Are you gay for me?


Written on 4/08/2004 09:57:00 pm by sikapitan

Can you actually say that? Since gay (other than being homo) means happy..can you actually say are you gay for me? And can you ask someone to be gay for you? Better yet..go to Mc'Donalds and ask for a Gay Meal..see the reaction on the "kakak's" face. Silap hari, mmg cashier yg pondan layan you.Hahaha..imagine that.
Am i homophobic? I wasn't really bothered with softies during secondary school. In fact i know plenty of soft people, and they never give me trouble. But they were really different, some of them. They just don't think like guys do. We seldom strike up meaningful conversations with these people, even though they can be just as passionate as us about football or Kylie, albeit for different reasons! I was a liberal then..perhaps being in a multi-racial school in a middle of a bustling township exposed me to different types of people.

I think this is why KLites or any other urbanites are more ready to accept 'softies' into their lives. When i entered UiTM, i was surprised at the considerable number of 'softies' at the U. In fact, one of my roommate is a 'softie' but during my first sem, he wasn't really comfortable being himself, because he has to share a room with 8 guys and wearing mascara and such is a definite no-no. But now, since he's a non-resident(meaning living outside a hostel-every student in UiTM gets one free sem staying in a hostel), he's turned into this really weird guy who buys SEED for Women clothes and wear them to dinners and such. We all avoid him, cos he's now turned into this sick soft pervert with a penchant for pretty boys.

But wait a minute, are all 'softies' gay?
When i use the word 'softies' i meant soft guys,or effeminate guys rather than gay. I know of a few softies who has gf's (hey,both will take twice as long to get ready for a date!). I think that by shunning my soft friend at the beginning of his "age of discovery" we've really turned him into a Richard Simmons.
If we had kept him on a leash instead of driving him away, would he still be like what he is right now? I doubt it. I'm sure sociologists have done a research on this. I just regretted not helping out friends who are confused. Instead, i drove them away, and they have nowhere to turn to except to hangout wit girls, or even worse, real "softies". That's why you see this softies move in groups.

But my real gripe with these folks are the fact that they are absolutely shameless, especially in UiTM. Even guys are shy when wanting to approach a girl. But these 'softies' are unbelievable. I can't sit and eat my peanuts (i love those 50sen peanut packet) at my fac's cafetaria without being harassed by these folks (i'm not blowing my own horn laa..cerita betul nie!).I try my best to be polite. But am i wrong to be irritated when this people act as if the whole world is theirs to rule?

yea, i might be a homophob, and that might be un-PC, but at least i don't harass others. Like some people don't like smelly people and such, i believe that everyone shall have the right to prefer one kind to another, that's natural humanselection. But just as we have the right to like or dislike others, we must accept that they can also like or dislike us. Don't pretend you love everyone if you don't but don't be a bigot either (confused?).We can hold on to our beliefs and yet be tolerant- go figure.

I'm rambling. I'm pretty psyched up over work. Been busy today. Very busy.
Au revoir

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