Weirdo i go?


Written on 4/07/2004 11:10:00 am by sikapitan

Weird events are happening..

Arsenal: Have now lost two games in a row against their two main rivals. Apparently, the FAcup defeat inflicted more harm than first expected. Even though BOTH Ljunberg and Reyes managed to miraculously recover from supposedly being out for 3-4 weeks to play this morning, Arsenal lost to Chelsea and more importantly, losing Henry in the process. Arsenal without Henry are like Brad Pitt without a dick-pretty football, but can't screw anyone! So expect Arsenal to falter...being the choker that they are!

Shocker: REAL screwed up even worse than Arsenal. Havin a two goal cushion and taking a lead away from home should have guaranteed the 'best' team in the world a spot in the semis, but relying on Helguera and Pavon as your centrebacks is surely a recipe for defensive disaster. Kudos to Deschamps for bringing Monaco into the semis of Europe's premier competition. Hope they beat Chelsea next. I don't want them to win too many things..wrestling the premiership from Arsenal is enough.

Politics : Our PM wants all ministers etc2 to disclose their asset by this june (ithink) and this process will be repeated every 2 years. This is the clearest indication that the Government is serious about eradicating corruption. Fair enough, but what about assets held by these officials and ministers' families?

Mustapha said in today's newspaper that BN might still be in control of Kelantan. This is due to potential party-hopping by certain members of PAS who are apparently disillusioned with the party's direction. Frankly speaking, it has been coming. Just look at that Astro advertisement, where the old pakcik was in awe at Astro and it's endless channels. The people of Kelantan wants more channel...analogically speaking of course. The time has finally come when kElantanese realize that without BN, their state would have no chance of being as developed as others (but what about T'ganu, which was under BN for so long but still undeveloped?-go figure).

American Idol: Leah is out of the competition. Actually, they could have just chosen the highest vote-getter amongst the 12 as the AMERICAL IDOL last night and get it over with but because we just "love" american idol and people would vote on just about anything (voting costs money as i found out the hard way during AF fever), the producers cleverly prolonged the show...
On the same note, we all know that no matter who wins the World Idol the REAL world idol would be the American Idol. Just compare Kelly Clarkson and that swedish idol who won world idol (see, i don't even know his name). I'm waiting for the time when there will be Regional Idols (u know-South East Asia Idol, South America Idol) who would compete in the grand WORLD idol, much like the world cup.

sICK today, didn't go to work hence the long-winded posting. Sorry if it's boring, thank you if it's not. Au revoir.

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