Cheap cabinets during mega sale..


Written on 3/31/2004 11:25:00 am by sikapitan

I like to mislead people when they read my topics. Obviously, i'm not going to write about furnitures..except for that 'BANGKU KAYU' in Astana Idaman, Tony Eusoff (check out my entry "Soaps and Idols",March 26). Dude, your botox injection is making your forehead damn stiff.Seriously, there's no "kerutness" at all.

Yesterday, the new Cabinet was sworn in. No no no, not the latest Ikea bedroom range. I'm referring to our Government. The good news is that there's plenty of new faces. The bad news is that there's plenty of old faces. The Cabinet now is more complex than it ever was, with new ministries being set up, supposedly to eradicate bereaucracy, but i doubt it. Each ministry now has at least two deputy ministers and countless parliamentary secretraries. PM was brave enough to chop up those who (in my opinion) deserves to be chopped and he was willing to put in fresh young faces to spruce up the stodgy old image.

The problem is that there remains a few who should have faced the axe. Instead,they are either demoted (meaning put it some irrelevant ministry) or maintained. The PM, admittedly, has a great task of pleasing every component party and ensuring his pledge of a clean cabinet is carried out. Every politician is dirty, in some way or another (maybe that's why i want to be a politician), the only difference being the degree of dirtiness. In my opinion, a little corruption is acceptable as long as the big picture is not screwed. I mean, what's wrong with giving projects to your family members if they are capable of doing it. Why should they be punished just because you're part of the government? It's ridiculous to accept the proposition that just because they're your family, the project should not be given to them. What's the incentive then of becoming a minister?To serve the public? Please.. if we take every idealistic samaritan who's heart is pure as gold and put them as ministers, the government would crumble.
Alamak..panjang pulak entry nie.Must stop babbling.Au revoir

I love you...cut!


Written on 3/30/2004 10:22:00 am by sikapitan

No, I'm not a director. But those Censorship Board guys's pretty weird seeing "Never been kissed" literally mean never been kissed (ntv7 nyer)! I thought the highlight of it would be Drew "Barrywhite" getting a kiss from the guy.

I'm griping about this because i just read that Singapore are relaxing their censorship thingy. There, the rating system actually meant something! If it says suitable for above 18, it means that the movie is not cut up to pieces so that it becomes Umum! Classification AFTER censorship guys, not before. Now there's an idea!

It's no wonder that Singapore, despite being the size of Najib's (NOT our "beloved" minister ok?just someone i know who's very rich, living in some Bukit in KL,just got a promotion, hails from Pahang, whose father is famous,very very famous, and has a penchant for Z.zain *hint hint*) house, has GDP bigger than ours and a higher standard of living. Maybe it's the chewing gum ban, but i think that it's most probably due to a different mentality. They are more willing to embrace the future rather than grasping at the past.

While Abdullah is busy taking us back to our "glory days" as farmers and jawi-literates, singapore and even thailand is prospering. We are moving backwards ladies and gentleman. Our Cyberjaya is not "berjaya" at all. Our emphasis should be on developing an information society, filled with professionals like bankers and architects and technophobes (not techno disco laaa..). Only then will we be able to compete with our neighbours. Does the world really care if we managed to get 1million signatures against any war (yes, i'm referring to the redundant Malaysians for Peace drive)?We are just a pathetic, small, irrelevance in the global spectre. To change, we must be brave enough to move forward and leave the past. Stop forcing us to accept the Asian values. What Asian values? Asia is changing. So should we. Go figure.

Pigs rejoice!


Written on 3/28/2004 12:23:00 pm by sikapitan

No, i'm not referring to cops. I'm talking about my mom and little bro. Their birthday falls on the 26th and 27th. What's even weirder is the fact that both of them and myself are PIGS! We were born on the year of the pig (the chinese calendar thingy, which is kinda unfair cos there's like horse year and dragon year, and then there's the "majestic" pig year.Go figure). So happy birthday to my mom and bro!

Haven't gotten around to buying their gifts yet. Maybe i should do it before the mega sale ends. But are these mega sales really mega??mega is a superlative, seldom used because its rare to describe something as mega. But we have our MEGA sale thrice a year, and sometimes i feel like there's more. World of Sport are always having sales! I'm not complaining if they're really sales. But the problem is i think some of them are cheating the consumers.

