Fashion Sense


Written on 4/28/2004 06:45:00 pm by sikapitan

The Malaysia Fashion Week is almost over. This is Malaysia's sophomore effort to promote our country as a fashion hub. Last year's event was affected by the SARS epidemic. Ironically, this time around, a new outbreak of SARS was reported in China at the same time the week-long event began. Is there a connection? Conspiracy theorists please reply through haloscan!

Right now, i'm guessing my readers would say.."yea yea yea,sure mamat ni kutuk kl fashion week". Surprise surprise, i'm NOT going to diss the event! I think that it's great we're trying out something new and different. We've spent millions (and millionssss) on sports, and look where we are now! Our football's a disgrace, hockey's in a freefall, we've got 'jaguh kampung' on our badminton team and our track and field atheletes...we got meh? SUKOM 98 (which we staged successfully) was supposed to be the catalyst for our revival in the sporting arena. But 6 years on, and we're still in the doldrums. Bukit Jalil is underutilised, and millions on sports development is down the drain. What happen to our TUnas negara program? So i say, screw with Sports, or at least those that are not performing, which covers almost everything and concentrate on other stuffs!

We can excel in roti canai making, or make Malaysia the capital for loafing. We've got the infrastructure already in place,with Pasar Seni and Amcorp Mall being a few example so just promote this sport called loafing at the international stage. I'm just being sarcastic. But seriously, if we can become the fashion capital of south-east asia,I would be very proud. I think that Malaysians, especially KLites are becoming more fashion-conscious, and the time will come when the average malaysians buy their t-shirts from G.A.P instead of F.O.S. The government should take the initiative and promote us as not only a manufacturing fashion capital but also a designing fashion capital (all minds are equal-we can't beat the English at rugby, but we can beat them through the saree!) Unfortunately, somehow, i've got the gut feeling that if the government actively promote the fashion industry, there will be some serious backlash from those in the green camp wearing 'erykah-badu' like wraparound on their head (who says Muslims can't be fashionable?).

Hey,that's another market we can conquer! The Muslim fashion industry. We could be the starting point of Islamic fashion all over the world. I think this would make more sense than trying to become Asia's silicon Valley. That title already belongs to India. Even in South-east asia, we're losing out to the Thais and pHILLIPINES. tHE main problem is not knowledge or capabilities, it's cost. India's graduate are asking 1/3 of what our grads are demanding. At the end of the day, bottom line counts!

I'm rambling. Au revoir

Police us kids...


Written on 4/26/2004 02:09:00 pm by sikapitan

I read in the newspaper that the police has been asked to APPREHEND kids playing truant. If nabbing kidnappers,rapists,robbers, etc2 is not enough of a burden, they now have to content with going around snooker centres picking up youths. Now, these youths won't be charged with anything, considering that skipping classes is not a crime per se, so the most that would happen is that the police would bring them back to the station,call their school, parents and what-nots and hold them up until somebody picks them up. To me, it's all just a waste of time. I'm not saying that the police shouldn't take any action. In fact, i think that as officers of the law they are morally obligated to act against truancy.But to arrest these students would be an overkill. The most they should do is give these kids a right-old sound-off.I know i would piss in my pants if the cops caught me playing truant. No need for all the drama of dragging us in squad cars. It will waste manpower and resources that we don't really have. Overzealous government war-cry, that will soon die when replaced with something more electoral-friendly. Malaysia is famous for hot-hot chicken shit. Now it's truancy, last week it was gangsterism, next week..only God knows.

And yesterday i read about guards who went on a rampage went not being paid their wages.And what about guards who lost a million bucks just because they were busy picking up rm1 coins strewn across the floor by accomplices of the robbers.Stupid you might say, but these incidents occur more frequently than one like to imagine.It doesn't really surprise me considering the level of professionalism or lack of it amongst security companies. They would take almost any ali,ah chong and muthu as security guards. It pisses me off when guards at apartments leer and sexually harass (words can be sexual harassment) girls, or just sit there in their pagoda singlet, smoking or sometimes drinking. But we must consider their plight as well. Most are either too young, or too old to be effective. They are not well-educated. They are not properly trained by their companies. They don't have the experience. But most importantly, they are not well-paid enough to be motivated. Most take up the job because they can't do anything else or as temporary post until something better comes along. I've read somewhere that guards make around rm350 A MONTH! yOU get more by working at mcdonalds. Companies can only pay as much as the client's willing to pay. If customers are not willing to fork out the cash needed, then don't expect some Rambo to be guarding their premises.

On the footballing side, congrats to Arsenal for winning the championship. Their first-half performance was reflective of their entire season-controlled passing,quick counter-attack and killer finishing. Thierry Henry was again instrumental. It wouldn't surprise me if he wins the FIFA wORld FootBaller of The Year award.

On a personal note, sorry for not posting anything new for the past two days. Been busy with work, football and my sister's been hoggin the comp every night. I'll try to fit in updating the blog during lunch hour. tHAnks to Mumtaz for his analysis on the Palestinian conflict.

Au revoir.

Can cut one..


Written on 4/23/2004 08:05:00 pm by sikapitan

This is a continuation of the last entry on Malaysian drivers.
Thanks to Mumtaz for his view on Malaysian drivers. In summary, he believes that Malaysian drivers are less skilled than their european counterpart. I trust his judgement since he used to live in UK. Even during my holiday to London, i noticed the different style of driving as compared to Malaysia. 1st of all, not many Londoners drive. Their public transportation is pretty reliable. Second, pedestrian is always right. Thirdly, they really know their cars, or at least how to use them.

Compare with Malaysia. Almost every household in an urban area has at least one motor vehicle. And almost everyone who have cars use it to commute on a daily basis. Thus, the ratio of drivers as compared to European countries are more. I can see during the now-infamous subang jams that no one is car-pooling (including me). Everyone drives here in Malaysia, from makciks wearing white pullovers to avoid sunburn to young punks in their souped up Beemers. Say the average is 1 bad driver out of 10. In Europe, maybe there's like 10,000 commuters thus there'll be 1000 bad drivers. But here in KL, there's like 100000 cars, so there would be 10000 bad drivers (forgive me, maths ain't my fav subject).

Most importantly, and i know i'm going to offend the patriots amongst my readers, we are a selfish lot. The kiasu element is inherent i think in our genetic make-up. We might be the most tolerant of people in the comfort of our home (takper, guna jer gelas tuh etc2) but on the road, we behave like the most daring of daredevils (lanciao lu nak potong wa etc2). Issit because when we are on the road we vent out our frustation? Maybe that 'ah ma' cutting you off is merely letting off steam? We control ourselves in front of others to the point of breaking up, so we decide to let it go on the road. We think only of ourselves, thus everything seems important only when it's related to us. That is why my mom never lets anyone cut her lane, eventhough she's stuck in a jam and another car won't make much difference. Or someone just turning without signalling, and even worse signalling but not turning! Weird. iT'S not like they don't know how to signal, they just refuse to do so. That's why i have to digress with Mumtaz on this particular point. It's not the skill that counts. It's the attitude.

Oh yeah, it pisses me off when a new model of my car comes along. It wasn't long ago when i was still chasing the bodykits and rims but now it's utterly pointless. Arghh. Yeap, i'm kiasu too.

