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Written on 4/01/2004 06:50:00 pm by sikapitan

What??I've been trying to get online since this readers would probably realize..i like to write in the morning..if i wait, i'll think of too much things to criticize! Unfortunately,bloody tmnet decided that my password is invalid, which really doesn't make sense. It has been happening a lot, this "invalid password" excuse not to connect me to the cyberworld. Maybe they're trying to play an April's Fool joke on me. Well, i don't see any fools here except Telekom. In the quest of becoming Asia's Silicon Valley, the government forgot one important thing - reliable connection. Now that Abdullah wants us to become farmers, i think the situation will only get worse.

Those in Subang would probably understand where i'm coming from. No matter what type of modem i'm using, the best connection speed i can get is 38.6kbps, and judging from other people's reaction, i'm the lucky one. Even streamyx is not all it's crack up to be. Yes,it's blindingly fast for downloading porn..oops..i mean music..but for viewing normal web pages..the difference is minimal. Get your act together Telekom! The only reason you're having so many subsribers is because you are monopolising the telco market here in Malaysia. Don't screw around with us.

On another note, notice how suddenly gangsterism in school is the new "in" thing in Malaysia. The kid who died started a whole new media frenzy over gangsterism in school. What happen to Canny Ong and CCTVs? What about school kids getting raped and murdered? Malaysians are famous for hot hot chicken shit (translate please). I bet in a month's time everything will be forgotten, and bigger boys will continue to bully smaller boys. That's been nature's way. Further discussion about this gangsterism in school topic tomorrow.

Thanks to those who have bothered to stop by and read my musings. Frankly speaking, i don't know why you would want to read it, but you did, and for that i must thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. Luckily, my heart ain't too big. Go figure!

P/S:cOMment la lagi! Buat siru sikit kat chatterbox tuh!hahaha..jimi poyo

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