I want to choose wisely!!!


Written on 2/21/2008 05:13:00 pm by sikapitan

Election is coming up *duh*. 8th March 2008. It’ll be my first time. Full of expectations, but you know the outcome. A lot like sex, really. Your vote...well, it really isn’t that special *wink*.

Election fever is definitely spreading. Just like a rash that distracts everyone from the cancer that lies beneath. Where’s the fallout from the revelation by VK Lingam’s secretary? I guess it’s more important to know where Lim Kit Siang is going than think about the consequence of the above-mentioned explosive testimony.

Judgments prepared by others? Isn’t that a scary thought? Well, it’s not as scary as “everyday” issues apparently. The media seems hell-bent on proving that people care more about the wallet than truth and justice. It might be true. Well, if only the people realize that without basic fundamentals of democracy and equality, we will forever be stuck in an economic quagmire that will ultimately result in economic prosperity for the select few.

Well, back to Lim Kit Siang moving to Penang. It just goes to show how much the constituency means to all these politicians. There is a flaw in our system when representatives who pledge to be loyal to their constituents can just be re-shuffled and new ones parachuted in to represent people they don’t even know about. But the biggest flaw lies in you, dear readers, for accepting this system of party based politics.

When was the last time we actually see a battle of policies? I read with alarm Iron Mike’s interview with the Star when he said that UMNO members will vote Barisan Nasional regardless if the candidates are from MIC. Vote for the party, screw the individual. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard of him, never seen him, don’t know his policies, don’t even care if he shows up after election. Just as long he’s carrying the “dacing”, the “rocket”, the “moon” or whatever it is stirs your boat.

It is this acceptance that has caused our politicians, BN or Opposition, to stop thinking. It has led to a selection process not based on credibility, capability and integrity. There’s actually no reason for any parties to field intelligent candidates that has the vision and mission to lead us because, well, we don’t really care.

I want to hear what my candidate stands for. Is he for equality? What is his stand on foreigners coming into Malaysia? Are we an Islamic state or secular? Does he believe in meritocracy or quota-based policies? Why are we afraid to ask these questions? Heck, forget about your ADUN or MP. I want to know what our leaders, PM and the Cabinet members think about these issues.

In one way or another, this is a better platform for us to judge the candidates. Wouldn’t it be great if we all could hear what the leader of BN and leader of Opposition have in store for us? Wouldn’t it be easier for us to make the RIGHT choice, based on our beliefs and aspiration? Are you a part of the service industry scared that foreign workers will take your job? Vote for those with strict immigration policy! Wouldn’t it be MARVELLOUS if this is further translated into a real action plan that you and I could believe in?

Choice. It’s the fundamental of democracy. But how can we make the right choice without knowing what to choose for? Go figure.


P/S: I've Lee Hwa Beng here in Subang as my ADUN. He has done an exemplary job trying to cope with a growing metropolis (I predict soon to be city). I don't know who or what the Opposition here stand for, or how he's going to improve my area, so I'm not going to vote for him. I don't care whether Hwa Beng is from BN or not. He's done his job. I reward competence. We must turn into a performance-based country, mustn't we?