On a sadder note, America's new policy for the Israel-Palestine conflict has done more harm than good. Supporting assasinations of terrorist leaders might seem the only way to eradicate suicide bombing. But it must be remembered that every day, new wannabe martyrs are born, and leaders can be replaced.The emphasis should be on achieving peace, without both sides losing out too much. Stubborn though these people may be, but i believe that if a concertrated global effort can be work out to seek peaceful settlement, both parties would be willing to compromise. I feel that the basis, or at least claimed, of resentment amongst the muslim community towards america is the longstanding israel issue. If this could be settled, one major reason for terrorism would be eliminated.

To Asmui: YEap, mmg best gila.
To Lopez: Tak tau la. Everytime i go, theRE'll be parking space. It's like MAGIC!
To Bojed: Ladies, avoid this perverted dude:) Guys, ajak dia main futsal!

What a mystery...


Written on 4/21/2004 08:58:00 pm by sikapitan

Movie Review- ScoobyDoo 2
I woke up late (actually i surf2 ehem2 sampai terlupa waktu) so i had to rush off to KLIA to pick up my GF. Let me tell you, the highway to KLIA is the best highway to just let it rip!I'm not condoning speeding, far from it. In fact, i realized that it's a really good highway while cruising at a sedately 80km/h *ehem ehem*.It's just that i saw a few cars going by at close to 150 *wink wink* and i thought that our speed limit imposes a great restriction upon consumer's freedom to use their wares.Imagine buying yourself a Porsche and having to limit yourself to just 120 while that pesky little Kancil with exhaust that can fit an elephant's trunk is busy kissing your bumper,the driver with fake raybans showing his displeasure (no offence-jgn pulak tanak angkat wa kat rumah wei!). I understand the need for speed limits. But the general speed limit is unacceptable due to the huge gap between the capabilities of cars on Malaysian road. In Malaysia, you can find an old,dilapidated Datsun Boy beside a Mitsu Evo. Thus, 120 is actually too much for the Datsun (and also kancils,kelisas etc-i've driven them la ok? and they just shake rattle and roll when you reach 100) but too easy for the Evo.Maybe we canhave separate speed limit for different types of cars? (Too costly to implement) I don't have the solution. Maybe someone out there can suggest a way to correct this discrepancy. But back to KLIA. Managed to only make her wait 10 minutes. Glad that she's here. Another week and i might have done some serious damage to our relationship.

Went to OU (yeah yeah, ou lagi!) and found out that there are not too many interesting shows left. Stuck with ScoobyDoo. Entirely forgettable. It's seldom that i've regretted paying 6 ringgit to watch a movie. wITH sCOOBY dOO, i felt that even if they ask me to watch it for free i wouldn't watch it again. The only thing memorable about the whole movie was alicia silverstone:) Loved Clueless (haha,research material maaa) and missed her on the big screen. Lost a couple of pounds. Too bad the whole movie sucks. The plot sucks,the acting sucks, and scooby was just plain freaking annoying. Everyone who's a fan of the cartoon series would have realized that Shaggy is actually a representation of a hippie who's high all the time (at least that's how i see it) but in the movie, it seems like Matthew Lillard is on multivitamins. He has too much energy for a character that is ultimately, a junkie! The only saving grace is my girlfriend. I bet if i watched it with my mates i would have fallen asleep long before the credit rolls in (like what happen with 50 1st dates). Isn't it amazing how being in the company of someone you love could just perk you up (please, don't think sexual).

On another note, about the whole malay issue, i feel that it's best i save it for the weekend. Right now, my friend's waiting for me at the pitch. Thanks MPSJ for building a futsal court beside my house. I know it was only for the election. But Lee Hwa Beng won uncontested.So i think they're silently cursing wasting money for us kids when they could have planted new flowers by the roadside so that dogs can enjoy their daily shitting routine.Just kidding.

National DisService


Written on 4/19/2004 08:19:00 pm by sikapitan

It was on the cards. Place hundreds of innocent (probably), nubile young girls entering the final phase of maturity at the hands of a bunch of sexually-repressed individuals and you're bound to hear the dreaded word-rape. What am i talking about? If you haven't read the newspaper today,a girl allegedly was raped by a NATIONAL SERVICE trainer.Personally, and you can ask my friends about this, i am AGAINST the National Service.

I feel it's a waste of our money (well,my parents la since i'm not paying taxes-what about service tax?), time and effort. Forcing groups of young men with raging hormones to play "kejar2" and learn "bekerjasama" was never a brilliant idea. I can see the arguments for National Service.It would definitely keep school-leavers away from the streets. But would that ultimately build the "character" that we so want our young minds to have? I think not. First of all, logistically, it's downright messy. Transferring thousands of teenagers, who are mostly NOT volunteering for this most weird of summer camps, to locations all over the country costs money. And so does feeding them (we can't have our children eating ikan goreng only kan?). Apparently, for meals alone, the government spend close to RM30 per student per DAY. That's like one nasi lemak ayam,one nasi campur,one briyani gam and you would still have spare change to grab a nice roti jam for supper! Pampered? Definitely, and why not? Since the government forced this upon them, shouldn't they at least be treated as if they're at home?

And that's the quandary facing the government. On one hand they want to discipline these kids, and on the other hand they need to be nice so that these students don't just walk out en masse. Improper planning, and bad oversight have led to various problems. One of it being the "semangat kenegerian" syndrome. Naturally, and many uni students will attest to this, people from the same state stick together. This is more so in an unfamiliar environment. States that are less-developed, like Kelantan and Tganu, have a more strong social solidarity, thus they bond together and fight together. Guys from other states, being more exposed to living in a heterogenous society, would be easy pickings for bullying and such. Apparently, and this is not confirmed, there have been cases of trainees refusing to train, fighting, ragging, smoking etc2. Understandably, the news media have been keeping a tight lid on this situation. There's so many other things wrong with the NS such as it being a violation of our liberty to associate freely, limiting the potential income of trainees and holding up studies. Can someone explain to me why are we holding up students marked to further their studies? Shouldn't we concentrate on giving them the best education possible?

Back to the rape. It wouldn't surprise me if the trainer is malay. I'm sorry if anyone's offended, but the fact remains that sexual crimes in Malaysia are committed mostly by my race. Is it because of our social constraint we become sexually repressed in an environment that is increasingly open about sex? We, as Muslims, cannot have sex with someone we're not married with. Yet, everywhere around us, society is increasingly showing there's no harm in doing so. Yes, some might say that the social fabric is being torn apart, but MAYBE the fabric's just changing colour. Maybe Freud was right.At the basis of every conflict and disharmony, there lies a sexual frustation waiting to be unleashed. Far-fetched? Maybe, but worth considering.

The rape? Don't they have proper procedure for this? Shouldn't the female trainee be accompanied by a female trainer? Why is she allowed to go out alone with a male trainer? My guess is, hypothetically, the girl voluntarily went out with him, or maybe didn't really mind going out with him. Hey, we all have crushes on our seniors now don't we? So where does the fault lie. I have reason to suspect there's more of such incidences. I don't know. I wish i have the answer. More about Malays tomorrow. How do others view us? Is there such a thing as "semangat Melayu"?Controversial? You bet.