I went to a shop in megamall, just surveying the price of a shirt prior to the sales. It was quoted at rm120. Fair enough. Since the sale was just around the corner, i decided to hold on to my cash. The week after, I went to the shop again, and that same shirt was quoted at RM140 with 20% discount.Go figure.

It looks like the chatterbox is finally being used. Thanks anyway guys. Its redundant i know. Oh yeah, Haikal is gay (takla..main2 jer...).

Soap and idols..


Written on 3/26/2004 01:59:00 pm by sikapitan

Anyone here a fan of Astana Idaman? I just want to know why a certain Tony Eusoff (i think he's one of last year's Cleo's most eligible bachelors) is acting? He can't act for shit. You've just got to see this guy and you'll understand where i'm coming from (weekdays, 8.30pm, Astro Ria). He's not kayu..he's batu ok? His face seems set on granite or something.

Apart from him, i think this new season of AI has shown remarkable improvement over the 1st season. New settings, clothes, actors...but still lacking the oomph storyline that would make it really memorable. Good enough as lightweight after-dinner-before-isyak entertainment. Oh, if you're wondering why i'm watching a Malay soap drama, you probably don't understand where i'm coming from in my previous postings. I studied in an urban multi-racial school (SMKSU rocks) then joined an all-Bumiputra-only university set in the Malay capital of Selangor (S.Alam) so i ended up being a moshed up combination of the typical urban youth and the typical Malay undergrad. I like my Coldplay alongside my Siti Nurhaliza, thank you.

Did you guys watch the Wild Card idols last night on astro? Sorry, i don't watch it on channel 8 coz i didn't follow it from the beginning. Anyway, and i can hear some boos already, most of the time i tend to agree with simon cowell, eventhough he looks gay. He's honest, and very specific on what's he's looking for which makes me wonder, how did gareth gates became the British idol? He's terrible and very pop. But i hear he's coming to Malaysia, together with that annoying looking chubby faced "malaysian"- guy sebastian, on April. Cue "te-ree-ma ka-shih Malaysia" or "i love you Malaysia". Sigh. We can be fools can we?
Au revoir

Praise the boys...


Written on 3/25/2004 09:46:00 am by sikapitan

I'm being sarcastic. Malaysia lost 1-0 to hot favourites South Korea through a penalty in the 43rd minute. Cue the typical backpage headlines in our local dailies - "Brave Malaysians","Unlucky" etc. I hate that. We, the footballing fans of Malaysia, has suffered enough without our papers ridiculously praising a performance worthy of the district league. After years of 'development', and millions on 'rebuilding', the national team still can't pass the ball, or even stop the damn thing. It doesn't matter who plays, or who coaches, the football is typical of Malaysia - pass it amongst the defenders, then just ignore the midfielders by pumping the ball straight to the frontline, despite the fact that our strikers are smaller than any other defenders in Asia. We can't maintain simple possession, can't defend crosses, can't outrun our opponents. We were playing at home, where the humidity and heat should have led to the Koreans gasping for breath, but instead we were the ones looking tired. Indra Putra went about "imposing" himself. Dude, you're lucky the ref didn't see you throwing around those elbows.

And if they want to criticize anyone, it would be the coach. I pity Alan Harris, or any other foreign coach in Malaysia. I bet if you put Alex Ferguson as the Malaysian coach, we wouldn't fare any better. The fact is that our footballers do not have the correct attitude. The Malay dilemma that Mahathir tried to combat during his reign is prevalent amongst our footballers. If he can't do it, why should we expect some gweilo to change the Malay attitude. Our footballers just don't care ("tak apa la, korea mmg tere, makan anjing,lari pun laju"). We lack the discipline, intelligence and desire to play proper football. Our footballers are - dare i say it- stupid (they are not the cleverest bunch of people are they?). The 'kampung' element is in their blood. I'm sorry, i'm really pissed.

The saddest thing is that, if we had managed to score a goal in the last 10 minutes, everyone would forget the pathetic display of the previous 80 minutes, and praise the lads like they're heroes. Typical Malaysians. Go figure.

