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Written on 3/21/2004 10:39:00 am by sikapitan

Just joking. I can't vote yet anyway, miss the boat by a year i guess. But it's alright. It looks like BN is stronger this time around, so maybe the need to show our support is not that strong. In Subang Jaya, where i live, the Opposition is non-existent...leading to Lee Hwa Beng winning the State seat uncontested. I like this guy, seems hard-working (in fact, i think most of MCA's reps are hard-working, serving their constituencies) but there are a few things that needs to be done here in Subang that seems to be long overdue. Traffic is terrible. I've got to leave before seven for a "normally 10 minute" trip to Shah Alam just to make it in time for an 8 o'clock lecture. Do something, do anything! Stop re-planting the trees and shrubs just to line the pockets of your sub-contractor. Subang is pretty famous for its ever changing gardening-by-the-road scheme. Maybe they figured that we'd like to see some flowers in the morning while stuck in massive jams, but we don't. If they really want to entertain me, get those JGTC Grid Girls to line up the roads (could cause an increase in accident rate!).

Going to Formula One this afternoon. I'm a virgin in F1, never been to Sepang before. Looking forward to damaging my ears, and grilling my already considerably brown skin.

Man-Utd won 3-0. Happy for that. Unhappy that Arsenal just keep on winning. I think that Wenger looks like one of those sexual online perverts that you see getting caught by the police (in UK) for posessing child porn. It's true. Have a look for yourself.

Sorry for not writing yesterday. A bit busy. Went to KlCC. Full of foreigners. TOPMAN was invaded by a bunch of gay-looking white dudes (not American-like, more Serbian-like), scaring me from browsing through. I'm a homophob i guess.

And the end of the day, I'm pretty sure Malaysia will remain as it is, traffic jams, money-politics and all. Like they say, why change a winning way? Maybe because it's NOT the only way. Use your head, go figure. Au revoir.

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