Yer, boleh saya tolong vs. Nak apa?


Written on 11/03/2004 03:06:00 am by sikapitan

Do we treat people differently because of the way they look? I watched “Becker” (which I love by the way) and some reality tv-show called “Mr. Joe Average” today, and their topic surprisingly was the same. Would the way a person look affect the way you treat them?

In my humble opinion, to put it eloquently..duhhh! To think otherwise would be extremely naïve. I cannot imagine anyone living in this world today who would seriously think that we can simply overcome the physical aspect of communication. We are all humans aren’t we? I’m extremely peeved when beautiful people act so surprised when they discover that people are no longer nice to them if they look haggard and suddenly had cracks in their face like the planet Mars. It’s a proven fact that we humans, as individuals, vary our responses according to physical appearance. I’m happier helping out Shanty with directions than I am with Syanie (if you don’t know who these people are, don’t feel bad. I’m just lame. Shanty is this superhot Indon artist while Syanie is this supersize Malay actress).

BUT the difference between us, and what separates the class act from the pretenders, is whether you would help Syanie at all. I would like to say I would, I really do. And if she was to ever ask me directions, I would help her out. I like to think that I’m non-judgmental in that way, but that’s just being polite isn’t it? I would help her because that’s the decent thing to do, not because I WANTED to. And I really don’t understand why people go all nuts and demand I actually like helping them out. These self-righteous COOL fools can say what they want, but EVERYONE discriminates on some level.

The thin and pretty might not like the fat and ugly. The fat and ugly might not like the clever and eloquent. The clever and eloquent might not like the stupid and ignorant. The stupid and ignorant might not like the thin and pretty. Sometimes you feel uncomfortable talking to them because their navel is showing, or you might be turned off by the headscarf. We all have out peeves and I don’t understand why we must be so politically correct that we lose our own self-identity. Our idiosyncrasies make us what we are.

However, the theory above only applies for small time communication and chance encounter. If there’s an opportunity to know a person better, and that person actually is a beautiful person on the inside, then don’t just hate them because they aren’t. In fact, the same can be said for those beautiful people who are hated just because they’re beautiful. I know. I’ve done that to others. Just because they’re beautiful doesn’t mean they’re shallow/bitchy/rude/arrogant and such.

It’s one thing to be quick giving directions to a fat lady but then offering to SHOW a beautiful girl the way to the same place, and another to bad-mouth a decent person simply because she/he doesn’t dress according to CLEO/FHM or they’re beautiful-so-they-must–be-cool-so-they-must-hate-us train of thought.


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