Au revoir.

Double trouble


Written on 4/18/2004 09:27:00 am by sikapitan

Saturday was a busy day, both at office and at play, so sorry i had nothing to say, today's entry will cover both days ok?

Movie Review: 50 First Dates.

The vibe surrounding this movie is good. Everyone said that it's entertaining. I've tried to catch it over three weekends, but there's always something in the way, not least the fact that the only people i can bring along to catch this show are men.I don't know, maybe it's just me, but some movies are just not right to be seen with your mates.cAn you guys name me a few?

But yesterday i finally found the time, after work but before Man Utd, to finally watch this HappyMadison production (bILLY Madison,Happy Gilmore-2 of my top 30 movies of all time). Biarlah dengan jantan. What can i do? And of course, for my viewing pleasure, i chose OU. I'm just waiting for the day they'll grant me like some special privilege for being such a loyal patron.

The movie, in a nutshell, was a dissapointment.I didn't enjoy it.The idea was to replicate the chemistry found in the WeddingSinger, but it failed miserably. It's nothing close to the WeddingSinger. What's the problem with the movie, you might wonder? Yes, technically it's sound, the script ain't too bad, the acting's above average and the soundtrack is excellent. My only gripe with the movie is the fact that being an Adam Sandler-movie, it ain't funny. The number of laughs (real ones, not ones where you follow the audience) can be counted with one hand and two fingers (go figure). That's not bad for an average romantic story,like you've got mail etc., but for a romantic comedy, that's ludicrous!Sandler's movies of late have seen him play some serious roles, which is good for him, but not for me. I want the whacky Sandler, the one who could tackle a crocodile (HappyGilmore),banged his 4th grade teacher(billymadison),tackle the entire football team(Waterboy). If i wanted to see some atypical romantic flick, i would have bought WhenHarryMetSally etc. Adam Sandler is AdamSandler,eggshaped head and all. My point is this: The lead character in the movie could be played by anyone, and it'll still be the same (don't la say Yusry KRU. You know what i mean). It's not AdamSandler like we know it.

Maybe it's because i went to see it with fREdo. I wasn't feeling romantic, and it's been awhile (UiTM's holiday sucks). So forgive me for sleeping during the middle part of the movie. Maybe that's where the movie picks up, but i doubt it. It's not too bad actually. Go catch it anyday if you have someone special to watch it with, but stick to Wednesdays (cheaper mah) if you just wanna watch it for the sake of watching. I could have said worse, but RobSchneider saves the day.

You can be the devil

Now, there's another movie that i want to catch. It's called Hellboy. Now that sounds promising. And it's number2 on the U.S movie countdown, so it must be pretty good. So where issit? My friend said that it's already playing here, but i don't see no Hellboy. All i see is some posters of aliens with 70s like movie title-SuperSapiens. Oh, wait a minute, SuperSapiens IS Hellboy. Thanks to our beloved CensorshipBoard, we are stuck with a B-Grade title over a movie that's actually a quality comic adaptation. We couldn't let our young innocent minds be influence with BudakNeraka now could we? Maybe they're afraid we would go out of the cinema and organize some Devil-Worshipping-Orgy. This happens so often that it's becoming a joke. Forget about catching ThePassionOfChrist, we can't even watch DareDevil. I can understand the rationale for banning these two movies (narrow-minded and ludicrous it may be) but what about Ocean'sEleven? And how come the Japanese-Korean-Taiwanese horror flicks managed to go through our CB while DareDevil didn't? I sense some dirty laundry.

Back to BudakNeraka. Couldn't they at least choose a better replacement title than SuperSapiens. What the heck is SuperSapiens? They might as well be cute about it and call the movie BigHero or something moronic like that. What's ironic about this whole situation is the fact that in a year's time these shows will be shown over our Astro (example:SavingPrivateRyan-big hoopla over nothing.Violence is a means of conveying a message.)! And if you're really impatient, go to your friend who has StreamyX and just download the damn movie.

On the same page, but different note, RTM has decided to ban Malay songs which are interlaced with english words. What? Am i the only one who feels this is stupid? What's ironic is the fact that RTM's ban only covers their tV and Radio Stations, and these being redundant (who watches TV1 or 2 anyway), the whole exercise of banning these songs are empty gestures. And for what purpose? To protect our national language? People must accept that the world is changing. The lingua franca is English. By accepting that fact, we should implement policies to foster the love for English. Don't equate speaking English with BEING English. Language is merely a way to communicate, and by mastering language will we be able to communicate our beliefs and values better. So what are we doing banning songs and forcing Jawi-lessons on our schoolkids? Tell me, why do we need to learn Jawi? Is it islamic? Remember, Jawi are Malay words written using Arabic character, nothing more. Even Arab-Jews use Arabic character to communicate, so it can't be Islamic now can it?

Back to the music. Get over this whole protecting the minds of young children crap. The kids are already humming to TipahTertipu (by Ruffedge-burning up the airwaves) and i don't see them being a danger to society. And what is society? Aren't societal values constantly changing? If you really want to save the Malay language, use BELANJAWAN instead of the lazy, and funny-sounding BAJET!Protest this atrocity against the music industry. Don't watch or listen to RTM. Wait, you don't know RTM has radio stations? Are the 1 and 2 buttons on your remote still functioning? My point exactly. They're redundant, thus irrelevant.

Enjoy your weekend. Au revoir.

Hearing silence


Written on 4/16/2004 09:13:00 pm by sikapitan

I learnt how to spell in sign language today from SAM, my stock-boy at office. He is the son of the office's cleaning lady, and unfortunately, he is deaf and dumb (bisu okay?they just call it deaf and dumb).Interesting fact: If you're deaf, you're mute as well because you don't know how to form sounds eventhough you can. I always thought the whole nerve's connected or something (Discovery Channel..NOT!). We sometimes take our senses for granted, thinking it'll always be there. Can you imagine how life would be if you suddenly cannot see? Imagine not being able to do the simplest task because all you see is darkness.The entry you're reading right now will be just another black shadow. Or imagine yourself not being able to hear the sound of your sweetheart's voice, your best friend's latest gossip or the simple call for prayer. Imagine life without knowing what's going on around you, what's happening right in front of you. Imagine not being able to celebrate any day because each day looks the same-black. Time and date is of no importance.

It's all about perspective. Just now i was pissed at my mom for ..well i don't really remember. But when i think back about Sam, and his deafness, i say just bring it on mom. I love listening to your angry voice.
Here i am, thinking about my car, when Sam can't even walk along the street safely. And there you are, quarelling about what colour to get for your curtains, when the blind can't even see the curtains. It's all about perspective. There's so much to be thankful for.

Which is why i can't understand the endless conflict around the world today. Individuals or groups, all selfishly pursuing their own interest. US spends billions getting rid of Saddam, while the hungry in Africa continue living eating a slice of bread a day. Al-Qaeda wasted lives to further their cause, while millions of the unfortunate needed a helping hand to do simple things like getting a glass of water or changing the bedsheet. It's all about perspective.

