, has character. Or at least ice-cool nerves because he made a fool of Lehmann by coolly placing the ball into the net. You can see the relief on his face. United were then forced back, but as mentioned earlier, Arsenal didn’t manage to create any real danger. Roy Carrol wasn’t forced into a single save the entire second half. Arsenal appeared desperate, and they resorted to crosses, especially from the right wing. When Roy Carroll didn’t capture it out of the air, Ferdinand and co. was there to clear things up. But being United, I was really expecting Arsenal to score. The momentum was clearly on their side. The arrival of Alan Smith shored things up on the right-hand side, and his tackle on Henry showed who wanted it more. It’s not surprising then, on the counter-attack, he managed to find Rooney who slotted in from 6 yards.

It’s the end, and my eyes are welling up. United have looked tight defensively, and tonight their two main strikers managed to find the back of the net, so the prognosis must be positive. I suspect Arsenal will quickly bounce back by trashing sorry Southampton next week while Man United, as always, faced the tricky task of overcoming a much improved Portsmouth team. But who know? This might just be a turning point. It’s lock, stock and loaded. Let the tears flow.

I'm sorry my fellow friends...jangan kecik hati


Written on 10/23/2004 01:27:00 pm by sikapitan

It’s not often where I’m left with nothing much to say, but this is perhaps one of those rare occasions where I find it hard to criticize anything. Well, I could start with the weather, which has been wrecking havoc on my plans for some night-time football. It’s been raining incessantly these past few days, especially during the evening. If it’s during the day at least I can go to sleep peacefully.

But who cares about the weather right? It’s a wonder how columnists managed to fill up a whole page every week. I guess it’s true what they say, “Nothing in life is ever easy”. They must have gone through a lot of research etc2 to come up with 2 cents worth of opinion which will later undoubtedly be used to wrap “ikan bakar” or “otak-otak”.

What is it with Malaysians and their fascination with Australia? What I mean is how come our youths, especially KLites, are so eager to study in Australia? Melbourne might as well be re-named Melbourne Jaya, because apparently you can spit in the middle of the street and it’ll land on top of some Malaysian’s head. It’s brimming with Malaysians pursuing what would ideally be a better education opportunity. But is that really the case? I can understand the United Kingdom and their professional courses like Law and Medicine or Japan with their Engineering courses. What I don’t get is people taking a 3 year business studies course in Australia when it’s quite clear that our local unis and colleges are offering the same course with the same syllabus. Or even IT for that matter. Programming is a universal language which is standardized throughout the whole world. Yes, the universities there are better managed than ours, definitely, and perhaps you’ll learn something more there because the lecturers have more initiative. MAYBE.
But more likely than not, whatever advantage you gain from studying in OZ would not commensurate with the money you spent. Imagine paying RM30 k per semester (ballpark, average figure) to study Javascript or whatever programming thing while for that amount of money you can get through the entire course in MMU. 30k per semester with two semesters per year times 3 years equals RM180 000. With that amount of cash you could start your own enterprise. See, that’s the problem with some people. They lack proper guidance. They don’t differentiate between professional courses and non-professional courses. It’s a cut-throat world out there, and whatever advantage you can get financially would help you stay ahead. All they can see is that they’ll be going to Oz without looking through other alternatives. Is it any coincidence that our Government’s JPA scholarship program does not rank Aussie as a top education destination?

It isn’t my intention to disrespect anyone, but I see this lack of prudence by my fellow future leaders of Malaysia disheartening. They’re eager to leave, I understand. And our government must be made partially responsible for such predicament. Our universities are way way behind when it comes to technical courses. Failed machineries and tools, lack of proper working environment, general lack of motivation by lecturers are some of the qualms heard from fellow students. Furthermore the government doesn’t seem interested in promoting OUR universities. Perhaps the places are limited. Then they should have thought about it thoroughly and expand or build new ones. It’s just sad that Malaysian money is being channeled to a foreign country whose excellence in education is not as internationally recognized as one might have thought. Their government and private marketing arms are certainly very persuasive in showcasing their supposed education prowess. But how good could their universities be when they can take someone who barely scraped through SPM? Is that any better than UiTM? Money is the key word here ladies and gentleman.

All apologies for any broken hearts or rising blood pressure. Any long-winded critique of this piece may be directed to the comments box above this article, and I’ll not cut anything off, unless of course some of you go overboard.

The big game’s this weekend. I’m a nervous wreck frankly. Glory glory Man United, insyaallah.

Bush United Ole!


Written on 10/20/2004 09:30:00 pm by sikapitan

I never imagined it would set in this quickly. You know; the dreaded “cuti-sangap-puasa-syndrome”. My mind’s set on hibernation. I’ve been filling spare time with Friends, the venerable “future Happy Days” sitcom. I’m hoping to catch all the previous episodes up till the latest 10th season on a month long holiday DVD-marathon. Ah..the wonders of piracy.

Vote for Nader
The United States election is starting in certain areas which allow early voting. Amazingly, Florida (we all remember the debacle of the 2000 election) allows people to vote earlier without giving any specific reason. Actually, that’s not really amazing. What’s even more amazing is the fact that George Wanker Bush is still leading in surveys and polls. Does that show the Americans are a fool-hardy bunch or simply John Kerry doesn’t inspire as he should? No other American president has gone into election on a deficit economy and unemployment; yet, Bush has maintained his lead. John Kerry had failed to seize the moment. Perhaps Hillary Clinton in 2008?

