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Written on 4/02/2004 11:36:00 am by sikapitan

Some girl asked me yesterday whether it would be cool for her to pierce her tongue, and how would guys react. Personally, i haven't met anyone with a pierced tongue that i fancy.Deep down, all men like to feel superior than girls, and piercings seems too macho for most guys to handle. Maybe it's just personal preference. If you're going for it, make sure it's properly done. It'll be pretty hard to communicate if you're mute:)

I promised i would discuss this whole gangsterism in school thing. Why is it more prevalent in boarding schools? Is it more prevalent in boarding schools? Without statistics i couldn't say for sure. But one theory of mine is that youths today are more desentisized from violence than any other generation. We are bombarded with images of violence in the tv,papers,movies,internet etc.2 that what appears to be grotesque or unsuitable 10 years ago is considered normal nowadays. Thus, children growing up in this environment would be more open towards violence. It's a dilemma, really. Do we protect our children from violence through censorship just to avoid future violent conduct by a select few thus depriving others the opportunity to discover the world and culture beyond ours? You know my opinion on censorship (entry: March 30). It's a double-edge sword thingy.

Hey, someone is pissed at me. I don't know, but it sounds personal. Just to clear the air, i don't hate our PM. In fact, i think he's a marvellous leader with grace and humility. But should i be deprived of my rights to criticize just because i'm in UiTM? It's preposterous to suggest that public university students do not have the right to criticize the government because we're lucky to have education. That's insulting not only the intelligence of UiTM's students, but also every institution of higher learning. EVERYTHING in Malaysia is done through the grace of god and the government. So should we all bow and praise our leaders? Is that democracy?

Why stop at UiTM students? Are those studying overseas forbidden to criticize because they're sponsored by the government? What about GRADUATES of public universities? Can they criticize? wHY stop there..what about government servants? wHat about children of government servants? in fact, everyone can't criticize the government because we are all in one way or another indebted to them! Your petrol is subsidised, your roads are paved by the government. Does that mean that we should all keep quiet when there's injustice?? But hey, it's your opinion readers. No hard feelings. Just don't be personal. Anyway, i am a stupid Malay hypocrite (and bluehyppo) who can't get into any other university even if i tried.Silly me.Go figure.

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