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Written on 4/18/2004 09:27:00 am by sikapitan

Saturday was a busy day, both at office and at play, so sorry i had nothing to say, today's entry will cover both days ok?

Movie Review: 50 First Dates.

The vibe surrounding this movie is good. Everyone said that it's entertaining. I've tried to catch it over three weekends, but there's always something in the way, not least the fact that the only people i can bring along to catch this show are men.I don't know, maybe it's just me, but some movies are just not right to be seen with your mates.cAn you guys name me a few?

But yesterday i finally found the time, after work but before Man Utd, to finally watch this HappyMadison production (bILLY Madison,Happy Gilmore-2 of my top 30 movies of all time). Biarlah dengan jantan. What can i do? And of course, for my viewing pleasure, i chose OU. I'm just waiting for the day they'll grant me like some special privilege for being such a loyal patron.

The movie, in a nutshell, was a dissapointment.I didn't enjoy it.The idea was to replicate the chemistry found in the WeddingSinger, but it failed miserably. It's nothing close to the WeddingSinger. What's the problem with the movie, you might wonder? Yes, technically it's sound, the script ain't too bad, the acting's above average and the soundtrack is excellent. My only gripe with the movie is the fact that being an Adam Sandler-movie, it ain't funny. The number of laughs (real ones, not ones where you follow the audience) can be counted with one hand and two fingers (go figure). That's not bad for an average romantic story,like you've got mail etc., but for a romantic comedy, that's ludicrous!Sandler's movies of late have seen him play some serious roles, which is good for him, but not for me. I want the whacky Sandler, the one who could tackle a crocodile (HappyGilmore),banged his 4th grade teacher(billymadison),tackle the entire football team(Waterboy). If i wanted to see some atypical romantic flick, i would have bought WhenHarryMetSally etc. Adam Sandler is AdamSandler,eggshaped head and all. My point is this: The lead character in the movie could be played by anyone, and it'll still be the same (don't la say Yusry KRU. You know what i mean). It's not AdamSandler like we know it.

Maybe it's because i went to see it with fREdo. I wasn't feeling romantic, and it's been awhile (UiTM's holiday sucks). So forgive me for sleeping during the middle part of the movie. Maybe that's where the movie picks up, but i doubt it. It's not too bad actually. Go catch it anyday if you have someone special to watch it with, but stick to Wednesdays (cheaper mah) if you just wanna watch it for the sake of watching. I could have said worse, but RobSchneider saves the day.

You can be the devil

Now, there's another movie that i want to catch. It's called Hellboy. Now that sounds promising. And it's number2 on the U.S movie countdown, so it must be pretty good. So where issit? My friend said that it's already playing here, but i don't see no Hellboy. All i see is some posters of aliens with 70s like movie title-SuperSapiens. Oh, wait a minute, SuperSapiens IS Hellboy. Thanks to our beloved CensorshipBoard, we are stuck with a B-Grade title over a movie that's actually a quality comic adaptation. We couldn't let our young innocent minds be influence with BudakNeraka now could we? Maybe they're afraid we would go out of the cinema and organize some Devil-Worshipping-Orgy. This happens so often that it's becoming a joke. Forget about catching ThePassionOfChrist, we can't even watch DareDevil. I can understand the rationale for banning these two movies (narrow-minded and ludicrous it may be) but what about Ocean'sEleven? And how come the Japanese-Korean-Taiwanese horror flicks managed to go through our CB while DareDevil didn't? I sense some dirty laundry.

Back to BudakNeraka. Couldn't they at least choose a better replacement title than SuperSapiens. What the heck is SuperSapiens? They might as well be cute about it and call the movie BigHero or something moronic like that. What's ironic about this whole situation is the fact that in a year's time these shows will be shown over our Astro (example:SavingPrivateRyan-big hoopla over nothing.Violence is a means of conveying a message.)! And if you're really impatient, go to your friend who has StreamyX and just download the damn movie.

On the same page, but different note, RTM has decided to ban Malay songs which are interlaced with english words. What? Am i the only one who feels this is stupid? What's ironic is the fact that RTM's ban only covers their tV and Radio Stations, and these being redundant (who watches TV1 or 2 anyway), the whole exercise of banning these songs are empty gestures. And for what purpose? To protect our national language? People must accept that the world is changing. The lingua franca is English. By accepting that fact, we should implement policies to foster the love for English. Don't equate speaking English with BEING English. Language is merely a way to communicate, and by mastering language will we be able to communicate our beliefs and values better. So what are we doing banning songs and forcing Jawi-lessons on our schoolkids? Tell me, why do we need to learn Jawi? Is it islamic? Remember, Jawi are Malay words written using Arabic character, nothing more. Even Arab-Jews use Arabic character to communicate, so it can't be Islamic now can it?

Back to the music. Get over this whole protecting the minds of young children crap. The kids are already humming to TipahTertipu (by Ruffedge-burning up the airwaves) and i don't see them being a danger to society. And what is society? Aren't societal values constantly changing? If you really want to save the Malay language, use BELANJAWAN instead of the lazy, and funny-sounding BAJET!Protest this atrocity against the music industry. Don't watch or listen to RTM. Wait, you don't know RTM has radio stations? Are the 1 and 2 buttons on your remote still functioning? My point exactly. They're redundant, thus irrelevant.

Enjoy your weekend. Au revoir.

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