A day of mourning


Written on 3/15/2004 10:04:00 am by sikapitan

And so it has come to this...winless in 4 straight Premiership games..12 points of the leaders Arsenal..hope is useless..luck is useless..just like it's useless to say the Akademi Fantasia's bunch is made of star-quality (with the exception of monsieur Vince, the only Chinese in a group of 12, excelling in not whining and crying like the rest, buck-toothed and all)...back to the point..Manchester United's season is in tatters.

What can i say that will bring back the past 3 months of the season? It's been a miscalculated campaign to say the least. If I were to start commenting on everything that went wrong, this blog would be as long as the Penang bridge (not the longest, you see, but long enough) that it would require some excellent spot-reading to avoid being bored. Suffice to say that it all began with Veron,tactical foolishness in the middle and ended with Riogate. Never have I witnessed a more boring style of play emanating from the 'most attacking team' in English football history since I supported them way back in '94 (they lost to Everton in the Fa Cup final-romance comes from sorrow). If they were to suddenly go on a winning run and Arsenal suddenly had their whole squad on Nasi Lemak diet (go figure why Malaysian footballers always appear tired and haggard), maybe they could salvage something from the FA Cup, but being a realist fanatic, this would seem more unlikely than a Pas victory in the coming general election. Possible yet wishful.

Enough about football and on to the mamak culture that's so popular here in Malaysia. Old-style Malay coffeeshops have been replaced by slick 'bistros' and 'cafes' charging RM 1.30 for some bloody TEH TARIK. I went to catch the game that signified the end of my season yesterday at one of these 'bistros'. It's so funny how they would try not to show anyyyy football before the game started to avoid people like me hogging the seats. I went at 8.30, a good one and a half hours before the game. Realizing that me and my mate were ready to sit-in till the game started, they quickly switched to some National Geographic shit. I guess i understand, since i've ordered only tehtarik("makan?....tak mau..followed by a shake of the head from the server who clearly went to some Hotel Catering course"), they figured the return of profit is not worthwhile compared to letting me sit there watching THEIR TV for hours. Dude, you're charging me RM1.30 for tea with milk! Let me watch my damn football since you're running the biggest scam this side of Kuala Lumpur since the dawn of the Skim Cepat Kaya.

Nah, business sense dictates that people like me are squatters. And squatters shall have no right, especially since this particular squatter so conveniently disregarded the call for prayer coming from the biggest mosque in USJ situated right next to the 'bistro'. God has His own way of paying back.

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