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Written on 3/17/2004 10:14:00 pm by sikapitan

Heck..what a depressing theme for today's blog. It's just that i've come to realize that no one is reading anything i wrote or will write....and well, it's kinda sad to be writing to yourself. But hey, it's a great way to improve my writing, and i get to vent my anger, frustation, disgust in a public forum (albeit a very unpopular one). OH yeah..can anyone please tell me how to improve my blogs (example: how to add counters, graphics,links etc.) by emailing me at sikapitan@yahoo.com. But this is redundant because no one visits my blog. ARGHHH!!

Anyway, i didn't post anything yesterday cos i was too lazy. It's pretty depressing...to know you're an unknown in cyberspace. There's no motivation in me continuing my daily updates.

But it's like an online diary. It feels good to pour out what you're thinking. And right now i'm thinking that i'm better than jack-ass will hung, and he's getting all the chicks (feminists, don't preach). Only in America can a dude who's as talented as my grandma in singing get to be famous. Doesn't he realize that they're playing him on like a fool and his 15 minutes of fame will only last till the next season? I pity him because he honestly enjoy singing and he thinks that people are giving him a chance because of that. But they're not. He can't even rely on his looks. Everyone is saying that they love him because of his honesty and energy. But deep inside i bet they want him because he make others feel good about themselves. Trust me it's true. That's how bad humans are. We've done it before. We cheer on fools and clods...not because we care about them but because they remind us that we are not that bad, that there's somebody in this world uglier than us, fatter than us, shorter than us, more stupid than us. WE want our clowns in the midst of our heroes.

Are we Malaysians above all that? I doubt it. In the midst of our exotic beauties (stand up mrs yusry,miss maya, miss nasha etc etc) we have our clowns. Do producers really take Syanie because she's talented?Her roles are stereoptypical of the fat-woman-too-heavy-to-ride-a-kancil character embedded in the minds of Malays. But what's the point of me criticizing our producers for stereotyping fat ladies when they have stereotyped other categories of people too? The beautiful never lose her man, the handsome never lose a fight (in the end), they both live happily ever after, while the funnyman ends up with the fat girl (cue more thin man-fat girl joke) and the badman (either ugly, sporting a scar or handsome yet with an attitude that will make Botak Chin cringe in his grave) shot to death, or suddenly found god and manners. Heck, i could go on and on with this whole heroes/villains/clowns theme ...but to spare "POTENTIAL" readers the agony of reading my crap, and hoping they'll come back for more...i'll just stop right here.

Au revoir.

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