sapa makan babi dia la masuk tak kena jer...


Written on 11/22/2004 04:00:00 am by sikapitan

You need others to validate
Your existence to contemplate
Do people love or hate
It all depends on how many friends you make

We count to appease
The notion at least
More friends to be
Popular like you and he

My space is yours
Darkest secrets are lost
Revealing yourself at all cost
To gain friends, of course

It’s all staged for my benefit
How cool you are for my music
Try to fool me now aren’t we?
Though you forget I ain’t a kid

I see straight through the lies
And how popular you are with guys
To see the insecurity
Of a popular wannabe

One could be more than two
Or whatever digits you chose
If one is there for you
When you needed them the most

They don’t define you
Don’t make that mistake
Forever you’ll be untrue
Of what’s more worthy for your sake

Leave pride to one side
And be truthful for a change
Don’t take them for a ride
On the fake coolness train

I am not as cool as you
I don’t have friends as many
But I know some simple truth
Beneath it all you bleed just like me

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