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Written on 5/05/2004 10:12:00 pm by sikapitan

Thank you so much Ahmad Faiz b. Mohammad (i usually don't mention names) for wasting my time signing up for some complicated namesdatabase crap! And thanks to all the ladies who thinks i need penis enlargement. It's a miracle how my manhood can be the talk of the cyberworld. Duh. Ever since i've put up my mailing add on my blog i've been bombarded by spam. Spam here doesn't mean sex-pam, but considering the perverted junks filling up my mailbox, i wouldn't say that it's not. Unwanted emails are a bane to those living in the cyberworld. I've always been safe from this because i don't register for anything online and i don't interest any advertisers anyway (since i'm only a minor,who's uneducated and has no interest-email profile). But now i've experienced first-hand what spam is all about, and it pisses me off!Get rid of spam!Say no to Uncle Sam..eih..over pulak:)

Movie Review: Starsky and Hutch
It's been a while (go to the archives and find movie reviews) since i've seen a good movie. Now, what is meant by a good movie? Some are good because it makes you think (cue minority report) and some are good because it makes you cry (cue..entahlah..Sembilu?:)) while others are good simply because of the actors (cue Tomb Raider and miss jolie-crap movie,stunning heroine). And then there's comedy. There are those that's really witty and sarcastic and intelligent (cue Hi-Fidelity or MountRushmore) and then there's Starsky and Hutch. It reeks of stupidity and that is why I think it's good. Much in the same vein of There's Something About Mary (only lessss..much less..funnier), it's basically slapstick and rapid-fire dialogues all the way. It has a cliche plotline and the most streotypical miami-jew-druglord ever seen in this new millennium. The editing by our very own Lembaga Hitam (let's just leave it at that) makes some scene disjointed. But the point of the movie is NOT the storyline or the technical side or the action. What makes a comedy, funny? Simple: It will make you laugh. So that's why 30 1st dates sucks and Starsky rocks. It made me laugh. Worth paying the full amount, and get yourself a popcorn (my standard have realllllyyy droppeedddd).

On a more personal note, thanks Jas for her continued interest on the topic of hotpants and football pitch. However, i would like her to take notice, and read the entire entry again. The crux of the issue was NEVER about girls PLAYING football in hotpants:) Never did i mention in any way about girls coming along to play football. But hey, war and games makes me sane (huh??). Thanks a lot.

Don't ever be discouraged from stating your opinions. And yeah, i know you can carry your own couch (joking joking joking):P Aiyah, there i go again. I just can't let things go. It's one of my weaknesses. I once got into a heated argument with my AUNT of all people just because of our ASB bonus! Please forgive me.

Au revoir.

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