But I like this whole debate idea. Managed to catch snippets of it on TV, and it’s an interesting proposition. That’s matured democracy at its very best. Understandably, we are not ready for it despite the rallying calls by our opposition parties and NGO. I am for it, but not just yet. Political, social and economical divide still exist. Even worse is the almost unstoppable deepening racial division in our society. Malays are sticking to Malays etc2. The only people I see really mixing it up are racially ambiguous in the sense that they’re Malay, but they don’t act like Malays (drinking, dressing etc2). Can’t we just fit in without losing our identity? Can I not hang out with my Indian buddy on a weekend without me spoiling his plans to go have a pint of Guiness? It’s all too sensitive to talk about yea?

Just like Islam Hadhari. Apparently someone posted a comment on a blog, just like you guys, criticizing Islam Hadhari. I haven’t read the comment yet, and anyway it has been removed. But it has caused quite a ruckus, with people criticizing Internet in general, know-it-all bloggers in particular. I have to say that we as users of the internet must be responsible enough to be aware of the various socio-political elements prevalent in our “masyarakat majmuk”. That’s the problem with absolute freedom, currently afforded by our beloved Internet. It gives fools with emotional instability an avenue to spit out hatred. Rational thinking is as foreign to them as Durian is to MakSalleh. Like in Spider-Man; “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Who said you can’t learn anything from comics?

Please let me manage them...
Crazy-assed Man United is driving me crazy with their below-par performances. I’m used to take a lot of shit back in high school for being a hardcore red devil, but I never take it to heart because at the end of the season, Fergie’s men would be lifting at least one trophy. Now, everything’s uncertain. I can’t even say for sure who’s going to play in the next game. The main culprit this season is lack of consistency, perpetuated by the haphazard way the Gaffer has been shuffling his pack. Compared with Arsenal, “pound-for-pound” we are equal, if not better, but collectively we might as well be named Norwich. There’s no fluidity. Everything’s predictable. I can’t imagine myself saying this but my team has become boring. That’s like saying Georgie Bushie has become clever, or Proton can make cars without something breaking. It’s unheard of, and yet it’s happening. Maybe this month’s not the right month for Man United aka Red Devil. You know what they say about “setan kena ikat” during this fasting month? Go figure.

50 km round trip for a Milo Ais


Written on 10/17/2004 05:29:00 pm by sikapitan

I’ve always wondered why we are seldom as happy as we thought we would be when we get something we want. You see, I haven’t done anything much but complain about studying for the finals and going to classes. Yesterday, I finished my final paper, and I was set for a month-long break. Yet, here I am thinking that perhaps going to class isn’t so bad after all, as compared to doing nothing, staring at the ceiling, on a Wednesday afternoon. At least I’ve got my mates, my friends. But it wasn’t too long ago I was dying to get out of UiTM. Now I can’t wait for the new semester to start. Ironic isn’t it?

Another ironic thing is driving all the way from Shah Alam to Hartamas just to drink Milo Ais when you complain that the mosque is too far for terawih. But let’s not kid ourselves shall we? It’s not the Milo Ais that matters in such places. It always amazes me when I meet old and new friends in Hartamas or Bangsar or Bangalore or wherever the happening place may be.

“Jauh datang”
“Ko pun sama”

Yeap. All the way from Subang, Shah Alam, Gombak, Ampang, Gampang, Tempang and every other “ceruk” you can think of. You’ll find that on a weekend night, any one of the fine establishments in these awfully hip places will be packed with representatives from every household area from every district in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur “dan kawasan-kawasan sewaktu dengannya”. Why? It’s certainly not because of the food, though Spicy’s Nasi Lemak Ayam remains a favorite. It’s certainly not because of convenience either. I can’t remember when’s the last time I managed to find a nice parking spot near wherever I want to eat. So it must be the crowd then? Aren’t we all just victims of societal pressure? It’s way cooler to eat at Uncle Don than Pakcik Ali though the food in the latter is much better.

So what defines cool? The answer: Other people’s perception. It’s a vicious never-ending cycle. Uncle Don used to be a nice eatery where families living near the area can enjoy some good dishes that provide a sanctuary from the generic mamak stalls. Then, some of the children of these families hang-out there, and invited their friends. Word spreads around that the place is filled with chicks so the guys flocked there, naturally. The girls then finds out that the guys are hanging out there so they started going there as well. Thus, their perception is actually re-affirmed by their own actions. They think that the place is cool, and when they go there, they themselves act cool, starting another cycle for another different group. After a while it’s engraved in the minds of everyone that THAT place is cool.

That’s just a theory anyway so don’t feel offended if you really believe you’re going there for the food. But if that theory is true, then perhaps we can make a place become cool? I doubt it because we are not cool enough in the first place yea? Not you la Bojed (yo yo jer).

I find it all lacking soul. I don’t know. I can’t connect with that place. I prefer my good old Hit Gossip. Yes, there might not be any girls hanging out there in spag-straps and what-nots, but at least I can get a decent glass of teh tarik without shouting above loud music.

Okay guys and gals, the holidays are here. This means that I’ll be updating the site quite frequently, insyaallah. So if you’re ready to deal with shit, then come visit the hole.

