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Written on 4/14/2004 10:18:00 pm by sikapitan

Headlines: I did it for love! Sensational.
Apparently one of the icons of modern day football decided to bang a MALAYSIAN! Miss Marbeck sure as hell seems sincere, what with showing more than just a pretty face in a mass-circulated tabloid. So we now have something else to be proud of (besides having a pair of nice-looking buildings known as the twin towers) and somebody else to be proud of (besides Michelle "i'm too old to be doing this shit" Yeoh and Guy "durian" Sebastian). It's a shame really that the whole episode involving this now world-famous MALAYSIAN does not reflect Malaysians at all! I question if she's really Malaysian. Is citizenship the only requirement for you to be considered Malaysian? I think not. She doesn't even look like the average Malaysian. She belongs to this new ambigous category of pan-asian, or more accurately, Pan-pizza (since she has these weird mix of everything). I've got nothing against her, EXCEPT she's being such a money-grabbing,no-shame, vomit-inducing leach. Other than that, i think she's a wonderful role model for all malaysians. There's still Owen, Woods, Bryant, Zidane that are still available for affairs.

What pisses me more is the fact that theStar ran her story as headline, when in fact such stories should be restricted to Page3 at best! It's preposterous that Malaysia's leading daily has relegated itself to the level of tabloid publications. It's disturbing to see that Marbeck's Affair takes precedence over the story of two girls getting molested by an old man in B.Mertajam. Maybe, just maybe, there's not enough news to go around!Seriously, besides the first 2 pages which are usually filled with propaganda, the rest is a mixture of the disturbing to the utterly boring (eg: "Five toy pistols seized").

Let me put in a word or two on UiTM's Student Portal (on behalf of missLopez). I find that it's easier to access the portal than the main website (which is kinda ironic). The problem is the last time most registered was months ago, and that was mainly to check on their result (and the interface was different) so many did not remember that they had registered. I had the same problem trying to register. Apparently i have an existing account. Thankfully, i'm the lazy type, and i've been using the same username and password for almost every net transaction i've conducted.

On the same note, i've noticed that the longer i am in my degree programme, the less care i have for my results. In other words, i'm not as upset or elated over results like i used to. Interesting story: In singapore, two mothers were jailed for 'punishing' their children excessively because of academic result. One even ironed her son.Hey, that's cheaper than getting BOTOX!
Guys and girls, don't ever value education more than living itself. I am a strong advocate of the need for education, but at the same time i think the pressure to excel have led to a gap amongst the successful students and the rest.Trust me, there's more to life than a degree. Remember-minimum effort, maximum result (don't listen to this advice)!

tHAnks for visiting. iF you want to respond in a thesis-manner (that's you miss raccoon), use the comment button situated at the top of every entry. lah. that's just an advice. Take care. Au revoir.

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