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Written on 4/06/2004 09:44:00 pm by sikapitan

I wrote some long-winded discussion on men and fidelity around 6 pm just now. It stemmed from the gossip that Becks was having an affair with his secretary. Unfortunately, the server got stuck before i could publish my postings. It was one of my longest posting yet, and i'm pretty pissed that it was gone. I'm having a slight fever so this is the gist of my discussion: Men are genetically set-up to screw everything in sight..so girls shouldn't complained of being leered at..the only difference between a "budak jakun" and a "mamat cool" is the way they look at girls (every guy check out girls), some are good at covering while in fact their mind is going all blue..and we look at not only pretty girls, but EVERY girl..because you need to look at everyone before finding the beautiful ones. Men are shallow. Men cheat. It's a wonder that we don't cheat more often.

When one doesn't cheat, it's seldom because they don't find others attractive, but it's more because they prefer being loved (by being monogamous) than MAKING love the rest of their lives. Most men can (maybe it's because they're not attractive enough to get the opportunity to cheat right?-go figure) but some just can't stay monogamous. For research material, go catch the Mind of The Married Men. Great show, funny script, and most importantly TRUE! There's a guy in there that everyone can relate to. Love it.

Sorry, Panadol's kicking in. Actually,I can talk/write on this whole relationship thing until my TMnet disconnect but not for today i guess.
Thanks for all the support. Traffic IS support, so visit and open up your mind to my world. Weird and twisted as it is.
Au revoir.

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