Can you say sorry? S-O-L-I


Written on 10/07/2004 10:30:00 pm by sikapitan

I’m in the middle of my final exams, and frankly speaking, this is my most un-motivated semester ever. I just lost interest. Why can’t I do something interesting like race car driving, a best-selling author, an ad campaign manager, a rock star or even interior designer? Well, simply because:

(1) I can’t drive fast without losing my balls
(2) I can’t write a single paragraph without going off the plotline
(3) I can’t wear tight t-shirts and look like Simon Cowell
(4) I can’t wear tight leather pants like Amy Search
(5) I can’t draw if my gf’s mother’s grandpa’s life depends on it.

So here I am stuck doing the very rigid study known to many as Law, but to me as Crap. Sure sure, this might just be the frustrated dude who-can’t-answer-his-paper-this-evening talking, but it has made me think whether I’ve chosen the right path. Have I discovered myself too late (shit, don’t you start thinking that I’m talking about “going out of the closet” ok?)?

But anyway, today’s gripe concerns that all too familiar “Ello? David? David?” wrong number phenomena. I’ve been getting one too many this past few weeks, and while the calls are not that annoying (everyone makes mistake), it’s the reaction from the person on the other line that pisses me off. Have we no decency to at least say “sorry”? Does our credit means so much more than our values? Or have our values change so much that politeness is as foreign to us as intelligence is to George Bush?

I’ve made wrong phone calls before, but I’ve never blamed the guy on the other line for MY mistake. It’s weird how THEY seem pissed at us while they’re the one who made the mistake. Is it my fault that Maxis has blessed me with this number while your friend is stuck with another? Do they expect this person would suddenly appear on the other line if they huff-and-puffed? Top five typical responses:

5. “Betul ar ini bukan David?”
4. “Tapi dia kasi ini nombor.” (so?)
3. “ArrghhhhhHHHHhhhhh” (dude, chill with that Hulk impression will ya?)
2. “Ah, okay…kawan/mak/adik David ada?” (I’ve made it damn clear David doesn’t
exist, but heck they insist so I’ll say: “ Ada..tunggu kejap yer…” and let the phone
run its own course)
1. Click. Just like that, they’ll put down the phone.

And then they’ll call again just to be sure that this David isn’t pulling a fast one. Hey, I’m not saying everyone’s like that. Some are pretty pleasant, while others can be too friendly. But what’s wrong in saying, “Sorry yea?” or even “Oh okay”. So much for our Malaysian hospitality.

I recommend...
Guys, check out the movie The Girl Next Door. Well, it won't be shown on our screen anytime soon so go get the DvD or VcD okay? (The operative word here is "guys". Some ladies find it funny while some said it sucks. But all guys seemed to like Elisha Cuthbert. Good enough reason for me).
Download this : This Year's Love - David Gray

Hey, holidays are coming soon. Unfortunately (can I say this?), it corresponds with the arrival of Ramadhan. So I'll be at home most of the time. Filling you guys with crap that I myself find too much to handle. Thank you.

Bored,Siti and Rooney


Written on 9/30/2004 01:35:00 am by sikapitan

I’ve missed my weekend entry deadline, and if you’re wondering why, join the club. It’s not that weird to figure out why the total output for the past 2 months or so cannot even come close to the almost-daily updates I did when I was having my semester holidays. Assignments, sick of looking at the computer (but not too sick for other things you can do with the net), commitments (forced and volunteered:) and other miscellaneous events have conspired to somehow discourage me from writing something new. Or it could be that I’m just plain uninspired.

You see, writing is not something that I would like to take for granted. If I were, you’d probably be reading that the Milo I had at the faculty tasted funny, or my new portable laptop is not so portable after all (I don’t get it. Did Dell think it through when they decided that their standard batteries would only last for an hour- AN HOUR?!) or the fact that exam’s getting closer and I’m still here watching DVDs and repeat football matches on ASTRO (damn you Ananda Krishnan-NOT!). I aim to write something universal, something current, and something that engages your mind as much as mine. But this is absurdly difficult. It’s weird isn’t it how when you are actually more engaged in your activities, the less you contemplate and think.

I’ve realized that the more activities you have in your life, the more people you know, the more events you go to, and the more conversations you have actually stops you from thinking, contemplating. But without those things in your life, you wouldn’t have much to think about either, so it’s a double-edge sword really. Confused? Go figure.

Siti oh Siti

Siti, siti. Malaysia’s no.1 sweetheart is in the front page of the newspapers the past week or so. The hate mail incident, which started off quietly, suddenly became the hottest news in town when Cik Siti’s police report was reported in the news media. There’s also the presumption that somehow the hate-mail writer/conspirator is the same person who has threatened some members of the press. Cue the overexposed sensationalism that has become the norm in our news-deprived society. We are so desperate for worthy news, news that interests us, till we are ready to accept entertainment news as FRONT-PAGE material. But can you blame the mainstream press to be so entertainment oriented? There’s hardly news worthy, at least those APPROVED by the relevant ministry, to be front page. That’s why the Noritta case became a part of the media circus. One aspect which I need to point out is our newspapers’ lack of investigative journalism. Unlike the Washington Post, or The Sun (to name but a few), the presses here don’t actually investigate. Or if they do, it has always been butter-and-bread stuffs like old-folks home lacking necessities. The Malay Mail and smaller newspaper engages in such journalistic endeavor, yet its concern is too miniscule, its range of topic too localized for it to ever have a lasting impression on the public. But having said all this, on reflection, I prefer us to have no news than bad news all the time. Don’t you agree?

