Is this my Fantasy???


Written on 3/18/2004 03:26:00 pm by sikapitan

Nope..before girls (and some guys) get all shook up reading the topic, it would be better if i set the record straight. This is not about my SEXUAL FANTASY! I'm just making a pun out of Akademi Fantasia.

What's Akademi Fantasia?? If you're asking, then you're probably not Malay...sian. It's true that this show is sooo 'melayu' but it's a national phenomenon, covered by almost every major newspaper. The first season saw 12 contestants living together at the 'Akademi', with one going out every week. Voting is through SMS, so during the 3 months the show was on, Hotlink and every other 'link' made a handsome profit because we 'malays' would love nothing more than spend our hard-earned money showing love and support for our favourite contestant. It's amazing how much money is spent on voting. And that is before ASTRO (Ananda Krishnan is getting richer) introduced this whole TV Chat thingy. A dedicated channel is set up for supporters and fans of the show to express their views on the show. But being 'malaysian' the channel ends up like some sort of chatroom for guys to meet girls. Typical conversation : " BoSANlah. Saya 15 f kuantan. Pvt msg la saya" etc etc etc. And notice that these chatters are mostly 'malays'. It's sad to see my own race wasting their time and more importantly, their money on these channels. Kudos to ASTRO, we are all capitalists driven by the quest to be rich, so i don't really blame them.

Back to the show. Season one saw a talented, ambitious and hardworking young man by the name of Vincent Chong as the overall winner, with the most votes at the end of the day. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, the winner is 'Chinese', which is a surprise considering the 'malayness' of the show. I'm not questioning his win, in fact i think that if the competition was to be decided by a panel of jurist instead of the general public, he would still win. It's just that i don't really feel the passion for vince from the rural malay folks like they have for Sahri (great voice, but too fat to be a star dude) or Rosma (nice voice, too confident in her own ability and whines too much). But then, do these folks really go out and spend money on voting for these people? I think that the predominant voters are urban malays coming from middle income families, and these voters like the urban vibe generated by vince. Khai, being the only real malay 'jantan' in the whole group had every girl eating out of his hands. Despite the fact that he really looks like THE cat Nemo, he's extremely popular amongst the rural and semi-urban malay girls who you must remember thinks that TOMOK is good-looking. Don't ask me's their taste. Basically, no surprises for the top three. Azizi has the sympathy vote and not to forget the increasingly considerable power group of softies (let's just call a spade, a spade).

I'm hoping that this season's Akademi would set a more stringent ISO when choosing contestants. I don't want to hear another horrible rendition of 'Save the best for last'. Choose wisely. Don't be swayed by the fact that you need the whole country to be represented in the show. If there's no talent in Malacca, then there shouldn't be any Malaccans on the show. Enuff said.
Au revoir.

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