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Written on 4/09/2004 10:38:00 pm by sikapitan

Someone mailed me last night and asked whether chilhood friendship lasts. Personally, i've never had a real childhood friend..i've had primary-school best friends, secondary-school best friends and girlfriends but none lasted long enough to be considered as anything more than just friends. I can name a few friends whom i've known for more than 6 years that i'm still in touch with, but these correspondences and communications are seldom and far between. I don't have a single friend who can claim they know of everyone i went out with, or how fat i was when i was small.

We just drifted apart as we grow older. Our shared interest, whether it be Suria Perkasa Hitam or Oasis or C.S.I binds us together, but our individuality would later drive us apart. But i've seen of people who are friends for ages. The best are those who are friends when they are young, but became best friends when they reach late teens. Seldom do i see people who are best friends when they are small continuing the friendship at the same level as they get older. It's just that as you get older, your personality comes through, and these characteristics might not be liked by your best friend. And he/she might have other interest that drives her to seek new friends. For example, i've a friend whom i've known since standard4 back in Sri Subang Jaya. We were the best of friends..we both love debating and represented our school in various competitions, we both love football (though he played it better than i did) but then he moved to a boarding school after UPSR so we naturally drifted apart. He was serious in studies, while i was not. We both still love debating, but he enjoys it for the arguments, i enjoyed it because i get to meet girls:).But we still meet up once in a while, if he's back here in M'sia..we are now so different..we still enjoy each other's company but i can't stand his straight-lace attitude, while he probably can't stand my tomcatting attitude.

I wonder, if he didn't go to the boarding school, would we still remain best of friends? I've always felt that there's a gap inside of me that's missing that mystical childhood best friend, the one to turn to when your girlffriend is in one of her bad moods, and trust me, they have plenty of these mood swings (more than once a month okay!It's not always biological laaaa...shallow men!).

Oh yeah, before i forget, could there be bigotry against an institution? If we call people who are homophobic bigots, can i call people who hates UiTM bigots too? According to Oxford Dic. i can...but it does seem a bit harsh, considering that they probably have some good points for looking down on us Mara-sponsored students and graduates. For example, our entry requirement must be one of the easiest among public Universities. Thus, it is assumed that the grads are also stupid.

But the purpose of UiTM is to give an OPPORTUNITY for every Bumi to try to make it in this world. When others have rejected the foolish, it is UiTM's function to try and offer them alternatives. Our academic curriculum is not that easy, thus those who graduated from this U have to work as hard as students from other U. bUT hey, that's just my opinion...but i don't go around saying bad things about other Unis-go figure!

On another note, last night was another night of upsets in Europe's Premier Competition. Hot favourites Milan crashed to Depor with a masterclass performance from the Spanish side outsmarting the highly-regarded Milan backline. I'm surprised at the ease in which Depor opened up Milan's defence. So the semis have the look of an UEFA cup semi-final, no disrespect to teams intended. None of the big guns are there, except cHelsea, who must be favourites now to advance to the final together with Depor.Henry played tonight, so i wonder if he was just wimping out last Wednesday against Chelsea?

I miss my Astana Idaman. Haven't seen it for days.hahaha..pathetic. tOO tired from work to be concerned with anything substantial. Au revoir.

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