Chunkiest teen talent on planet earth

Yes, yes. Rooney was excellent. In fact, he was magnificent. No words can describe what I felt when I watch United’s game against Fenerbahce. It was simply too surreal. Rooney looked chunky, as he always is, and the petulant tear on his shirt-collar makes me wonder if we have too many time-bombs in the squad (Smithy being the other obvious candidate). Yet, the way he took the first goal after controlling the perfectly weighted through ball by Ruud exudes confidence that this boy has got it made. By the time he bamboozled a defender and struck a well-placed grounder for his second, I smiled to myself and self-mockingly said “What a waste of money…”. And this being a fairytale and all, Rooney made it 4 for United and 3 for himself when he curled in a wonderful free-kick from the edge of the area (but prior to that there appears to be a gang war over who wanted to take the free-kick: it’s a funny sight really). Ruud’s goal was also equally well-taken, three touches to set himself up and coolly dispatching it with aplomb. He worked hard, obvious envious of the remarkable Rooney story. It’s okay, it’s healthy competition. Another notable mention is Gabri Heinze, who has impressed me since he started playing a few games back. He had another solid game at the left and deserved the rapturous ovation from the OT faitful. But the biggest cheer at the end is for Rooney. He is pure class. You cannot train class, it’s born in you. You can train to be good, like Beckham (before he fucked up all the chicks), but the Ronaldinhos and Maradonas of this world always had that something extra all footballers crave for- that gift from God. And I believe Wayne Rooney has that gift.

Essential listening : Eva Cassidy - Songbird, Usher and A.Keys - My Boo

Glory Glory Man United


Written on 9/22/2004 11:39:00 pm by sikapitan

Sorry, this is an impromptu entry that's probably overdue. Glory glory Man United!It's great to see United firing on all cylinders. Their 2-1 victory probably didn't do them justice because they totally dominated the game.

But I must comment that Liverpool, on that day, was poor. Their midfield dynamo, Stevie Gerrard, never got into the game before he had to pull out due to injury. The zonal markings employed by Senor Benitez didn't work. I have to say that both of United's goals can be attributed to poor play by Liverpool rather than good play from United.

However, the whole game saw a marked improvement over previous games. Perhaps the inclusion of the mercurial Christiano Ronaldo straight from the start galvanised the entire squad more than the appearance of Rio. Ronaldo was at his mesmerising best, and I've always wondered how the hell he managed to keep on twinkling his toes even late into the game. Super fit I tell you. Rio himself was excellent, but the defenders didn't have to work so hard as Liverpool hardly made them sweat. But I was pleased to see him bringing the much-needed calmness and stability to the often fragile centre. Both Wes Brown and Gabri Heinze shined, though for differing reasons. While Brown made a great impression of the gung-ho attacking Brazilian right-back, roaming the entire right hand side in an irresistable partnership with Ronaldo, Heinze was showing why he was one of the outstanding players in Argentina's Olympic squad. He looked solid, bringing in a certain kind of toughness that was sorely lacking previously, and I predict he'll be the mainstay in the squad from now on. The fact that he plays dirty like any respectable typical South American hardman makes him even more appealing. Enough with wankers, I want real men in the squad.

Which brings me to Roy Keane, certainly a candidate for Man-Of-The-Match. By his own admission, his form has been below par this season, but yesterday he showed that he has lost none of his combative qualities. A sliding tackle to block off Kewell early in the first half sets the tone for the entire game. With O'shea given the impetus to attack, Keane sat back, patrolling the centre circle and cutting off any impending attack. O'shea himself didn't do too badly, though I wonder what on earth did Phil Neville do not to deserve starting in the middle. He was good last season playing together with Keane but he doesn't appear to be even in contention. O'Shea though brings with him an aerial presence that cannot be denied. I count at least three times where he managed to win headers in the opponents penalty box. BUt if Fergie keeps on shuffling his pack, we'll never see O'shea develop as a midfielder. Giggs was having one of his better days, but I really want to see Rooney moving in for Giggsy, playing on the right with Ronaldo on the Left. The twin Ro would scare the hell out of any defenders. Scholesy's form this season has not reached his normal standards, and frankly speaking, he was again low-key in this match and a break from football might not be such a bad idea after all. Ruud returned to Old Trafford for the 1st time this season, and he appeared to have lost none of his charms. Holding up the ball, tracking back, annoying the hell out of defenders- yeap, ruud is back.

Good game. I hope it's the catalyst for a great season. Insyaallah.

Berhenti Isap jerrr...


Written on 9/19/2004 01:23:00 am by sikapitan

The recently tabled ‘bajet’ (god please don’t tell me we’ve become lazy enough NOT to use the more proper ‘belanjawan’) caused an emotional outpouring never seen before (with the exception of post-match reactions) from grown men who looked solemn for the rest of the week. The government has decided to raise the tax on cigarettes, causing millions of legal and illegal purchasers to silently curse. As a non-smoker, I was stuck with listening to their grievance, because quite frankly, 2/3 of the people I hang out with at school smoke. I sometimes pity these addicted souls who first started on the path of doom based on peer pressure and misguided heroism. They are invariably hooked on the stick, despite knowing that even if it doesn’t cause them death, it’ll probably eat up a sizeable chunk of their money. I personally have nothing against smokers. Why must we differentiate smokers from people who wear tight tee-shirts or go clubbing? They and all of us in fact, are a victim of crass marketing and societal definition of what’s cool and what’s not. It is pre-set in history, by our predecessors. We cannot run away from it, and yet we have the individual power to change. It takes time.

