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Written on 4/11/2004 10:34:00 am by sikapitan

Movie Review: Walking Tall
I went to OU (see entry dated 5 April) yesterday with AeS813 to catch the latest movie starring "the most electrifying man in sports entertainment" (wateva the hell dat means). If the opening five minutes was anything to go by, this must be the most low-budget Hollywood production i've seen THIS year (not ever, that title must go to any teen flick). The opening shot is like some National Geographic production, while the credit list was done without any inkling of creativity. Just choose Times New Roman, Color wHIte and you're off. And has the Rock relegated himself to forever being known as The Rock? For an action movie, it's not much of a problem, but what if he's in a drama? Or worse, do we still call him the Rock once he's 50 years old, sagging all over and looking more like the Sponge?

Don't get me wrong. I really do like this Rock character. Even in WWE, he stands out amongst the steroid filled proffesional wrestlers. And as he has proven in Rundown, he can act. I like the way he tones down his ring-persona, and he does convey emotions well. But despite the commendable performance by the Rock, the movie suffers from lack of ingenuity. The whole movie reminds me of Sylvester Stallone's Rambo: First Blood. And that's how i see the Rock. As the new Rambo. He's like Stallone, but with acting chops. I do believe that he has the charisma and talent to be more than just a testoterone god who can smash people's head with his bare hands. His disadvantage, and this is ironic, is his physique. He's really bulky, making it difficult for producers to cast him as anything other than some steel-pumping superhero!
He should do comedy as he has this ability to be humorous without being silly!

Back to the movie. The laughs are few and far between, unlike Rundown, which goes to show that without proper script, movies would just falter. I'm dissapointed as well with the whole storyline. It's so damn simple. Guy goes back to his hometown, finds everything's not what they seem, takes down everyone in sight, screws the hot stripper..it just reeks of familiarity. We've seen this, heard that one before. The saving grace was Rock's performance.

Favourite moment : A toss between any scene featuring Ashley Scott and that hilarious "please fix your taillight sir" scene (damn funny!).
Least-favourite moment : I could say the whole movie, but that would be too harsh so the honour goes to the three goons sitting behind me. Why do people have to speak during a movie? It's not so bad when watching a malay movie, cos their conversation are more interesting than the movie itself, but i realize that in any cinema hall, there will be this group of people who would make dumb comments (eg: "uish..lamanya dia jalan"). This is a topic for another day.

Since this is a weekend, here's some recommendations for the coming week
Song(s): La Luna- Selepas Kau Pergi, Joss Stone- Fell in love With A Boy, So7- Berhenti Berharap, Muse -Time is Running Out
Food: Ice cream at ..ala..i forgot but it's in OU..small cafe beside Nando's.
Movie: Walking Tall, but it's only worth watching on Wednesdays cause RM9 is too much for this story.
Car: The BMW 525i from Naza motors (if only dad had waited)

Enjoy your weekend and the coming week.

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