I can't imagine being deaf. One of my greatest passion is music. And in tribute to Sam and the magic that is the sound of music, i would now like to do a TopTen List of my All Time favourite songs. Readers can submit their own list through the comment button on top of this entry.(Songs are NOT in order- it's hard enough to come up with the list. Remember Hi-Fidelity? John Cusack had topten lists for everything. I love that movie. I'm so thankful that i can see it.Alhamdulillah)
1. Rapuh - Padi (Suicide inducing emo rock)
2. Twist & sHOut (just one of many)- Beatles (moptop boyband rules!)
3. Smooth Criminal- Michael Jackson (YES, he WAS the king)
4. It's not Unusual- Tom Jones (still humming while taking a shower)
5. Pupus- Dewa (tiada ku sangka, cintaku bertepuk sebelah tangan)
6. Last Night- The Strokes (my former band's signature song)
7. Always be My bABY- Mariah Carey (what happen to good music MC?)
8. Ayu-V.E (just because we worked hard on it-my batch would understand)
9. Alright- Supergrass (superhappy, will bring a smile to your face)
10. Lowrider- ZZ Top (wajib single for cruising)
There's like another 30-40 songs that deserves to be in the top ten, but that'll probably just bore you to death. The criteria is longevity, whether it'll be boring by the time i grad. Sorry, hiphoppers. Maybe in a year's time Outkast's hey ya will make it:)

30 Hari Mencari Cinta


Written on 4/15/2004 10:00:00 pm by sikapitan

Music review: 0ST- 30 Hari Mencari Cinta
You know i'm having a slow day if i'm doing a review:) No, really. I love doing reviews. I'm not particularly good at it, since i tend to ramble about something else. In fact, my application to KLuE Magazine was accompanied by a CD Review of The Strokes' Is This It (wicked album, one of my favourites). Unfortunately, i end up doing mostly events listings or even worse, movie listings during my short tenure as an intern there. There i go again, rambling on about something else.

Anyway, on to the the music. I was introduced to Sheila on 7 when i was in my first semester, living in Perindu, UiTM. It wasn't love at first listen. I wasn't used to hearing Malay songs. But as time goes by, i fell in love with this band (thanks to Ito, for the 07 Des CD) and along with it, Malay music. Right now i'm an avid follower of the Indonesian music scene. Maybe it was because of AADC and Dian (my gf will be pissed).
And that's what this soundtrack is trying to replicate. AADC's soundtrack, which was composed and performed by Melly Goeslaw (although my fav is Tentang Seseorang by Anda Bunga), managed to rack up record sales and unlike most soundtrack, actually propelled the film rather than hampers it.

tHE sOundtrack to this new teen movie (i haven't seen it yet) consists of new,old and remixed So7 songs.
The first track (new) starts of as a mellow number,and in typical s07 style, ended as a punk-surf number. I love the message it tries to convey. But for some real punk fun, look no further than the first single, Melompat Lebih Tinggi. I love listening to this one when i've just finished my finals, cranking it up on my car's stereo. A great fist-pumping,sing-along anthem, much in the same mould as Sahabat Sejati. The third and fourth songs are remixed old songs. These songs are like the soundtrack to my life. I distinctly remember listening to Mari Bercinta on my Discman, in the LRT, on my way to KlUe's office in Sentral. And Tunjuk sAtu Bintang is such a brilliant number to listen to at night on your car stereo, by yourself, driving along the LDP. The fifth track is my least favourite track, though it's not half as bad. Reeks a bit of Yassin though. The 6th, Berhenti Berharap, is THE emo song of this soundtrack, and i absolutely love it. See, Indonesian bands have long discovered that simplicity and talent goes a long way towards making great music. And this song is the epitome of that belief (another is Rapuh by Padi). Just Dutta's voice and an orchestra, it embarasses me to admit that THIS (and most other indon) song can kick-ass Bunga2 Cinta anytime, anyday.

The rest are all quality tracks. Special mention, track no.9, S.A.P, an original number lifted from their first album, just because of the video. That was way back when Dian was merely a model (i'm gonna get whacked!). All in all, i would say go buy this album ONLY if you have some spare money. Don't go saving your allowance for this one. If you must, go get So7's second album, Kisah Klasik Untuk Masa Depan.

Oh yeah, American IDOL is becoming a tad boring. Stars for tonight: George Huff (wicked voice, but mentally-challenged looking) and Fantasia (brilliant performer, worried about attitude). Oh yeah, there's this new show after IDOLS, something about lookalikes of celebrities fooling the public. This wouldn't really work in Malaysia, cos we don't really bother our celebrities.

Wicked tune for the week (download laa..jgn pergi beli single laksss) :Mars Volta-Televatons

Au revoir.

Malaysian Boleh...


Written on 4/14/2004 10:18:00 pm by sikapitan

Headlines: I did it for love! Sensational.
Apparently one of the icons of modern day football decided to bang a MALAYSIAN! Miss Marbeck sure as hell seems sincere, what with showing more than just a pretty face in a mass-circulated tabloid. So we now have something else to be proud of (besides having a pair of nice-looking buildings known as the twin towers) and somebody else to be proud of (besides Michelle "i'm too old to be doing this shit" Yeoh and Guy "durian" Sebastian). It's a shame really that the whole episode involving this now world-famous MALAYSIAN does not reflect Malaysians at all! I question if she's really Malaysian. Is citizenship the only requirement for you to be considered Malaysian? I think not. She doesn't even look like the average Malaysian. She belongs to this new ambigous category of pan-asian, or more accurately, Pan-pizza (since she has these weird mix of everything). I've got nothing against her, EXCEPT she's being such a money-grabbing,no-shame, vomit-inducing leach. Other than that, i think she's a wonderful role model for all malaysians. There's still Owen, Woods, Bryant, Zidane that are still available for affairs.

What pisses me more is the fact that theStar ran her story as headline, when in fact such stories should be restricted to Page3 at best! It's preposterous that Malaysia's leading daily has relegated itself to the level of tabloid publications. It's disturbing to see that Marbeck's Affair takes precedence over the story of two girls getting molested by an old man in B.Mertajam. Maybe, just maybe, there's not enough news to go around!Seriously, besides the first 2 pages which are usually filled with propaganda, the rest is a mixture of the disturbing to the utterly boring (eg: "Five toy pistols seized").

Let me put in a word or two on UiTM's Student Portal (on behalf of missLopez). I find that it's easier to access the portal than the main website (which is kinda ironic). The problem is the last time most registered was months ago, and that was mainly to check on their result (and the interface was different) so many did not remember that they had registered. I had the same problem trying to register. Apparently i have an existing account. Thankfully, i'm the lazy type, and i've been using the same username and password for almost every net transaction i've conducted.

On the same note, i've noticed that the longer i am in my degree programme, the less care i have for my results. In other words, i'm not as upset or elated over results like i used to. Interesting story: In singapore, two mothers were jailed for 'punishing' their children excessively because of academic result. One even ironed her son.Hey, that's cheaper than getting BOTOX!
Guys and girls, don't ever value education more than living itself. I am a strong advocate of the need for education, but at the same time i think the pressure to excel have led to a gap amongst the successful students and the rest.Trust me, there's more to life than a degree. Remember-minimum effort, maximum result (don't listen to this advice)!

tHAnks for visiting. iF you want to respond in a thesis-manner (that's you miss raccoon), use the comment button situated at the top of every entry. lah. that's just an advice. Take care. Au revoir.

