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Written on 5/03/2004 01:11:00 pm by sikapitan

Just a question to all my beloved (*ehem ehem*) readers : if you're a guy, would you bring your gf to your football (or any other sport) match? If you're a girl, would you want to go to these testoterone induced arenas? I'm just wondering cos the guys i'm playing football with at night are bringing in girls to watch the game. It's just weird. On one hand, they want their gfs to see them banging in goals (fat chance of that happening if i'm defending *wink wink*) but on the other hand they get too distracted by us gawking at their chicks that they lose focus. My gf always wanted to follow me to a game, but i've always said that it's not the right place for beautiful girls to be at. I'm serious, and i'm not being a sexist.

Despite the leaps and bounds the fairer sex have made they are still viewed by men as sex objects. Being a part of the the male clique during these games, i witnessed (though not necessarily participate *wink wink*) the almost inevitable perverted conversation whenever an attractive member of the opposite sex walks by. Even if we don't say anything, i can sense the thoughts from my frens. You can't really blame the guys. Unlike shopping malls,or campuses, a football pitch is almost exclusively a male domain. So whenever a girl is among the crowd, she would stand out. Even guys who are not really into this 'ushaing' girls habit (like me *ehem ehem*) would notice. What do you expect? Oh yeah, maybe it's just me, but i noticed that they like to dress up as well when they come to watch a match. Why would they want to do that? Seriously, i think some are looking for attention. I don't know their motive. It's a football pitch for god's sake. Leave your spaghetti-straps and hot-pants for a night out to Zouk!

So the conclusion is this: Guys, don't bring your gf to the pitch, unless of course she's really unattractive (let's just call a spade,a spade) or it's a tournament etc2 where you know they'll be other girls or you know the rest of the guys playing with you. Girls, don't pressure your partner to bring you to a game, and if you do go, save the MNG top or the MissSelfridge skirt for another day, okay? I've got enough pressure trying to win the game without the added burden of looking good while doing it *wink wink*.

Oh yeah, have you guys seen the brutal pictures of American soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners? It's outrageous. It's a major blow to the nation that proclaims itself as the saviour of the world. Even the british are on it. I don't know, but i sort of expected this to happen. Both sides are casualties of war. I bet psychologist have done researches on this, but the effect of prolonged combat operations in a hostile environment would certainly lead to some form of psychological effect. Soldiers are only human. Like in Vietnam, the atrocities during warfare were basically a form of venting out some serious psychological issues. What's the solution? Don't have wars:)

When's Uitm going to start? I miss my mates, lectures and most importantly,my girl. Jiwang? You bet.

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