But let’s talk about the ‘bajet’. I found out that the government spent at least RM9 billion in petrol subsidies. If you must know, Malaysia has one of the lowest rates for petrol and cigarettes in the world today. Surprisingly, despite our perceived idea that the government is out screwing us all, they are actually helping us everyday, in a big way that invariably would lead to the destruction of our own people. Instead of going to education and infrastructure, the government is spending billions on the very thing that’ll destroy the planet and its people. Let’s forget the moral high-ground of preserving the environment. I sincerely believe that the subsidy has slowed down the progress of our public transportation system. Because the petrol price here is still affordable, personal transportation is the norm. We not only purchase motor-vehicles as a means of transport but also as a symbol of status. If we can get to work all by ourselves, in our own time and with our own entertainment, why struggle with buses? I am guilty of this; as I believe do most of us. The government introduced the subsidy as a means of spurring economic growth, but Malaysians have now grown accustomed to the price that every increase will lead to dissatisfaction. The government is in a conundrum. They are actually spending billions of OUR money just to keep us happy. We couldn’t care less that our school-children are worse off in English than before, or that our government hospital struggles to cope with the number of patients, but when the price of petrol increases 2 cents everyone starts crying out loud.

So the government, in trying to achieve some sort of balance, decided to impose a higher tax on ‘vice’ products such as cigarettes and alcohol (dload the song by Oasis-it’s freaking wicked). Sooner or later, with the increase in global petrol prices, our government cannot sustain subsidizing our petrol. I sincerely suggest that the government continuously raise the tax on cigarettes and alcohol to compensate for the subsidy. I know my mates would be mad, but which one do they prefer? To be able to fill up your petrol tank or fill up your lungs with deadly particles? Go figure.
Belaja la ngok!
The Finals is coming soon for UiTM students. I’m not talking about some football match, but it’s time for our final semester examinations. It’s funny how people react in this situation. They are those, like me, who would rather do anything else than to open up his books. And people like me will then suddenly realize, much too late most of the time, that the exams starts in two days time and they haven’t started anything. Cue the sudden bout of paranoia and inability to control our temper. It has happened so many times over so many examinations that it’s impossible for us not to realize what we’ve done wrong. And yet, we steadfastly refuse to give up our ways. Personally, I find it thrilling to be cramming for the finals. I don’t like it, but its after-effect is surely the cheapest way to get high.

Then there are those who have studied throughout the semester, whose excellence is virtually written on their foreheads. They might not be popular, they might not be cool but they sure as hell don’t have high-blood pressure like the other group. They are nicer, calmer, more in tune with their emotions. Generally these groups are more loving, and ooze honesty and brilliance. But just like I love watching them, and maybe emulate them, I just can’t bring myself to be like them. They remind me of why I like studying last-minute in the first place. There’s something wicked, something romantic, about being spontaneous, no?

It’s going to get crazy, so bear with me these coming weeks. I assure you, when it’s all over, victory will taste so much sweeter.



Written on 9/13/2004 01:45:00 am by sikapitan

In recent times, I haven’t really posted two entries so close in time. But today is an exception, simply because I felt like writing something light for everyone. What’s “poyo”? Is it equivalent to “hampeh”? Can you be “chun” yet “poyo”? Are all “skemas” “poyos”? Why are “rempits” always “lubok”? Must all “rempits” be “mat mots”? These terms and many others are not listed in our beloved Kamus Dewan, yet they form the basis of the typical undergraduate’s vocabulary. Here listed, NOT in alphabetical order, are some of the terms that comes to mind, and their ‘definition’.

“poyo” – Often heard and spoken. I cannot for one imagine where this word came from, but kudos to the creator for single-handedly creating a lasting impression on popular culture. When I was first introduced to it in hi-school, it implies “lameness”. For example, “Kau nie poyo la” = You are so lame. Yet, over the years, the term has evolved from beyond its original meaning, like so many other pop terms. It has now included non-living entity into its realm, like “Agak poyo la baju tuh”. And the exact definition of lameness itself is subjective. “Poyo” to one person might be wearing a green tie, while to another it might mean being cocky. The scope of its usage is endless. Almost everyone in Malaysia has used it once before, even the oldies are getting on the act. I recommend that the government introduce National Poyo Day, considering that almost everyone has been called poyo before.

“hampeh” – It’s closely related to “poyo” yet used more sparingly and seldom liberally like its more popular little brother. While you could be a national icon and yet be poyo (say you wear a lime green tux one fateful day, no?), “hampeh” people are more likely to be the bottom-of-the-barrel crew. “Hampeh” implies pathetic to the very core, though as usual it has been used to describe something that isn’t so lame either. It’s more likely to be used to describe an event, thing, or action. Example : “Hampeh la makanan dia” = The food isn’t good at all. See, you could substitute “poyo” with “hampeh”, but seldom do use exchange “hampeh” with “poyo”. For example, “Mamat tuh hampeh” sounds pretty normal, but “Ayam dia poyo” sounds downright weird.

“chun” – Firstly created to describe something/ somebody as beautiful. For example, “She is chun” is self-explanatory. It has evolved to include beautiful actions as well. Example: “Chun beb skill dia”. What’s weird is its evolution to something that isn’t beautiful at all. Just like the term “cool”, it is synonymous with a feeling of satisfaction and has sometimes been preferred to be used in place of the boring “OK”. For example: “See you at 8”, “Chun”. Typical sms message typed in those interactive tv shows: “Ada awek chun?”. Just “chun” isn’t it?

