Pigs rejoice!


Written on 3/28/2004 12:23:00 pm by sikapitan

No, i'm not referring to cops. I'm talking about my mom and little bro. Their birthday falls on the 26th and 27th. What's even weirder is the fact that both of them and myself are PIGS! We were born on the year of the pig (the chinese calendar thingy, which is kinda unfair cos there's like horse year and dragon year, and then there's the "majestic" pig year.Go figure). So happy birthday to my mom and bro!

Haven't gotten around to buying their gifts yet. Maybe i should do it before the mega sale ends. But are these mega sales really mega??mega is a superlative, seldom used because its rare to describe something as mega. But we have our MEGA sale thrice a year, and sometimes i feel like there's more. World of Sport are always having sales! I'm not complaining if they're really sales. But the problem is i think some of them are cheating the consumers.

I went to a shop in megamall, just surveying the price of a shirt prior to the sales. It was quoted at rm120. Fair enough. Since the sale was just around the corner, i decided to hold on to my cash. The week after, I went to the shop again, and that same shirt was quoted at RM140 with 20% discount.Go figure.

It looks like the chatterbox is finally being used. Thanks anyway guys. Its redundant i know. Oh yeah, Haikal is gay (takla..main2 jer...).

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