David v Goliath


Written on 3/21/2004 11:52:00 pm by sikapitan

Went to the 'hottest' race (soon to be lost to Qatar) in the F1 calendar. But then it wasn't hot, cos it looked like it was going to pour. Ran to reach my seats before the heaven opens up, and fell flat on my arse in the process. So much for looking suave. The cars going full flight is a sight to behold. They were fast, blindingly fast, faster than i imagined it would be. And the noise is tremendous. If that doesn't boost your testoterone, i don't know what will. The machoest sound this side of the planet, with the exception of Barry White crooning from the stereo. But it got boring, cos it was hard to find out who was leading and all, cos the huge screen was a bit too far from my side of the grandstand. Ferrari won, leading to those in red (some with red sunburns!) to cheer loudly, waking up some of those brave enough (or issit smart enough?) to take a short nap. "Shoemarker menang ar! Hidup Ferrari" the guy in the mock ferrari official shirt exclaimed. But at least the race had a new face on the podium. Congrats to BAR-Honda, you have somehow made me cooler. Go figure.

At the time i'm writing this, it seems like Barisan managed to wrestle Pas' stronghold states, Kelantan and Terengganu. Terengganu wasn't really a surprise. Kelantan is. Maybe the Kelantanese got bored and wanted more karaoke bars in town. Or they thought it would be funny to have two separate congregations for friday prayers. Karpal Singh is back. Whether he would be attending debates is another matter entirely. I don't think there's any alternative to Barisan. Keadilan's goal is too ambigous, DAP's rocket is out of fuel, and the moon only shines at night (even then only when the sky is clear). However, i do believe that there is a need to have a strong opposition in Parliament. Now it's like watching Brazil against Malawi in football. Where's Malawi? My point exactly. What's best is to have something like Arsenal v. Man Utd. Only then will there be a balance of power. It might not be stable, but at least it's more democratic. Domination leads to dictatorship.

However, at the moment, and until there's a real alternative, i hope people won't experiment. It's better to be dominated than to be disunited. Congrats then (tentatively, because there are still a few seats up for grabs, and plenty of recounting) to Barisan.
The people have chosen, so rule wisely.
Au revoir

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