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Written on 4/16/2004 09:13:00 pm by sikapitan

I learnt how to spell in sign language today from SAM, my stock-boy at office. He is the son of the office's cleaning lady, and unfortunately, he is deaf and dumb (bisu okay?they just call it deaf and dumb).Interesting fact: If you're deaf, you're mute as well because you don't know how to form sounds eventhough you can. I always thought the whole nerve's connected or something (Discovery Channel..NOT!). We sometimes take our senses for granted, thinking it'll always be there. Can you imagine how life would be if you suddenly cannot see? Imagine not being able to do the simplest task because all you see is darkness.The entry you're reading right now will be just another black shadow. Or imagine yourself not being able to hear the sound of your sweetheart's voice, your best friend's latest gossip or the simple call for prayer. Imagine life without knowing what's going on around you, what's happening right in front of you. Imagine not being able to celebrate any day because each day looks the same-black. Time and date is of no importance.

It's all about perspective. Just now i was pissed at my mom for ..well i don't really remember. But when i think back about Sam, and his deafness, i say just bring it on mom. I love listening to your angry voice.
Here i am, thinking about my car, when Sam can't even walk along the street safely. And there you are, quarelling about what colour to get for your curtains, when the blind can't even see the curtains. It's all about perspective. There's so much to be thankful for.

Which is why i can't understand the endless conflict around the world today. Individuals or groups, all selfishly pursuing their own interest. US spends billions getting rid of Saddam, while the hungry in Africa continue living eating a slice of bread a day. Al-Qaeda wasted lives to further their cause, while millions of the unfortunate needed a helping hand to do simple things like getting a glass of water or changing the bedsheet. It's all about perspective.

I can't imagine being deaf. One of my greatest passion is music. And in tribute to Sam and the magic that is the sound of music, i would now like to do a TopTen List of my All Time favourite songs. Readers can submit their own list through the comment button on top of this entry.(Songs are NOT in order- it's hard enough to come up with the list. Remember Hi-Fidelity? John Cusack had topten lists for everything. I love that movie. I'm so thankful that i can see it.Alhamdulillah)
1. Rapuh - Padi (Suicide inducing emo rock)
2. Twist & sHOut (just one of many)- Beatles (moptop boyband rules!)
3. Smooth Criminal- Michael Jackson (YES, he WAS the king)
4. It's not Unusual- Tom Jones (still humming while taking a shower)
5. Pupus- Dewa (tiada ku sangka, cintaku bertepuk sebelah tangan)
6. Last Night- The Strokes (my former band's signature song)
7. Always be My bABY- Mariah Carey (what happen to good music MC?)
8. Ayu-V.E (just because we worked hard on it-my batch would understand)
9. Alright- Supergrass (superhappy, will bring a smile to your face)
10. Lowrider- ZZ Top (wajib single for cruising)
There's like another 30-40 songs that deserves to be in the top ten, but that'll probably just bore you to death. The criteria is longevity, whether it'll be boring by the time i grad. Sorry, hiphoppers. Maybe in a year's time Outkast's hey ya will make it:)

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