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Written on 4/15/2004 10:00:00 pm by sikapitan

Music review: 0ST- 30 Hari Mencari Cinta
You know i'm having a slow day if i'm doing a review:) No, really. I love doing reviews. I'm not particularly good at it, since i tend to ramble about something else. In fact, my application to KLuE Magazine was accompanied by a CD Review of The Strokes' Is This It (wicked album, one of my favourites). Unfortunately, i end up doing mostly events listings or even worse, movie listings during my short tenure as an intern there. There i go again, rambling on about something else.

Anyway, on to the the music. I was introduced to Sheila on 7 when i was in my first semester, living in Perindu, UiTM. It wasn't love at first listen. I wasn't used to hearing Malay songs. But as time goes by, i fell in love with this band (thanks to Ito, for the 07 Des CD) and along with it, Malay music. Right now i'm an avid follower of the Indonesian music scene. Maybe it was because of AADC and Dian (my gf will be pissed).
And that's what this soundtrack is trying to replicate. AADC's soundtrack, which was composed and performed by Melly Goeslaw (although my fav is Tentang Seseorang by Anda Bunga), managed to rack up record sales and unlike most soundtrack, actually propelled the film rather than hampers it.

tHE sOundtrack to this new teen movie (i haven't seen it yet) consists of new,old and remixed So7 songs.
The first track (new) starts of as a mellow number,and in typical s07 style, ended as a punk-surf number. I love the message it tries to convey. But for some real punk fun, look no further than the first single, Melompat Lebih Tinggi. I love listening to this one when i've just finished my finals, cranking it up on my car's stereo. A great fist-pumping,sing-along anthem, much in the same mould as Sahabat Sejati. The third and fourth songs are remixed old songs. These songs are like the soundtrack to my life. I distinctly remember listening to Mari Bercinta on my Discman, in the LRT, on my way to KlUe's office in Sentral. And Tunjuk sAtu Bintang is such a brilliant number to listen to at night on your car stereo, by yourself, driving along the LDP. The fifth track is my least favourite track, though it's not half as bad. Reeks a bit of Yassin though. The 6th, Berhenti Berharap, is THE emo song of this soundtrack, and i absolutely love it. See, Indonesian bands have long discovered that simplicity and talent goes a long way towards making great music. And this song is the epitome of that belief (another is Rapuh by Padi). Just Dutta's voice and an orchestra, it embarasses me to admit that THIS (and most other indon) song can kick-ass Bunga2 Cinta anytime, anyday.

The rest are all quality tracks. Special mention, track no.9, S.A.P, an original number lifted from their first album, just because of the video. That was way back when Dian was merely a model (i'm gonna get whacked!). All in all, i would say go buy this album ONLY if you have some spare money. Don't go saving your allowance for this one. If you must, go get So7's second album, Kisah Klasik Untuk Masa Depan.

Oh yeah, American IDOL is becoming a tad boring. Stars for tonight: George Huff (wicked voice, but mentally-challenged looking) and Fantasia (brilliant performer, worried about attitude). Oh yeah, there's this new show after IDOLS, something about lookalikes of celebrities fooling the public. This wouldn't really work in Malaysia, cos we don't really bother our celebrities.

Wicked tune for the week (download laa..jgn pergi beli single laksss) :Mars Volta-Televatons

Au revoir.

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