Short and sour


Written on 4/13/2004 07:59:00 pm by sikapitan

I'm rushing off to play futsal, so today's entry would be short and sour...

First off, American Idol. Roger is out of the game. Surprised really, considering he's a natural performer, or maybe it's because of that he seems insincere?

Second, Astana Idaman. I've re-read the comments on Haloscan, so sorry that i've not noticed the interest generated by the entry on Astana Idaman. Some say that Cheryl isn't very good, while some said that Azhar Sulaiman looks gay. Personally, if anyone looks gay it would be Eizlan Yusof. That's the problem with being a critic. Everything's subjective! Some hate durians, while some love it (i like it, but am allergic to it-unfair?).

Thirdly, Beat TV. tHEY've got new hosts for a few weeks now, and i think these guys are marginally better than the last two. Quirky and all, but maybe a bit too happening. I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm NOT happening!

Fourthly, Iraq's becoming another Vietnam. i Hate Bush, but at the same time i think it's disgusting the way they mutiliated the bodies of those Americans. It does nothing to promote Islam, merely emphasising the extremist element in it. Pity.

Sorry, but i'm rushing. I love football. Oh yeah, congrats to M4H1R, 3131K and 41m1 for scoring, don't be upset to those who didn't. Remember, Zaid Ibrahim only graduated third-class!



Written on 4/12/2004 09:57:00 pm by sikapitan

Yesterday was my anniversary. 2 years and 8 months, still kicking ass and NOT taking names. I've done many things which i've regretted during my short period living on this planet, but surprisingly not that many during the course of this relationship. Temptations abound, playing inside my head. Every time i see a beautiful girl,the devil smiles at me, urging me to wonder. The problem is this: If you're in a monogamous relationship for a long time at such a young age, even simple things seems to be a temptation. Even the girl selling tickets or fries appear to be flirting with you, or even worse, you're attracted to her (when in actual fact you'll be quite apprehensive about showing her to your mom). I sometimes wonder if it's healthy to be steady at such a young age.

It's pretty hard to desribe where i stand in this relationship. I've never cheated (yet) but i've not been totally honest either. Let's just say that i'm taking an exam. I might have glanced at my neighbour's answer sheet, but i haven't gone so far as to share answers with him, let along bringing in notes into the lecture hall (analogy can be difficult-go figure). It's hard for a guy, especially me. I've got this natural tendency to appreciate god's creation, and the most intriguing of it all has to be the female species (actually, i REALLY appreciate them) but don't be misled by thinking that i'm some sort of sick pervert. It's hard to believe, but sex is honestly one of the furthest thing on my mind when i see a beautiful girl. The first reaction for me, selfishly (or showing some kind of confidence-deficiency), is whether or not she feels the same way! A beautiful smile beats any show of cleavage anytime (hey, my blog, my lie).

And every so often, when i'm out with my mates, the most dangerous thought known to man-in-relationship, crosses my mind. I think "Could there be another one?". It's difficult to appreciate how truly dangerous this thought is. Once a guy starts questioning the nature of his love, and whether could there be another one out there, he's set on a path that will only lead to heartbreak, heartache and in some cases-heart attack. I've been through this crossroad many times during the course of my relationship. In fact, you could say that for some guys they go through this at least once a day. Imagine the conflict going through my mind. Guys have to make split-second decisions whether to preserve the sanctity of monogamy or just gamble everything on something that's entirely new (i shamefully admit i miss the whole courtship process) but also entirely unpredictable. Even if nothing works out between you and the girl, the guilt of having engaged in another relationship could burden your mind forever, bearing a heavy cloud over your own relationship with your girlfriend.

Issit worth risking everything? Like i've said, i've been through this crossroad many times over, sometimes treading the same path. And everytime i reach this junction in my life, i've always looked at the path i've chosen, and the path i'll choose. I'll think of everything's that's wrong with my girlfriend, list it down mentally (or sometimes, literally) and justify choosing to break free. But everytime i try doing so, i fail. The grass always seems greener on the other side but you just never know the shit that's in there. I'm not stupid enough to claim that everything's forever, but right now i'll settle for being loved by someone wonderful, and there's no chance in hell i want to lose that.

Some might say i've lost my balls. I say i'm just saving it.

On another note, attended my first board meeting today (damn, aren't this things suppose to be P&C?). wENt back at 9, tired as hell.Au revoir.

Walking Short..


Written on 4/11/2004 10:34:00 am by sikapitan

Movie Review: Walking Tall
I went to OU (see entry dated 5 April) yesterday with AeS813 to catch the latest movie starring "the most electrifying man in sports entertainment" (wateva the hell dat means). If the opening five minutes was anything to go by, this must be the most low-budget Hollywood production i've seen THIS year (not ever, that title must go to any teen flick). The opening shot is like some National Geographic production, while the credit list was done without any inkling of creativity. Just choose Times New Roman, Color wHIte and you're off. And has the Rock relegated himself to forever being known as The Rock? For an action movie, it's not much of a problem, but what if he's in a drama? Or worse, do we still call him the Rock once he's 50 years old, sagging all over and looking more like the Sponge?

Don't get me wrong. I really do like this Rock character. Even in WWE, he stands out amongst the steroid filled proffesional wrestlers. And as he has proven in Rundown, he can act. I like the way he tones down his ring-persona, and he does convey emotions well. But despite the commendable performance by the Rock, the movie suffers from lack of ingenuity. The whole movie reminds me of Sylvester Stallone's Rambo: First Blood. And that's how i see the Rock. As the new Rambo. He's like Stallone, but with acting chops. I do believe that he has the charisma and talent to be more than just a testoterone god who can smash people's head with his bare hands. His disadvantage, and this is ironic, is his physique. He's really bulky, making it difficult for producers to cast him as anything other than some steel-pumping superhero!
He should do comedy as he has this ability to be humorous without being silly!

Back to the movie. The laughs are few and far between, unlike Rundown, which goes to show that without proper script, movies would just falter. I'm dissapointed as well with the whole storyline. It's so damn simple. Guy goes back to his hometown, finds everything's not what they seem, takes down everyone in sight, screws the hot just reeks of familiarity. We've seen this, heard that one before. The saving grace was Rock's performance.

Favourite moment : A toss between any scene featuring Ashley Scott and that hilarious "please fix your taillight sir" scene (damn funny!).
Least-favourite moment : I could say the whole movie, but that would be too harsh so the honour goes to the three goons sitting behind me. Why do people have to speak during a movie? It's not so bad when watching a malay movie, cos their conversation are more interesting than the movie itself, but i realize that in any cinema hall, there will be this group of people who would make dumb comments (eg: "uish..lamanya dia jalan"). This is a topic for another day.

Since this is a weekend, here's some recommendations for the coming week
Song(s): La Luna- Selepas Kau Pergi, Joss Stone- Fell in love With A Boy, So7- Berhenti Berharap, Muse -Time is Running Out
Food: Ice cream at ..ala..i forgot but it's in OU..small cafe beside Nando's.
Movie: Walking Tall, but it's only worth watching on Wednesdays cause RM9 is too much for this story.
Car: The BMW 525i from Naza motors (if only dad had waited)

Enjoy your weekend and the coming week.

