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Written on 3/30/2004 10:22:00 am by sikapitan

No, I'm not a director. But those Censorship Board guys are..it's pretty weird seeing "Never been kissed" literally mean never been kissed (ntv7 nyer)! I thought the highlight of it would be Drew "Barrywhite" getting a kiss from the guy.

I'm griping about this because i just read that Singapore are relaxing their censorship thingy. There, the rating system actually meant something! If it says suitable for above 18, it means that the movie is not cut up to pieces so that it becomes Umum! Classification AFTER censorship guys, not before. Now there's an idea!

It's no wonder that Singapore, despite being the size of Najib's (NOT our "beloved" minister ok?just someone i know who's very rich, living in some Bukit in KL,just got a promotion, hails from Pahang, whose father is famous,very very famous, and has a penchant for Z.zain *hint hint*) house, has GDP bigger than ours and a higher standard of living. Maybe it's the chewing gum ban, but i think that it's most probably due to a different mentality. They are more willing to embrace the future rather than grasping at the past.

While Abdullah is busy taking us back to our "glory days" as farmers and jawi-literates, singapore and even thailand is prospering. We are moving backwards ladies and gentleman. Our Cyberjaya is not "berjaya" at all. Our emphasis should be on developing an information society, filled with professionals like bankers and architects and technophobes (not techno disco laaa..). Only then will we be able to compete with our neighbours. Does the world really care if we managed to get 1million signatures against any war (yes, i'm referring to the redundant Malaysians for Peace drive)?We are just a pathetic, small, irrelevance in the global spectre. To change, we must be brave enough to move forward and leave the past. Stop forcing us to accept the Asian values. What Asian values? Asia is changing. So should we. Go figure.

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