Not waking up at 3 in the morning


Written on 3/24/2004 01:36:00 pm by sikapitan

Sorry for not posting anything the past few days. Been a bit under the weather. Thanks for visiting. Sorry for being boring.

No more champions league football for this particular Man U fan. No more waking up at 3, silently watching 22 men chasing a round object,cursing at misplaced passes or having a panic attack whenever Wes Brown touches the ball. You would have thought that i would be happy. The truth is i miss these 3 am kick-offs. I miss rummaging through any tidbits left on the snack table. I miss going back to bed at 6, knackered from the drama that is football. I miss my Man u.

Well, the dust has settled, and amidst claims of irregularities, BN had their mandate to rule our country for a further 5 years. Actually, and i don't think ppl really notice this, even if every PAS candidate wins their contested parliamentary seat, it won't be enough to form the majority in Parliament. So it was a foregone conclusion that BN would be controlling parliament. The issue actually was the northern malay states. BN came away with a bigger majority in Kedah and Perlis, wrestled Terengganu away from Pas, and came close to taking back Kelantan.

The surprise for me is how did Pas and any other opposition group managed to get any votes at all. For example, Khir Toyo won around 9000 votes and had a 4000+ majority. But the Pas candidate managed to gain close to 5000 votes. It's the same everywhere. My point is this: despite not putting up full-page ads in newspapers or tvs, despite the short campaigning period, despite our terrestial tv stations being biased (notice how when election is near,the news suddenly is filled with government development projects and human interest stories??Where's Canny Ong?) and despite having a fraction of funds and manpower, PAS still managed to get plenty of votes. Shouldn't BN be worried?

I'm putting up a chatterbox. I don't know who would want to chat, or why they would want to chat here, but someone suggested i put it up. Nak nampak canggih kot. Go figure.

David v Goliath


Written on 3/21/2004 11:52:00 pm by sikapitan

Went to the 'hottest' race (soon to be lost to Qatar) in the F1 calendar. But then it wasn't hot, cos it looked like it was going to pour. Ran to reach my seats before the heaven opens up, and fell flat on my arse in the process. So much for looking suave. The cars going full flight is a sight to behold. They were fast, blindingly fast, faster than i imagined it would be. And the noise is tremendous. If that doesn't boost your testoterone, i don't know what will. The machoest sound this side of the planet, with the exception of Barry White crooning from the stereo. But it got boring, cos it was hard to find out who was leading and all, cos the huge screen was a bit too far from my side of the grandstand. Ferrari won, leading to those in red (some with red sunburns!) to cheer loudly, waking up some of those brave enough (or issit smart enough?) to take a short nap. "Shoemarker menang ar! Hidup Ferrari" the guy in the mock ferrari official shirt exclaimed. But at least the race had a new face on the podium. Congrats to BAR-Honda, you have somehow made me cooler. Go figure.

At the time i'm writing this, it seems like Barisan managed to wrestle Pas' stronghold states, Kelantan and Terengganu. Terengganu wasn't really a surprise. Kelantan is. Maybe the Kelantanese got bored and wanted more karaoke bars in town. Or they thought it would be funny to have two separate congregations for friday prayers. Karpal Singh is back. Whether he would be attending debates is another matter entirely. I don't think there's any alternative to Barisan. Keadilan's goal is too ambigous, DAP's rocket is out of fuel, and the moon only shines at night (even then only when the sky is clear). However, i do believe that there is a need to have a strong opposition in Parliament. Now it's like watching Brazil against Malawi in football. Where's Malawi? My point exactly. What's best is to have something like Arsenal v. Man Utd. Only then will there be a balance of power. It might not be stable, but at least it's more democratic. Domination leads to dictatorship.

However, at the moment, and until there's a real alternative, i hope people won't experiment. It's better to be dominated than to be disunited. Congrats then (tentatively, because there are still a few seats up for grabs, and plenty of recounting) to Barisan.
The people have chosen, so rule wisely.
Au revoir

Electing to sleep...