Friend Fries..


Written on 4/09/2004 10:38:00 pm by sikapitan

Someone mailed me last night and asked whether chilhood friendship lasts. Personally, i've never had a real childhood friend..i've had primary-school best friends, secondary-school best friends and girlfriends but none lasted long enough to be considered as anything more than just friends. I can name a few friends whom i've known for more than 6 years that i'm still in touch with, but these correspondences and communications are seldom and far between. I don't have a single friend who can claim they know of everyone i went out with, or how fat i was when i was small.

We just drifted apart as we grow older. Our shared interest, whether it be Suria Perkasa Hitam or Oasis or C.S.I binds us together, but our individuality would later drive us apart. But i've seen of people who are friends for ages. The best are those who are friends when they are young, but became best friends when they reach late teens. Seldom do i see people who are best friends when they are small continuing the friendship at the same level as they get older. It's just that as you get older, your personality comes through, and these characteristics might not be liked by your best friend. And he/she might have other interest that drives her to seek new friends. For example, i've a friend whom i've known since standard4 back in Sri Subang Jaya. We were the best of friends..we both love debating and represented our school in various competitions, we both love football (though he played it better than i did) but then he moved to a boarding school after UPSR so we naturally drifted apart. He was serious in studies, while i was not. We both still love debating, but he enjoys it for the arguments, i enjoyed it because i get to meet girls:).But we still meet up once in a while, if he's back here in M'sia..we are now so different..we still enjoy each other's company but i can't stand his straight-lace attitude, while he probably can't stand my tomcatting attitude.

I wonder, if he didn't go to the boarding school, would we still remain best of friends? I've always felt that there's a gap inside of me that's missing that mystical childhood best friend, the one to turn to when your girlffriend is in one of her bad moods, and trust me, they have plenty of these mood swings (more than once a month okay!It's not always biological laaaa...shallow men!).

Oh yeah, before i forget, could there be bigotry against an institution? If we call people who are homophobic bigots, can i call people who hates UiTM bigots too? According to Oxford Dic. i can...but it does seem a bit harsh, considering that they probably have some good points for looking down on us Mara-sponsored students and graduates. For example, our entry requirement must be one of the easiest among public Universities. Thus, it is assumed that the grads are also stupid.

But the purpose of UiTM is to give an OPPORTUNITY for every Bumi to try to make it in this world. When others have rejected the foolish, it is UiTM's function to try and offer them alternatives. Our academic curriculum is not that easy, thus those who graduated from this U have to work as hard as students from other U. bUT hey, that's just my opinion...but i don't go around saying bad things about other Unis-go figure!

On another note, last night was another night of upsets in Europe's Premier Competition. Hot favourites Milan crashed to Depor with a masterclass performance from the Spanish side outsmarting the highly-regarded Milan backline. I'm surprised at the ease in which Depor opened up Milan's defence. So the semis have the look of an UEFA cup semi-final, no disrespect to teams intended. None of the big guns are there, except cHelsea, who must be favourites now to advance to the final together with Depor.Henry played tonight, so i wonder if he was just wimping out last Wednesday against Chelsea?

I miss my Astana Idaman. Haven't seen it for days.hahaha..pathetic. tOO tired from work to be concerned with anything substantial. Au revoir.

Are you gay for me?


Written on 4/08/2004 09:57:00 pm by sikapitan

Can you actually say that? Since gay (other than being homo) means happy..can you actually say are you gay for me? And can you ask someone to be gay for you? Better yet..go to Mc'Donalds and ask for a Gay Meal..see the reaction on the "kakak's" face. Silap hari, mmg cashier yg pondan layan you.Hahaha..imagine that.
Am i homophobic? I wasn't really bothered with softies during secondary school. In fact i know plenty of soft people, and they never give me trouble. But they were really different, some of them. They just don't think like guys do. We seldom strike up meaningful conversations with these people, even though they can be just as passionate as us about football or Kylie, albeit for different reasons! I was a liberal then..perhaps being in a multi-racial school in a middle of a bustling township exposed me to different types of people.

I think this is why KLites or any other urbanites are more ready to accept 'softies' into their lives. When i entered UiTM, i was surprised at the considerable number of 'softies' at the U. In fact, one of my roommate is a 'softie' but during my first sem, he wasn't really comfortable being himself, because he has to share a room with 8 guys and wearing mascara and such is a definite no-no. But now, since he's a non-resident(meaning living outside a hostel-every student in UiTM gets one free sem staying in a hostel), he's turned into this really weird guy who buys SEED for Women clothes and wear them to dinners and such. We all avoid him, cos he's now turned into this sick soft pervert with a penchant for pretty boys.

But wait a minute, are all 'softies' gay?
When i use the word 'softies' i meant soft guys,or effeminate guys rather than gay. I know of a few softies who has gf's (hey,both will take twice as long to get ready for a date!). I think that by shunning my soft friend at the beginning of his "age of discovery" we've really turned him into a Richard Simmons.
If we had kept him on a leash instead of driving him away, would he still be like what he is right now? I doubt it. I'm sure sociologists have done a research on this. I just regretted not helping out friends who are confused. Instead, i drove them away, and they have nowhere to turn to except to hangout wit girls, or even worse, real "softies". That's why you see this softies move in groups.

But my real gripe with these folks are the fact that they are absolutely shameless, especially in UiTM. Even guys are shy when wanting to approach a girl. But these 'softies' are unbelievable. I can't sit and eat my peanuts (i love those 50sen peanut packet) at my fac's cafetaria without being harassed by these folks (i'm not blowing my own horn laa..cerita betul nie!).I try my best to be polite. But am i wrong to be irritated when this people act as if the whole world is theirs to rule?

yea, i might be a homophob, and that might be un-PC, but at least i don't harass others. Like some people don't like smelly people and such, i believe that everyone shall have the right to prefer one kind to another, that's natural humanselection. But just as we have the right to like or dislike others, we must accept that they can also like or dislike us. Don't pretend you love everyone if you don't but don't be a bigot either (confused?).We can hold on to our beliefs and yet be tolerant- go figure.

I'm rambling. I'm pretty psyched up over work. Been busy today. Very busy.
Au revoir

Weirdo i go?


Written on 4/07/2004 11:10:00 am by sikapitan

Weird events are happening..

Arsenal: Have now lost two games in a row against their two main rivals. Apparently, the FAcup defeat inflicted more harm than first expected. Even though BOTH Ljunberg and Reyes managed to miraculously recover from supposedly being out for 3-4 weeks to play this morning, Arsenal lost to Chelsea and more importantly, losing Henry in the process. Arsenal without Henry are like Brad Pitt without a dick-pretty football, but can't screw anyone! So expect Arsenal to falter...being the choker that they are!

Shocker: REAL screwed up even worse than Arsenal. Havin a two goal cushion and taking a lead away from home should have guaranteed the 'best' team in the world a spot in the semis, but relying on Helguera and Pavon as your centrebacks is surely a recipe for defensive disaster. Kudos to Deschamps for bringing Monaco into the semis of Europe's premier competition. Hope they beat Chelsea next. I don't want them to win too many things..wrestling the premiership from Arsenal is enough.

