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Written on 5/01/2004 11:20:00 am by sikapitan

I guess with the new petrol price increase i'll be staying home more and more. Or alternatively, i'll develop very thick skin to ask my friends to pick me up ("wahh..cantik la steering kau.."). Or better yet, i could try something unimaginable, walking. I used to walk to shops and take buses to play Counter-stRIke at 15 when i was in secondary school. Secondary school..*sigh*..we used to walk a lot during those days. Now,(and i do mean at this very moment i'm typing this entry) i'm lazy to walk even to the NasiLemak Kelantan stall right beside my house to get me some brunch. Here i am, a fit *ehem ehem* 21 year old, telling everyone that I'm lazy to walk 25 metres to get some food. The Africans who struggle with a slice of bread a day would be hopping-mad at me, but i'm not alone. Everywhere around the world, developing countries experience this "manjaness" syndrome. With improving standard of living, it's natural to find youths who are more pampered than babies wearing pampers (huh?). I know someone, or do i know someone who knew someone (biasala,rumoursss) that can't stand the sun, so he tinted his whole car window black, and prefers sleeping in his car with the air-cond on rather than sleeping under a fan. Never mind the fact that he could die while sleeping, his comfort takes precedence. uNbelievable?Believe it. So maybe this price increase (of two sens per litre-which means my full tank would be more than rm50-arghh!) is just a government exercise in making us healthier by encouraging us to walk or use the public transport. Unfortunately, i would rather stay at home, put in some frozen pizza in the microwave, and watch some mindless comedy on StarWorld (yea laa..sebenarnya Astro Ria:P).

On a more global note, the US troops are retreating from the now-bloody town of Falujjah. The US forces encountered something that they encountered 40 years ago-locals who are more passionate about the battle than they are. I'm suggesting that the troops do not have enough motivation to make their far superior skills and armoury counts. Despite me being against US policies under Bush, i respect soldiers.Soldiers risks their lives to further political causes initiated by 'suits' contemplating "strategies" and "axis oif evils" in the confines of air-conditioned rooms. They are all warriors,Americans and Iraqis alike, fighting a war they never wanted. I sense another Vietnam in the making.

But what about those americans who torture Iraqi prisoners? CNBC released pictures showing Iraqi detainees stripped naked and forced to simulate sexual acts. It troubling not only to me but also the US's policy makers. Here they are, championing freedom from oppression, when their men are happily flounting, not only the Geneva Convention, but also every standard of decency. However, the troops frustation must also be understood. Nothing said or done could justify such treatments, but nothing could justify the mutilation of American security consultants a few weeks ago. An eye for an eye perhaps? This is the price of war.

Local news: Nasha's spycam genius was sentenced to 6 months jail. It's appaling that our justice system fails to acknowledge that the biggest crime to an individual is the loss of control over oneself. I think they treat this as merely a case of trespass, while in fact the repercussions of his action carries more weight than the court contemplated. I recently met a local celebrity whose nude pictures appeared on the net during the 90s,sparking controversies and hu-ha all over the country. I feel awkward talking to her, or even acknowledging her as the mental image is ingrained in my mind. Imagine going through that your entire life.

sOOrryyy for not updating the blog for two days. Been busy with work.thanks for all the support. Aurevoir.

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