“gempak” – Close cousin to “chun” though it’s primary usage is to describe something spectacular. It has even been used to describe girls.

“fit” – Latest entry into my vocabulary, a timely inclusion courtesy of the Brits and their witty sense of humour. This is used exclusively for girls. Whereas “chun” implies that the girl is all around fine, while in fact she might not be that pretty when you wake up the next morning, “fit” doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got a face of an angel. She doesn’t have to be beautiful, but she certainly has to be…well packaged, no? It’s better than trying to justify to your mates why you said that girl was “chun” when she isn’t really that great. Just say “fit laa”. See “on”, “solid”.

“awek” – I’ve always thought that the real definition of “awek” is “girlfriend”. At the very least it is used to call to attention an attractive female. But I’ve come to realize in recent years, that almost every girl qualifies as “awek”. I myself have been guilty of using the word when in fact the subject matter is an unknown. Example : “Banyak awek kat situ”. Even though we cannot say for sure that there are any attractive girls there, we still use the term “awek”. I believe this is unacceptable. I demand that someone find an alternative word to desribe girls. “Banyak pompuan” just doesn’t sound good. Let “awek” remain exclusively for describing “chun” girls. If only I had a ringgit for every-time someone said “awek” and it turned out to be someone with a face only her mother would love.

Yeah, I know it sounds too chauvinistic. But hey, that’s life for you. I make no apologies for being a jock. There’s more, so much more that it’ll probably maxed out this entire page. Perhaps I could add it on later, with your suggestions maybe? Oh yeah, the “definition” stated above is not authoritative in any way. It is merely a subjective opinion from a man who has heard it being used almost everyday. So to the “aweks” out there, don’t be “poyo” and get all work out will ya?
It's too risky dude
I have to say this out loud, Fr3d0, and don’t be angry. But the law of probabilities would agree with me on this one. Manchester United has NEVER won whenever I watch their game with you, period. No exceptions like Cup games or friendlies. ALL their games ended in draws or losses when I’m with you. What’s weird is that every time I watch their game by myself at home, they win! Call it pure coincidence, but it’s not something that I’m willing to take a chance again this season, especially considering Arsenal are winning every game. Maybe we should start watching ARSENAL’S game together, but then with your luck Arsenal would trot out 8-0 winners every time. Shit, buck up Man U.

Puteri Gunung Ledang


Written on 9/10/2004 01:48:00 am by sikapitan

It’s funny how things work out. I started the week in a happy mood, carefree. I managed to catch Puteri Gunung Ledang (review below *ehem*) on Monday, and the sky was looking mighty clear. Unfortunately, I found out that there’s an assignment due by Thursday, so I cramped every inch of my energy into completing the shit in one night (yeah, I knew about it on Monday, but left it till yesterday- serial procrastinator:). Managed to pass it up, and now I’m free again, at least until the next deadline looms large. So decided to celebrate by spending the afternoon watching Eiffel I’m in Love. Just goes to show that moods really do swing.


After all the hype, the worst critic in the world (aka me) finally managed to catch the most EXPENSIVE Malaysian movie ever made (minus our election propagandas :) and deliver his verdict (why it matters?). It cost RM 15-20 million ladies and gentleman, and that’s just what the accountants decide to put in, so it’s a foregone conclusion that the movie will NEVER recoup its expenses just playing in our local cinema. We only have around 30 cinemas playing around the country, and Malaysians are not known to be repeat viewers of local films. At best, it’ll manage 4 – 5 million locally. I cannot imagine nor do I wish for the worst case scenario.

Especially not to a film that braves the contemporary Malaysian film industry and the generic storylines churned out yearly (especially by messr Prof A.R Mohaideen). In the midst of silly romantic comedies which is almost always NEVER funny nor romantic, we have a movie made not based on profit (if that was the case it would have been Erra-Yusry as the main actors), but on an egoistic believe that they can do it. And when I watched it, I cannot say that I was not impressed with what 15 million can do.

It’s a majestic love story set during the heydays of the Malaccan Empire (when we at least had some say internationally) between Hang Tuah and Gusti Bla blab la (I’m not a stickler for details). The first thing audiences will notice is the picture quality. Maybe all this while our filmmakers have been using recycled films, because this time it’s horribly clear (I’ve always thought that there’s something wrong with Malaysia’s batch of film rolls-heheheh)! There’s none of those lines and other what-nots on the screen. The sound is as clear as Adibah Noor’s vocal. This is what real dubbing looks like. Malaysian films are afflicted with this great disease known as “delayed voice projection”. You know, when the mouth moves differently from the words coming out. There’s none of that in this film. The set is also, though not quite as breathtaking as one would imagine, well crafted, and at least looked authentic. It seems like the money spent on quality has not gone to waste. Every inch of the film looks pure class. So far so good.

