Short and sour


Written on 4/13/2004 07:59:00 pm by sikapitan

I'm rushing off to play futsal, so today's entry would be short and sour...

First off, American Idol. Roger is out of the game. Surprised really, considering he's a natural performer, or maybe it's because of that he seems insincere?

Second, Astana Idaman. I've re-read the comments on Haloscan, so sorry that i've not noticed the interest generated by the entry on Astana Idaman. Some say that Cheryl isn't very good, while some said that Azhar Sulaiman looks gay. Personally, if anyone looks gay it would be Eizlan Yusof. That's the problem with being a critic. Everything's subjective! Some hate durians, while some love it (i like it, but am allergic to it-unfair?).

Thirdly, Beat TV. tHEY've got new hosts for a few weeks now, and i think these guys are marginally better than the last two. Quirky and all, but maybe a bit too happening. I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm NOT happening!

Fourthly, Iraq's becoming another Vietnam. i Hate Bush, but at the same time i think it's disgusting the way they mutiliated the bodies of those Americans. It does nothing to promote Islam, merely emphasising the extremist element in it. Pity.

Sorry, but i'm rushing. I love football. Oh yeah, congrats to M4H1R, 3131K and 41m1 for scoring, don't be upset to those who didn't. Remember, Zaid Ibrahim only graduated third-class!

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