Written on 3/21/2004 10:39:00 am by sikapitan

Just joking. I can't vote yet anyway, miss the boat by a year i guess. But it's alright. It looks like BN is stronger this time around, so maybe the need to show our support is not that strong. In Subang Jaya, where i live, the Opposition is non-existent...leading to Lee Hwa Beng winning the State seat uncontested. I like this guy, seems hard-working (in fact, i think most of MCA's reps are hard-working, serving their constituencies) but there are a few things that needs to be done here in Subang that seems to be long overdue. Traffic is terrible. I've got to leave before seven for a "normally 10 minute" trip to Shah Alam just to make it in time for an 8 o'clock lecture. Do something, do anything! Stop re-planting the trees and shrubs just to line the pockets of your sub-contractor. Subang is pretty famous for its ever changing gardening-by-the-road scheme. Maybe they figured that we'd like to see some flowers in the morning while stuck in massive jams, but we don't. If they really want to entertain me, get those JGTC Grid Girls to line up the roads (could cause an increase in accident rate!).

Going to Formula One this afternoon. I'm a virgin in F1, never been to Sepang before. Looking forward to damaging my ears, and grilling my already considerably brown skin.

Man-Utd won 3-0. Happy for that. Unhappy that Arsenal just keep on winning. I think that Wenger looks like one of those sexual online perverts that you see getting caught by the police (in UK) for posessing child porn. It's true. Have a look for yourself.

Sorry for not writing yesterday. A bit busy. Went to KlCC. Full of foreigners. TOPMAN was invaded by a bunch of gay-looking white dudes (not American-like, more Serbian-like), scaring me from browsing through. I'm a homophob i guess.

And the end of the day, I'm pretty sure Malaysia will remain as it is, traffic jams, money-politics and all. Like they say, why change a winning way? Maybe because it's NOT the only way. Use your head, go figure. Au revoir.

In the middle of the night..


Written on 3/19/2004 11:07:00 am by sikapitan

Remember that infectious Billy Joel song? "In the middle of the night..i was walking down the street...bla bla bla"....

Ah...but how does it relate to what i'm going to write today? Nothing. Tak relevan (ala ala kempen KeAdilan).

Nah, just excited that a futsal court has been set up right beside my house with nightlights and now we can play football morning,evening and at night! The court was completed around last week, but Malaysians being Malaysians, its already missing an entrance gate. Bloody vandals. What are they going to do with a metal gate? It just doesn't make any sense. It won't be long before some clever soul decides to remove the bulbs from the nightlight, or take out the switches. It's the same with the public telephones. Every time they install a new one, or repair an old one, some jackass would tear it apart. What's amazing is that i believe these vandals depend on these phones more than most common folks do. Go figure.

I can understand acts done out of protest or liberation, for example, painting the school's walls in red, spray painting the parking lot of UiTM etc etc. In fact, I would get myself involve in one of those pranks if i had the opportunity (There's a lot of angst and anger deep inside me towards my 'beloved' UiTM-but that's for another day). But worthless stunts like removing the pump in the toilet is just plain stupid. It doesn't convey any significant meaning, only that it says whoever did it don't shit. Or maybe they're full of it? Go figure. Oh yeah, readers, check out: Moluccas-Ironi, Marcell-Firasat, Sleepy Brown- I can't wait, Agnes Monica- Bilang Saja, J.Mayer-Clarity. Wicked tunes of the week.
Au revoir.

Is this my Fantasy???


Written on 3/18/2004 03:26:00 pm by sikapitan

Nope..before girls (and some guys) get all shook up reading the topic, it would be better if i set the record straight. This is not about my SEXUAL FANTASY! I'm just making a pun out of Akademi Fantasia.