Next, the acting. Again it seems like money well spent because the decision to cast a glittering array of top-class actors turned what could be a debacle into a lesson for other filmmakers and actors. There’s no substitute for good acting. From the lead to the smaller parts, the producers have taken considerable effort to obtain great talents. All are well-known actors, whether in film, tv or theatre. The two main protagonists, Hang Tuah and the princess saw two familiar faces coming out from self-imposed “retirement”. We haven’t had the chance to really see M. Nasir, the actor, in recent times. It’s unfortunate that great actors like him cannot or would not express themselves simply because of commercialism and lack of quality scripts. He is 5 times better than Yusry, and yet the KRU dude has acted in 5 times more movie than M. Nasir (exaggerate). The only silly part was when he started reciprocating Tiara’s ‘dance’ (we all know it’s symbolic of something that we Malaysians never do ie. sex). And Tiara, despite criticism of favoritism (her husband is one of the main producers), managed to convey the necessary range of emotions. However, I do believe (and this is not meant to be insulting) that Sofia Jane would be more suitable for the lead, not because of acting chops, but simply because she’s more desirable (because the puteri supposedly can make grown man weep etc2). Anyway, despite some slacking in her Javanese, Tiara injected some needed magnetism and sensuality in Gusti. Rahim Razali was his usual elegant self as the Datuk Bendahara while Adlin Ramli (more famous in theatre) appears well-suited as the stupid Sultan Mahmud. Our friends from Indonesia, Christine Hakim and Alex Komang, managed to live up to their highly-regarded reputation. There’s also Dian Sastro appearing in a cameo role for about 5 minutes (highlight of the movie-trust me :). What’s not to like? Ermm.. not too much I guess, but there’s still some grouses.

I think in the quest of making this into another Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon the director stretched the film to around 2 and a half hours, which made the whole thing seems long winded. The dialogue, though beautifully crafted, can test one’s patience. Maybe it’s because the Hang Tuah legend is well-known to many of us. Our interest wanes because we know what’s going to happen, there’s no aura of mystery surrounding the story. If this was shown to foreigners, maybe they would appreciate it more. Another fault of the movie is in its action scenes. There’s only two in this movie. The first one (where Hang Tuah rescues Dian….haih) is well-choreographed, avoiding the typical Hindustani element. It’s the second one that troubles me. I know that warriors of old have mystical powers, but maybe the director should just avoid the flying scenes because it just appears funny instead of engaging. The CGI can also be improved, but these are minor complaints from a person desperate to find a fault with this film.
Can this work overseas? I surely hope they do make it. This is a brave effort that sets the bar for future filmmakers, though I doubt that the standard will increase dramatically in the near future. It’s just like cars. The expensive automobiles test out new technologies and later this will filter to the protons and kancils. Please go and watch it, just for the sake of encouraging filmmakers to be brave enough and take gambles

You're never truly free...


Written on 9/03/2004 06:28:00 pm by sikapitan

So our former Deputy Prime Minister and political golden-boy Datuk Seri Anwar has been freed after a 2-1 Federal Court decision allowing his appeal against the charge of sodomy. Without a doubt this has done wonders for our judiciary which has been accused of biasness and being politically motivated previously. His convictions have been criticized by many, especially in the legal community. There have been dissenting voices who argued that he was not afforded the fair trial that he deserved. I tend to agree.

However, politics is never as easy as 1 2 3 and certainly not as clear as black and white. There are grey areas to every political scenario that must be understood before one could safely assume or accuse. It must be noted that Anwar himself is a politician first and foremost. I have always been curious as to why he was so adamant that there’s abuse of power and corruption within the government AFTER he was removed from his post. Surely logic dictates that such allegations cannot surface overnight, and yet during his reign he was never one to speak out against corruption and money politics. His international profile must also be taken into consideration, especially his more than cordial relationship with the United States, a country noted for its constant interference with the affairs of other states, forever perceiving it as kingmakers and new-age colonist.

Yet, we cannot dispel the doubts surrounding his dismissal. Certainly the quick-fire manner he was removed cast reservations in the eyes of many. Could it be a knee-jerk reaction to a sudden political reality emerging? Did the PM know something that he cannot divulge? It was obvious, yet never stated, in the eyes of the public that the subsequent trial was irregular. The conviction for sodomy based only on one dubious witness brought more questions than answers. Unfortunately, such allegations made him the butt of jokes for many (heheh).

He was motivated by this sudden fall from grace, and the subsequent zeal in upholding “keadilan” broke the Malays into two quarters. Who was to gain from this episode? PAS, despite their perceived old-school charm, are politically astute enough to ensure that Anwar became their new struggle, clearly using him merely as political mileage. Subsequently, in the ’99 elections, they had one of their strongest showings in years, even gaining Terengganu. If it were not for the Chinese and Indian community, I seriously think more states would follow suit. Anwar became an enigma, a struggle for many dissatisfied at the time with rising unemployment, spiraling cost of living and economic uncertainty. He still is a political heavyweight. So why release him now?

Clearly Abdullah perceive that public opinion is on his side. The economy is growing, the nation is prospering. In the face of such optimism, perhaps he feels the time is right to rid of the old cloud hanging over the political scene. With Anwar a free man, he has rid himself of the last vestige of the Mahathir era, the deepest wound to the Malay community, the rallying cry for one political party. Keadilan is in shambles, simply because they were not politically strong enough to understand how things work. Their short-lived joy at being able to call upon PAS as their ally quickly turned sour as PAS shoved aside its allies to promote its own ideals. And with PAS also needing to take a hard look at themselves in light of the recent poor performance and dwindling support, Pak Lah can see that his next four years running smoothly just as planned. I can even see some sort of truce between Keadilan and UMNO, even the thought of them joining forces has crossed my mind.

