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Written on 3/26/2004 01:59:00 pm by sikapitan

Anyone here a fan of Astana Idaman? I just want to know why a certain Tony Eusoff (i think he's one of last year's Cleo's most eligible bachelors) is acting? He can't act for shit. You've just got to see this guy and you'll understand where i'm coming from (weekdays, 8.30pm, Astro Ria). He's not kayu..he's batu ok? His face seems set on granite or something.

Apart from him, i think this new season of AI has shown remarkable improvement over the 1st season. New settings, clothes, actors...but still lacking the oomph storyline that would make it really memorable. Good enough as lightweight after-dinner-before-isyak entertainment. Oh, if you're wondering why i'm watching a Malay soap drama, you probably don't understand where i'm coming from in my previous postings. I studied in an urban multi-racial school (SMKSU rocks) then joined an all-Bumiputra-only university set in the Malay capital of Selangor (S.Alam) so i ended up being a moshed up combination of the typical urban youth and the typical Malay undergrad. I like my Coldplay alongside my Siti Nurhaliza, thank you.

Did you guys watch the Wild Card idols last night on astro? Sorry, i don't watch it on channel 8 coz i didn't follow it from the beginning. Anyway, and i can hear some boos already, most of the time i tend to agree with simon cowell, eventhough he looks gay. He's honest, and very specific on what's he's looking for which makes me wonder, how did gareth gates became the British idol? He's terrible and very pop. But i hear he's coming to Malaysia, together with that annoying looking chubby faced "malaysian"- guy sebastian, on April. Cue "te-ree-ma ka-shih Malaysia" or "i love you Malaysia". Sigh. We can be fools can we?
Au revoir

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