What's Akademi Fantasia?? If you're asking, then you're probably not Malay...sian. It's true that this show is sooo 'melayu' but it's a national phenomenon, covered by almost every major newspaper. The first season saw 12 contestants living together at the 'Akademi', with one going out every week. Voting is through SMS, so during the 3 months the show was on, Hotlink and every other 'link' made a handsome profit because we 'malays' would love nothing more than spend our hard-earned money showing love and support for our favourite contestant. It's amazing how much money is spent on voting. And that is before ASTRO (Ananda Krishnan is getting richer) introduced this whole TV Chat thingy. A dedicated channel is set up for supporters and fans of the show to express their views on the show. But being 'malaysian' the channel ends up like some sort of chatroom for guys to meet girls. Typical conversation : " BoSANlah. Saya 15 f kuantan. Pvt msg la saya" etc etc etc. And notice that these chatters are mostly 'malays'. It's sad to see my own race wasting their time and more importantly, their money on these channels. Kudos to ASTRO, we are all capitalists driven by the quest to be rich, so i don't really blame them.

Back to the show. Season one saw a talented, ambitious and hardworking young man by the name of Vincent Chong as the overall winner, with the most votes at the end of the day. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, the winner is 'Chinese', which is a surprise considering the 'malayness' of the show. I'm not questioning his win, in fact i think that if the competition was to be decided by a panel of jurist instead of the general public, he would still win. It's just that i don't really feel the passion for vince from the rural malay folks like they have for Sahri (great voice, but too fat to be a star dude) or Rosma (nice voice, too confident in her own ability and whines too much). But then, do these folks really go out and spend money on voting for these people? I think that the predominant voters are urban malays coming from middle income families, and these voters like the urban vibe generated by vince. Khai, being the only real malay 'jantan' in the whole group had every girl eating out of his hands. Despite the fact that he really looks like THE cat Nemo, he's extremely popular amongst the rural and semi-urban malay girls who you must remember thinks that TOMOK is good-looking. Don't ask me's their taste. Basically, no surprises for the top three. Azizi has the sympathy vote and not to forget the increasingly considerable power group of softies (let's just call a spade, a spade).

I'm hoping that this season's Akademi would set a more stringent ISO when choosing contestants. I don't want to hear another horrible rendition of 'Save the best for last'. Choose wisely. Don't be swayed by the fact that you need the whole country to be represented in the show. If there's no talent in Malacca, then there shouldn't be any Malaccans on the show. Enuff said.
Au revoir.

Being bullied..


Written on 3/18/2004 10:36:00 am by sikapitan

Watched Afdlin's 'Buli' on Monday at OU. Funny guy, and a funny movie, but not funny enough. It's a comedy. And amazingly our very own BIntang Popular is NOT in this movie. What's even more suprising is the fact that this film is NOT directed by a Prof Madya. Guys, and girls, if you don't know, Prof Madya is an ASSOCIATE Professor, which is not reaaallyy a professor. In fact, almost all my lecturers are Assoc. Professors but they never insisted we call them Prof. And because this film is not directed by the said ASSOC. PROF, it doesn't feature Saiful Apek (admittedly, i love his wacky sense of humour but that doesn't mean i want his mug in every movie poster) or any of the usual suspects (Yusry/Rosyam/Erra) and it has Nasha means that i entered the cinema with 3 out of 5 stars already on my mind. That's how desperate i want to see something different in our local film industry.

Unfortunately, at the end of the movie, i didn't manage to add another star. It's not like it's bad or anything. Afdlin Shauki showcased again his acting chops (and considerable belly). He's getting better and better. I love his natural style of acting (as opposed to Mr.Unnatural, Yusry, although he is getting better as well) and wacky sense of humour. He has the potential to do some serious comedy, the one where the laughs and gags comes from the script, not the body movement. He might not be the handsomest leading actor around, yet he has that anti-hero charm which viewers emphatize with. Hans Isaac did well in a role which is, in my opinion, not challenging enough. We still like to play the Hero vs Villain theme. Maybe our mindset is geared to view the world in Black and white, but the reality is that there's a lot of grays in the middle. It's so easy to hate his character and it's so simple. But then, i guess this is a good thing, considering the complicated mess that unravels halfway through the movie.

Malaysian filmmakers still find it hard to sustain the momentum generated by the firsthalf of a feature film. This is more evident in a comedy film. The laughs just keep on coming for the first 1/2 an hour, where each character is introduced, often with some funny gags thrown in. But once this identification process has been completed, the characters stop growing, and the materials seem to dry up. For example, in Buli, the whole sakit jiwa wad scene is nonsense. The sub-plot of Hans' character trying to steal the code shouldn't be emphasised like it was, taking precedent over the real issue of the movie - how to deal with being overweight. Even the whole weird sci-fi scene, inspired by Robotech i guess, done in 3rd class animation, is a waste of film.

