So now I'm online...


Written on 3/14/2004 12:50:00 pm by sikapitan

So now I'm online.....

It's weird isn't it how people freeze up, unable to proceed when they're finally being presented with an opportunity to do something that they thought they want to do. Shopping is probably one of the best example...You could crave something for weeks,say the latest tee from Nike, saving up some dough from your weekly allowance, getting teh-o-ais instead of teh-o-ais limau (20 sen a day leads to RM1.40 per week-go figure), with hope that these latest threads will help turn your social life around (life's an exaggeration).

Then , when you have the 100 bucks, and enough spare change to grab a cab to OU, AND get a cab back, you head straight to the flashy new store, located at the flashy new wing,selling THAT flashy new tee. Suddenly you're hit by the "oh, it looks different two weeks ago" syndrome. The latest tee just look as if it drops right out of Azwan Ali's collection. You're apprehensive about shelling out your hard-earned cash (for moi, begging from MBF aka mak bapak finance is hard earned) on a t-shirt made in a sweatshop somewhere in Indonesia. So you hold on to the cash. Until two weeks later and you see your mate at school (faculty faculty faculty) wearing that very same thread and looking damn good in it. "Oh shit". Its happened so many times before.

And i almost let it happen again yesterday when i went to a PJ autoshop to install some flashy rims on my wheels. I was there a month ago and i got cold-feet since the car is less that a year's old and I thought that spending 2k on something that i can't see or feel when i'm driving is a waste. But i've looked with envy at some of the cars of the same make all dressed up like they're extras from Fast and yesterday, i withdrew the money BEFORE going (since i;m too lazy to put it back in my account i'd most probably spend it) and got myself a rather handsome (not flashy ah-beng) set of 16-inch rims. I just did it without THINKING too much. Ignorance is bliss. If you contemplate, you'll see the cash going to something else (latest i-pod, new stereos...ARGHHH!!!) and you'll hold on. Sometimes a little bit of recklessness is needed to spice up your life. Damn, what's my point? Oh yeah, now that i'm online, i don't know what i'm going to blog about..cold-feet they say or in this case cold-hands...wait a minute, i think i've just completed my first enty..and readers (at the moment -2, god and myself) would probably realize my natural tendency to 'merapu'. I'm not Wahti Mahidin (socialite reporter with a weird sense of humour). Au revoir.

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