Politics : Our PM wants all ministers etc2 to disclose their asset by this june (ithink) and this process will be repeated every 2 years. This is the clearest indication that the Government is serious about eradicating corruption. Fair enough, but what about assets held by these officials and ministers' families?

Mustapha said in today's newspaper that BN might still be in control of Kelantan. This is due to potential party-hopping by certain members of PAS who are apparently disillusioned with the party's direction. Frankly speaking, it has been coming. Just look at that Astro advertisement, where the old pakcik was in awe at Astro and it's endless channels. The people of Kelantan wants more channel...analogically speaking of course. The time has finally come when kElantanese realize that without BN, their state would have no chance of being as developed as others (but what about T'ganu, which was under BN for so long but still undeveloped?-go figure).

American Idol: Leah is out of the competition. Actually, they could have just chosen the highest vote-getter amongst the 12 as the AMERICAL IDOL last night and get it over with but because we just "love" american idol and people would vote on just about anything (voting costs money as i found out the hard way during AF fever), the producers cleverly prolonged the show...
On the same note, we all know that no matter who wins the World Idol the REAL world idol would be the American Idol. Just compare Kelly Clarkson and that swedish idol who won world idol (see, i don't even know his name). I'm waiting for the time when there will be Regional Idols (u know-South East Asia Idol, South America Idol) who would compete in the grand WORLD idol, much like the world cup.

sICK today, didn't go to work hence the long-winded posting. Sorry if it's boring, thank you if it's not. Au revoir.

I've been damned..


Written on 4/06/2004 09:44:00 pm by sikapitan

I wrote some long-winded discussion on men and fidelity around 6 pm just now. It stemmed from the gossip that Becks was having an affair with his secretary. Unfortunately, the server got stuck before i could publish my postings. It was one of my longest posting yet, and i'm pretty pissed that it was gone. I'm having a slight fever so this is the gist of my discussion: Men are genetically set-up to screw everything in girls shouldn't complained of being leered at..the only difference between a "budak jakun" and a "mamat cool" is the way they look at girls (every guy check out girls), some are good at covering while in fact their mind is going all blue..and we look at not only pretty girls, but EVERY girl..because you need to look at everyone before finding the beautiful ones. Men are shallow. Men cheat. It's a wonder that we don't cheat more often.

When one doesn't cheat, it's seldom because they don't find others attractive, but it's more because they prefer being loved (by being monogamous) than MAKING love the rest of their lives. Most men can (maybe it's because they're not attractive enough to get the opportunity to cheat right?-go figure) but some just can't stay monogamous. For research material, go catch the Mind of The Married Men. Great show, funny script, and most importantly TRUE! There's a guy in there that everyone can relate to. Love it.

Sorry, Panadol's kicking in. Actually,I can talk/write on this whole relationship thing until my TMnet disconnect but not for today i guess.
Thanks for all the support. Traffic IS support, so visit and open up your mind to my world. Weird and twisted as it is.
Au revoir.

OU and I..


Written on 4/05/2004 07:10:00 pm by sikapitan jugak title for today. I'm referring to One Utama, now a full-fledged shopping mall (cos it has the prerequisite expensive stores!)! I love going to OU because was my first mall outside of Subang that i went to (back during secondary..i don't really remember) and the whole place is just so familiar to me. I've always preferred going there than Pyramid. Pyramid has become a bit too noisy (actually, this is a typical malaysian culture-playing loud music at shopping malls!) and too crowded (sorry, but i just hate it when its overrun by skinheads,ahbengs and whatnots-they act as if the mall is theirs!). OU has always maintained this sort-of quaint feeling about it. Like Subang Parade but with TGV and some real shops!It never seems to be too crowded (like KLCC-love it for the Malay shoppers..hate it because of the Malay shoppers.Yea,go figure) or overruned by punks who are only brave when in groups.

Yesterday, i went there to buy some carpolish and basically to just hang out with my buddy AeS813. I've noticed that despite being a weekend, OU's population remains basically family-oriented or couples-heaven with just a smattering of "gangsters" (group of guys walking around leering at girls,sorry i don't know how else to describe them). It was crowded and noisier than usual but we still can communicate without shouting at each other! Actually, the best reason to go to OU is because that place can sometimes be loaded with beautifull lah..the parking is cheap mah! RM1 ONLY (Compare with KLCC)!

The UMNO Vice-presidents have stated their view that the top two posts in UMNO should not be contested. Good for Pak Lah..better for Najib. Why? Scared to say, SB's tentacles are far-reaching.

Started working today. A bit tired. Thus, my writing is suckier than usual.:) Thanks for all the support.
Au revoir

You're never safe..


Written on 4/04/2004 09:20:00 am by sikapitan

First of all,let me get this out of my chest- GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!Yes, it's pretty embarassing that the only hope for Man u this season lies in the FA Cup, the cup that we so conveniently disregarded circa 2000, but in an era of rebuilding, i believe this is only the beginning. Ronaldo was at his mesmerising yet petulant-lembik best,Fletcher was OUTSTANDING while Wes Brown effectively shut out the famed Arsenal attacking flair. My mom asked me whether i'm still supporting Man u.My answer - i'll be with them to hell and back! I understand where she's coming from. Malaysians are generally 'fairweather fans'. Serious. When United won the treble back in '99, the whole of Malaysia was awashed with those sporting Becks-style haircut and fake-Golok jerseys. Now, it's Arsenal and their "pretty" football. Frankly speaking, i don't give a shit about others. You can support Millwall if you want, but for me, I've lived as a red devil, so i shall die as a red devil.

The real issue for today is safety. After the game, i went out to grab dinner for me and my family at Burger King.As i was locking my car (meaning pressing the alarm laaa..bukan pakai rantai ker apa..), i heard a loud thud so i turned around. Imagine my horror when i saw a lady being dragged by a car. At first i thought that it was an accident. Then i realized that they were attempting to snatch her handbag. They didn't managed to, and sped off. She was walking along the road at Taipan USJ with her husband and two teenage sons,perhaps just after a nice dinner,thinking that she's pretty safe and all. But "malang tak berbau" and she could have really hurt her right arm.

My girlfriend had the same experience during the last Hari Raya. She was just walking out of her cousin's house in Ampang with her dad and going to her car. It just goes to show that no one and nowhere is safe. Apparently, victims of snatch thief are rising. So has car-jacking. Now they just don't bother to fiddle with the your car alarm and 'Brothers' steering-lock (which is actually quite effective as a deterrent). They'll just point a gun or parang at you as you're alighting from your car, or even while waiting for your gate to open. Even worse, some have resorted to crashing into your car and then robbing you or abducting and raping. It's easy to point fingers at our Police force but the reality is that crime is prevalent in any country, developed or un-developed. They're severly short of manpower and motivation. Seriously, you'll get more if you work at Top Shop then you would if you become just the basic constable. Solution : increase the manpower by offering better wage packets and increasing the age of retirement for police officers.