However, it's not all bad. I think Nasha's understated manner is suitable as the Psychiatrist while Hattan was just hilarious in whatever little scene he appears in. Yet, i do believe that we like to have as many stars acting in a single movie, which leads to Kartina Aziz appearing as Nasha's mom or Soraya Dean as Patrick Teoh's (who was damn funny i might add) secretary, serving little in terms of acting. I mean, those parts can be played by anyone with enough acting skills.

Buli is a unique film in a way, and Afdlin has the ability to conjure up better films in the future (maybe they should employ professional script editors to ensure the storyline is relevant and focused).Yet, it is plagued by the typical malay film dilemma - weak storyline and script. Until someone rectifies these inherent problems, i would still say the P.Ramlee era has no equal.

Au revoir

Lonely in Cyberworld


Written on 3/17/2004 10:14:00 pm by sikapitan

Heck..what a depressing theme for today's blog. It's just that i've come to realize that no one is reading anything i wrote or will write....and well, it's kinda sad to be writing to yourself. But hey, it's a great way to improve my writing, and i get to vent my anger, frustation, disgust in a public forum (albeit a very unpopular one). OH yeah..can anyone please tell me how to improve my blogs (example: how to add counters, graphics,links etc.) by emailing me at But this is redundant because no one visits my blog. ARGHHH!!

Anyway, i didn't post anything yesterday cos i was too lazy. It's pretty know you're an unknown in cyberspace. There's no motivation in me continuing my daily updates.

But it's like an online diary. It feels good to pour out what you're thinking. And right now i'm thinking that i'm better than jack-ass will hung, and he's getting all the chicks (feminists, don't preach). Only in America can a dude who's as talented as my grandma in singing get to be famous. Doesn't he realize that they're playing him on like a fool and his 15 minutes of fame will only last till the next season? I pity him because he honestly enjoy singing and he thinks that people are giving him a chance because of that. But they're not. He can't even rely on his looks. Everyone is saying that they love him because of his honesty and energy. But deep inside i bet they want him because he make others feel good about themselves. Trust me it's true. That's how bad humans are. We've done it before. We cheer on fools and clods...not because we care about them but because they remind us that we are not that bad, that there's somebody in this world uglier than us, fatter than us, shorter than us, more stupid than us. WE want our clowns in the midst of our heroes.

Are we Malaysians above all that? I doubt it. In the midst of our exotic beauties (stand up mrs yusry,miss maya, miss nasha etc etc) we have our clowns. Do producers really take Syanie because she's talented?Her roles are stereoptypical of the fat-woman-too-heavy-to-ride-a-kancil character embedded in the minds of Malays. But what's the point of me criticizing our producers for stereotyping fat ladies when they have stereotyped other categories of people too? The beautiful never lose her man, the handsome never lose a fight (in the end), they both live happily ever after, while the funnyman ends up with the fat girl (cue more thin man-fat girl joke) and the badman (either ugly, sporting a scar or handsome yet with an attitude that will make Botak Chin cringe in his grave) shot to death, or suddenly found god and manners. Heck, i could go on and on with this whole heroes/villains/clowns theme ...but to spare "POTENTIAL" readers the agony of reading my crap, and hoping they'll come back for more...i'll just stop right here.

Au revoir.

A day of mourning


Written on 3/15/2004 10:04:00 am by sikapitan

And so it has come to this...winless in 4 straight Premiership games..12 points of the leaders Arsenal..hope is useless..luck is useless..just like it's useless to say the Akademi Fantasia's bunch is made of star-quality (with the exception of monsieur Vince, the only Chinese in a group of 12, excelling in not whining and crying like the rest, buck-toothed and all)...back to the point..Manchester United's season is in tatters.

