In the middle of the night..


Written on 3/19/2004 11:07:00 am by sikapitan

Remember that infectious Billy Joel song? "In the middle of the night..i was walking down the street...bla bla bla"....

Ah...but how does it relate to what i'm going to write today? Nothing. Tak relevan (ala ala kempen KeAdilan).

Nah, just excited that a futsal court has been set up right beside my house with nightlights and now we can play football morning,evening and at night! The court was completed around last week, but Malaysians being Malaysians, its already missing an entrance gate. Bloody vandals. What are they going to do with a metal gate? It just doesn't make any sense. It won't be long before some clever soul decides to remove the bulbs from the nightlight, or take out the switches. It's the same with the public telephones. Every time they install a new one, or repair an old one, some jackass would tear it apart. What's amazing is that i believe these vandals depend on these phones more than most common folks do. Go figure.

I can understand acts done out of protest or liberation, for example, painting the school's walls in red, spray painting the parking lot of UiTM etc etc. In fact, I would get myself involve in one of those pranks if i had the opportunity (There's a lot of angst and anger deep inside me towards my 'beloved' UiTM-but that's for another day). But worthless stunts like removing the pump in the toilet is just plain stupid. It doesn't convey any significant meaning, only that it says whoever did it don't shit. Or maybe they're full of it? Go figure. Oh yeah, readers, check out: Moluccas-Ironi, Marcell-Firasat, Sleepy Brown- I can't wait, Agnes Monica- Bilang Saja, J.Mayer-Clarity. Wicked tunes of the week.
Au revoir.

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