But the police can't be everywhere all the time. In fact, the police can only work AFTER a crime has been committed, in the sense that they then would have suspects and leads to follow. Thus, crime prevention remains mainly in the domain of the individual. Try avoiding driving at night alone (in fact, avoid driving alone - period). Never stop if you're banged by a proton or kancil(no offence) or any other dubious-looking-easy-for-criminals cars full of guys, just move along to the nearest police station or any public places (eg:public car park, repair shops, rumah tgh buat kenduri) and during the entire episode, keep talking to someone whom you trust (sapa tak top-up regret laaa!). Ladies, please try to avoid walking by the road, and if you must, please be concious of the position of your handbag. The rest is pretty basic. Be wary of suspicious characters (don't be too absorbed with the latest gossip or mega sales) etc etc.

This is a public service announcement sponsored by the Kementerian-that-shall-not-be named. Guna IT,Cinta IT (what a load of bull). Go figure.

A change would do you good..


Written on 4/03/2004 11:50:00 am by sikapitan

Made some changes to the site..i thought the previous chatterbox was a bit messy, cutting into the main text so i inserted some tagboard style frame. The colours..well..i don't really know what colour should be i'm hoping for some feedback from you guys. I think black is a bit too dull. Inserted some links..i'm not promising that they will be fact, even i'm too lazy to visit these sites but if you have some spare time just go and lend your support. Traffic IS support.

Tonight is the big night, at least for Man Utd fans. My mate from MMU is having his finals (oddly, he's only taking one paper this semester, and he's there for two whole weeks!I think he's sick of staying at home!) so i'll be missing my regular Ali Berkat football buddy. Guess i'll be catching the game on my trusty ten year old SHARP. Hope and pray that Man U wins. But hey, Arsenal are playing like a team from Championship Manager (you know, winning almost every game etc2)! It's unbelievable what they've accomplished this season. It's not as if Man Utd have slipped up. In fact, at this stage last season they had less points. I think that next season we'll see the top three gaining more points at the expense of those in mid-table. You can already see it this season where there's like 7 teams sucked into relegation battle.

In support of LaLopez, I hereby concede that Tony Eusoff is improving (entry dated March 26). Maybe he was nervous the first few weeks of recording. Since i'm already on Astana Idaman, let me say that Cheryl Samad has potential! But realistically, she'll never get any major part in a major movie production. Not commercial i guess, which is a pity because from her potrayal as Sara in AI and what's-her-name in Each Other, i sincerely believe that she has the talent and attitude to become a great actress. It's too bad that she won't be given a chance while people like R.Rudaini (just as an example) and singers-cum-actors continue to monopolise the coveted heroin role in Malaysian cinema. Just look at Ellie Suriaty. With the exception of Spinning Gasing, which is distinctly NOT the typical Malaysian production, this talented actress continue to be cast as a side-kick etc. Are Malaysians THAT shallow?Deep inside me, and i hate to admit it, i KNOW i AM shallow. Sigh.

Hey, thanks for visiting and getting all psyched up. It's great that my discussions generate so much passion (albeit only from one person). But i must point out that freedom of speech should be tempered with care and caution. Racism is faux pas. I'm not deleting or vetting any msgs. Write what you want but do so at your own risk:)

Piercing my heart...


Written on 4/02/2004 11:36:00 am by sikapitan

Some girl asked me yesterday whether it would be cool for her to pierce her tongue, and how would guys react. Personally, i haven't met anyone with a pierced tongue that i fancy.Deep down, all men like to feel superior than girls, and piercings seems too macho for most guys to handle. Maybe it's just personal preference. If you're going for it, make sure it's properly done. It'll be pretty hard to communicate if you're mute:)

I promised i would discuss this whole gangsterism in school thing. Why is it more prevalent in boarding schools? Is it more prevalent in boarding schools? Without statistics i couldn't say for sure. But one theory of mine is that youths today are more desentisized from violence than any other generation. We are bombarded with images of violence in the tv,papers,movies,internet etc.2 that what appears to be grotesque or unsuitable 10 years ago is considered normal nowadays. Thus, children growing up in this environment would be more open towards violence. It's a dilemma, really. Do we protect our children from violence through censorship just to avoid future violent conduct by a select few thus depriving others the opportunity to discover the world and culture beyond ours? You know my opinion on censorship (entry: March 30). It's a double-edge sword thingy.

Hey, someone is pissed at me. I don't know, but it sounds personal. Just to clear the air, i don't hate our PM. In fact, i think he's a marvellous leader with grace and humility. But should i be deprived of my rights to criticize just because i'm in UiTM? It's preposterous to suggest that public university students do not have the right to criticize the government because we're lucky to have education. That's insulting not only the intelligence of UiTM's students, but also every institution of higher learning. EVERYTHING in Malaysia is done through the grace of god and the government. So should we all bow and praise our leaders? Is that democracy?

Why stop at UiTM students? Are those studying overseas forbidden to criticize because they're sponsored by the government? What about GRADUATES of public universities? Can they criticize? wHY stop there..what about government servants? wHat about children of government servants? in fact, everyone can't criticize the government because we are all in one way or another indebted to them! Your petrol is subsidised, your roads are paved by the government. Does that mean that we should all keep quiet when there's injustice?? But hey, it's your opinion readers. No hard feelings. Just don't be personal. Anyway, i am a stupid Malay hypocrite (and bluehyppo) who can't get into any other university even if i tried.Silly me.Go figure.

Invalid password...


Written on 4/01/2004 06:50:00 pm by sikapitan

What??I've been trying to get online since this readers would probably realize..i like to write in the morning..if i wait, i'll think of too much things to criticize! Unfortunately,bloody tmnet decided that my password is invalid, which really doesn't make sense. It has been happening a lot, this "invalid password" excuse not to connect me to the cyberworld. Maybe they're trying to play an April's Fool joke on me. Well, i don't see any fools here except Telekom. In the quest of becoming Asia's Silicon Valley, the government forgot one important thing - reliable connection. Now that Abdullah wants us to become farmers, i think the situation will only get worse.

Those in Subang would probably understand where i'm coming from. No matter what type of modem i'm using, the best connection speed i can get is 38.6kbps, and judging from other people's reaction, i'm the lucky one. Even streamyx is not all it's crack up to be. Yes,it's blindingly fast for downloading porn..oops..i mean music..but for viewing normal web pages..the difference is minimal. Get your act together Telekom! The only reason you're having so many subsribers is because you are monopolising the telco market here in Malaysia. Don't screw around with us.

On another note, notice how suddenly gangsterism in school is the new "in" thing in Malaysia. The kid who died started a whole new media frenzy over gangsterism in school. What happen to Canny Ong and CCTVs? What about school kids getting raped and murdered? Malaysians are famous for hot hot chicken shit (translate please). I bet in a month's time everything will be forgotten, and bigger boys will continue to bully smaller boys. That's been nature's way. Further discussion about this gangsterism in school topic tomorrow.

Thanks to those who have bothered to stop by and read my musings. Frankly speaking, i don't know why you would want to read it, but you did, and for that i must thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. Luckily, my heart ain't too big. Go figure!

P/S:cOMment la lagi! Buat siru sikit kat chatterbox tuh!hahaha..jimi poyo