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Written on 3/24/2004 01:36:00 pm by sikapitan

Sorry for not posting anything the past few days. Been a bit under the weather. Thanks for visiting. Sorry for being boring.

No more champions league football for this particular Man U fan. No more waking up at 3, silently watching 22 men chasing a round object,cursing at misplaced passes or having a panic attack whenever Wes Brown touches the ball. You would have thought that i would be happy. The truth is i miss these 3 am kick-offs. I miss rummaging through any tidbits left on the snack table. I miss going back to bed at 6, knackered from the drama that is football. I miss my Man u.

Well, the dust has settled, and amidst claims of irregularities, BN had their mandate to rule our country for a further 5 years. Actually, and i don't think ppl really notice this, even if every PAS candidate wins their contested parliamentary seat, it won't be enough to form the majority in Parliament. So it was a foregone conclusion that BN would be controlling parliament. The issue actually was the northern malay states. BN came away with a bigger majority in Kedah and Perlis, wrestled Terengganu away from Pas, and came close to taking back Kelantan.

The surprise for me is how did Pas and any other opposition group managed to get any votes at all. For example, Khir Toyo won around 9000 votes and had a 4000+ majority. But the Pas candidate managed to gain close to 5000 votes. It's the same everywhere. My point is this: despite not putting up full-page ads in newspapers or tvs, despite the short campaigning period, despite our terrestial tv stations being biased (notice how when election is near,the news suddenly is filled with government development projects and human interest stories??Where's Canny Ong?) and despite having a fraction of funds and manpower, PAS still managed to get plenty of votes. Shouldn't BN be worried?

I'm putting up a chatterbox. I don't know who would want to chat, or why they would want to chat here, but someone suggested i put it up. Nak nampak canggih kot. Go figure.

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