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Written on 4/28/2004 06:45:00 pm by sikapitan

The Malaysia Fashion Week is almost over. This is Malaysia's sophomore effort to promote our country as a fashion hub. Last year's event was affected by the SARS epidemic. Ironically, this time around, a new outbreak of SARS was reported in China at the same time the week-long event began. Is there a connection? Conspiracy theorists please reply through haloscan!

Right now, i'm guessing my readers would say.."yea yea yea,sure mamat ni kutuk kl fashion week". Surprise surprise, i'm NOT going to diss the event! I think that it's great we're trying out something new and different. We've spent millions (and millionssss) on sports, and look where we are now! Our football's a disgrace, hockey's in a freefall, we've got 'jaguh kampung' on our badminton team and our track and field atheletes...we got meh? SUKOM 98 (which we staged successfully) was supposed to be the catalyst for our revival in the sporting arena. But 6 years on, and we're still in the doldrums. Bukit Jalil is underutilised, and millions on sports development is down the drain. What happen to our TUnas negara program? So i say, screw with Sports, or at least those that are not performing, which covers almost everything and concentrate on other stuffs!

We can excel in roti canai making, or make Malaysia the capital for loafing. We've got the infrastructure already in place,with Pasar Seni and Amcorp Mall being a few example so just promote this sport called loafing at the international stage. I'm just being sarcastic. But seriously, if we can become the fashion capital of south-east asia,I would be very proud. I think that Malaysians, especially KLites are becoming more fashion-conscious, and the time will come when the average malaysians buy their t-shirts from G.A.P instead of F.O.S. The government should take the initiative and promote us as not only a manufacturing fashion capital but also a designing fashion capital (all minds are equal-we can't beat the English at rugby, but we can beat them through the saree!) Unfortunately, somehow, i've got the gut feeling that if the government actively promote the fashion industry, there will be some serious backlash from those in the green camp wearing 'erykah-badu' like wraparound on their head (who says Muslims can't be fashionable?).

Hey,that's another market we can conquer! The Muslim fashion industry. We could be the starting point of Islamic fashion all over the world. I think this would make more sense than trying to become Asia's silicon Valley. That title already belongs to India. Even in South-east asia, we're losing out to the Thais and pHILLIPINES. tHE main problem is not knowledge or capabilities, it's cost. India's graduate are asking 1/3 of what our grads are demanding. At the end of the day, bottom line counts!

I'm rambling. Au revoir

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