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Written on 3/31/2004 11:25:00 am by sikapitan

I like to mislead people when they read my topics. Obviously, i'm not going to write about furnitures..except for that 'BANGKU KAYU' in Astana Idaman, Tony Eusoff (check out my entry "Soaps and Idols",March 26). Dude, your botox injection is making your forehead damn stiff.Seriously, there's no "kerutness" at all.

Yesterday, the new Cabinet was sworn in. No no no, not the latest Ikea bedroom range. I'm referring to our Government. The good news is that there's plenty of new faces. The bad news is that there's plenty of old faces. The Cabinet now is more complex than it ever was, with new ministries being set up, supposedly to eradicate bereaucracy, but i doubt it. Each ministry now has at least two deputy ministers and countless parliamentary secretraries. PM was brave enough to chop up those who (in my opinion) deserves to be chopped and he was willing to put in fresh young faces to spruce up the stodgy old image.

The problem is that there remains a few who should have faced the axe. Instead,they are either demoted (meaning put it some irrelevant ministry) or maintained. The PM, admittedly, has a great task of pleasing every component party and ensuring his pledge of a clean cabinet is carried out. Every politician is dirty, in some way or another (maybe that's why i want to be a politician), the only difference being the degree of dirtiness. In my opinion, a little corruption is acceptable as long as the big picture is not screwed. I mean, what's wrong with giving projects to your family members if they are capable of doing it. Why should they be punished just because you're part of the government? It's ridiculous to accept the proposition that just because they're your family, the project should not be given to them. What's the incentive then of becoming a minister?To serve the public? Please.. if we take every idealistic samaritan who's heart is pure as gold and put them as ministers, the government would crumble.
Alamak..panjang pulak entry nie.Must stop babbling.Au revoir

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