What can i say that will bring back the past 3 months of the season? It's been a miscalculated campaign to say the least. If I were to start commenting on everything that went wrong, this blog would be as long as the Penang bridge (not the longest, you see, but long enough) that it would require some excellent spot-reading to avoid being bored. Suffice to say that it all began with Veron,tactical foolishness in the middle and ended with Riogate. Never have I witnessed a more boring style of play emanating from the 'most attacking team' in English football history since I supported them way back in '94 (they lost to Everton in the Fa Cup final-romance comes from sorrow). If they were to suddenly go on a winning run and Arsenal suddenly had their whole squad on Nasi Lemak diet (go figure why Malaysian footballers always appear tired and haggard), maybe they could salvage something from the FA Cup, but being a realist fanatic, this would seem more unlikely than a Pas victory in the coming general election. Possible yet wishful.

Enough about football and on to the mamak culture that's so popular here in Malaysia. Old-style Malay coffeeshops have been replaced by slick 'bistros' and 'cafes' charging RM 1.30 for some bloody TEH TARIK. I went to catch the game that signified the end of my season yesterday at one of these 'bistros'. It's so funny how they would try not to show anyyyy football before the game started to avoid people like me hogging the seats. I went at 8.30, a good one and a half hours before the game. Realizing that me and my mate were ready to sit-in till the game started, they quickly switched to some National Geographic shit. I guess i understand, since i've ordered only tehtarik("makan?....tak mau..followed by a shake of the head from the server who clearly went to some Hotel Catering course"), they figured the return of profit is not worthwhile compared to letting me sit there watching THEIR TV for hours. Dude, you're charging me RM1.30 for tea with milk! Let me watch my damn football since you're running the biggest scam this side of Kuala Lumpur since the dawn of the Skim Cepat Kaya.

Nah, business sense dictates that people like me are squatters. And squatters shall have no right, especially since this particular squatter so conveniently disregarded the call for prayer coming from the biggest mosque in USJ situated right next to the 'bistro'. God has His own way of paying back.

So now I'm online...


Written on 3/14/2004 12:50:00 pm by sikapitan

So now I'm online.....

It's weird isn't it how people freeze up, unable to proceed when they're finally being presented with an opportunity to do something that they thought they want to do. Shopping is probably one of the best example...You could crave something for weeks,say the latest tee from Nike, saving up some dough from your weekly allowance, getting teh-o-ais instead of teh-o-ais limau (20 sen a day leads to RM1.40 per week-go figure), with hope that these latest threads will help turn your social life around (life's an exaggeration).

Then , when you have the 100 bucks, and enough spare change to grab a cab to OU, AND get a cab back, you head straight to the flashy new store, located at the flashy new wing,selling THAT flashy new tee. Suddenly you're hit by the "oh, it looks different two weeks ago" syndrome. The latest tee just look as if it drops right out of Azwan Ali's collection. You're apprehensive about shelling out your hard-earned cash (for moi, begging from MBF aka mak bapak finance is hard earned) on a t-shirt made in a sweatshop somewhere in Indonesia. So you hold on to the cash. Until two weeks later and you see your mate at school (faculty faculty faculty) wearing that very same thread and looking damn good in it. "Oh shit". Its happened so many times before.

And i almost let it happen again yesterday when i went to a PJ autoshop to install some flashy rims on my wheels. I was there a month ago and i got cold-feet since the car is less that a year's old and I thought that spending 2k on something that i can't see or feel when i'm driving is a waste. But i've looked with envy at some of the cars of the same make all dressed up like they're extras from Fast and yesterday, i withdrew the money BEFORE going (since i;m too lazy to put it back in my account i'd most probably spend it) and got myself a rather handsome (not flashy ah-beng) set of 16-inch rims. I just did it without THINKING too much. Ignorance is bliss. If you contemplate, you'll see the cash going to something else (latest i-pod, new stereos...ARGHHH!!!) and you'll hold on. Sometimes a little bit of recklessness is needed to spice up your life. Damn, what's my point? Oh yeah, now that i'm online, i don't know what i'm going to blog about..cold-feet they say or in this case cold-hands...wait a minute, i think i've just completed my first enty..and readers (at the moment -2, god and myself) would probably realize my natural tendency to 'merapu'. I'm not Wahti Mahidin (socialite reporter with a weird sense of humour). Au revoir.