But what is needed now is calmness and rational thinking. People must realize that the country, our country, is unlike the free democracy of US. Our government and economy is entwined, both needing each other. In the US, the economy is self-sustaining; such is their power of capitalism. Thus the prosperity and harmony of all must take precedent, at this moment and until we mature as a nation, before such idealistic notions like "justice", "equality", "free speech" etc. We cannot have the cake and eat it too. Just remember that politics is dirty enough to stain the whitest of cloths. Clorox just doesn’t work on this one. Au revoir

Cat calling to no one


Written on 8/29/2004 04:17:00 am by sikapitan

It’s close to 4 a.m on a Sunday morning, and I’m knackered after exerting myself a bit too much today, having two sessions of futsal in a space of 4 hours. Don’t fret, dear readers, for this is not going to be about futsal or how I enjoy the game but more on a social situation that manifest itself during the afternoon session.

There we were my team and I, waiting out turn to play, when suddenly I heard loud singing from one of my mates who then started making weird noises. Thinking that he had contracted some form of Bird Flu, I looked around to find someplace else to sit. Alas, my wayward gaze landed on a member of the opposite sex making her way back from class behind our seats. I heard the weird noises again, mixed in with “Dik baru balik” “Senyum la sikit jangan muka masam” etc2. Obviously, the girl just walked past us. That isn’t the sad part, though it’s pretty pathetic in my humble opinion. The lads then had a good laugh about it. If being a bunch of cat-calling lame-ass morons isn’t sad enough, they had the gall to be proud of what they did. They’re good boys, for sure, but sometimes I just cringe when I see some of the things they do in the name of fun. It’s degrading not only for myself, but also for other guys who can’t be bothered with disturbing other girls and more seriously, for all Malay men. It’s pretty depressing to hear what some of my friends from other races think about the typical Malay man. Bawak motor, kacau pompuan, rock kapak, mullet, and fake levi’s from Golok (though I must say they look pretty authentic). Look, here’s a tip. Girls don’t fall for those lame-ass tricks, and if they do, they’re probably not worth it. Get your act together; you don’t like other guys disturbing your sister like that now do you? Is it any wonder it’s hard to get an Amoi for a date? (Just joking dear, or friends of my dear, or anyone who just want to spoil my relationship with my dear:)

And what is it with guys and their obsession to talk about the opposite sex’s body parts? Let’s not go into details, but I assure you ladies that we’ve got some pretty sick people in our midst. Even the normally reserved young man would perk up (isn’t that an ironic choice of word) when a voluptuous female walk by. That is in their nature, and nothing said or done will ever change that. But why must they spoil the serenity of appreciating God’s creation by saying what everyone else in the room already realizes. Yea, she’s hot. That’s far enough for me. No need to go into details as to how her…never mind. But this is not a criticism to them, more like a commentary on modern men. Could it be our men react this way after being bombarded by sexual images everyday while still living in the “beautiful on the surface” Asian culture and society? Could it be that the reckless use of female and their body parts to sell products or the various shows depicting women being “comfortable” with as few clothes as possible have degraded their kind as merely an object of desire rather than a living being? Go figure.

Cinta Collateral
I waited in anticipation for this movie to come out. I skipped the normally long opening day and weekend queue, preferring the calmness of Monday evening to catch the show. The story takes place one night in Los Angeles, when a cab driver, Max (Jamie Foxx), by a stroke of luck (or misfortune, depending on how you view it) picks up Vincent, a seemingly inconspicuous businessman who is on a whirlwind business trip. However, by a freak coincidence, Max discovers that Vincent really is a killer when the person he killed drops down the window and landed straight on Max’s cab. So begin the terrifying ride through various locations housing Vincent’s targets.

What one notices at first is the mixed-up camera work employed by Michael Mann. Most of the time the shot’s controlled and straight-forward, but it’ll suddenly turn all gritty and shaky (NYPD Blue style) when there’s rising tension. The script is also noteworthy, simply because of some memorable lines, especially by Vincent. Guys looking for an action-packed rampage with bodies flying in the hundreds and massive explosions will be disappointed. This is not your typical Mission Impossible trip. The sub message being said by the film deserves notice. The tension is gripping without being overbearing. The acting has got to be commended, simply because of the main actors taking on roles unfamiliar to them and reveling in it. Foxx is good as the confused, lost black man who’s trying to make it in the world but too afraid to make the next move. Normally associated with smart one-liners and smug arrogance, he managed to play down the brashness and instead appear humble and lacking self-esteem. However, the biggest surprise to me was Cruise’s Vincent. Tom Cruise is not averse to playing bad guys, but in this movie he takes it to the next level. He’s got to be one of the machoest bad guys ever seen. And the steely eyed gaze, clenched jaw, cold, calculating demeanor works for Vincent. However, like all action flick, it suffers from a rushing storyline, holes in the plotline and typically, unrealistic elements, though it managed to stay away from the hero flying in the air. It’s worth my 9 ringgit. Have been watching some great movies this past month, so don’t disappoint me Puteri Gunung Ledang (anything with Dian surely can't dissapoint me, can it?)

I know it’s a bit outdated, but guys and girls, if you don’t have Coldplay’s Parachutes, go kill yourself (though I do believe that if you have it you’re more probably prone to suicide- lagu nak bunuh diri la katakan). Excellent soundscape, and makes A Rush Of Blood To The Head even better because you can see the musicology they’re trying to achieve. Oh yeah, go check out Dry Your Eyes Mate by the Streets- Brits answer to Eminem though he’s less serious and has that all important British witty lines. Au revoir