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Written on 5/07/2004 09:08:00 pm by sikapitan

Sent my sis's car to the workshop today because she banged the gate to our office on her way to work yesterday. Ironic, since she just got her full license (no need to P around) on the very same day. I guess my theory's true: everyone will at least experience one accident throughout their life (unless of course you're my cousin, who has a license, but last drove a car when Anwar was still the DPM!). Then, me and fr3do had lunch at the mamak nearby, and i noticed this peculiar phenomenon that's been bothering me ever since i got my license. There we were, by the roadside, when this Merc comes around and parked right in front of us. The three occupants then opened the doors without any care in the world, hitting the brand new chevy aveo parked beside them. I hate this type of people. I try my best to avoid damaging anyone's car by opening the door slowly and in some situation, putting my hand between the two contact points.Admittedly, this was done more in the interest of protecting MY doors, but it's courtesy all the same. You wouldn't want somebody to bang your doors, so you should take care not to do the same. Which leads me to another issue: why do people have different rules when it comes to them?

I was riding in my friend's car a few months back, along the federal highway on the way to KJ. As usual there was a massive jam (ironic considering that being a HIGHWAY,such things shouldn't have occured,so a more apt name would be Federal Road). And when jams occur, there would be plenty of rallydriving going on. Somebody cut into our lane. My friend then vented out his anger by honing like
a madman and flashing the "motherf**ka" (his word, not mine). He then went on and on about lousy malaysian drivers. Suddenly, sensing that the left lane's moving faster than ours, he immediately accelerated into the tiniest gap imaginable. Thanks to the wonders of "engineered car" (funny ad btw), we managed to squeeze through. The car behind us then proceeded to horn. My friend then cursed him for being such a tight-ass. Isn't it ironic? Remember, what you give you get back (cam lagu Scorpions-what a nightmareee!).

Bojed asked for my opinion on the Malaysian music scene. Where should i start? The lack of creativity in songwriting? The generic tunes? Piracy?Lack of sex appeal (male and female-don't tell me Achik Spin's the best we've got)? Underground? Siti Nurhaliza-the dominatrix of our industry? Why we aren't buying albums? Why do we pale in comparison to our Indonesian counterpart? Our almost comical music videos? New talents or lack of it? The list's endless. So Jed, i'll try to impart my supposed wisdom little by little, when the need comes along.

On the home front, the Noritta murder trial is underway. Remember the big hu-ha when her body was found and the almost inescapable gossips surrounding the death? Considering the facts and rumours going around,my heart goes out, not to her (i'm not saying she deserves it, but her lifestyle certainly leaves much to be desired) but to her family. Can you imagine what her parents felt when they found out their daughter is hanging out at nightclubs and going out with strange men? It must be one heck of a surprise for them. Yea yea yea, don't believe the rumours. But "air takkan berkocak, kalau takda buaya" or something like that. Her parents, i bet, are devastated by these revelations. And trust me, Noritta's not alone in this situation. I've seen some of my coursemates, who comes from the smaller states, unaccustomed to urban lifestyle, struggling to adapt. They then overcompensate, going all the way to prove that they're urban enough. Clubbing,drugs,alcohol. KL can suck the life out of those unprepared. Don't be 'gayat'. It ain't cool.

The recent bombings in Greece cast a long shadow over security arrangements for the Olympics (i bet some of you didn't know that the Olympic's this year and that it will be held in Athens-it's okay, who watches the Olympics anyway?He he he). Seriously, the Olympic's just ripe for some terrorist attack. I sincerely hope nothing untoward happens.

On another note, the recent revelations of abuse by Americans on Iraqis have deflected another issue that's a thorn on Bush's ass. Where is Osama b. Laden? He seems to forget that not too long ago, Osama was America's enemy No.1.

By the way, i'm hit by some virus that shuts down my comp after an uncertain period of time. I suspect that it's the Sasser virus or in my case-Seksa virus. There it goes again! Au revoir.

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