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Written on 5/04/2004 10:36:00 am by sikapitan

..for the two who died while camping out in the mountains of Gunung Rajah. The mothers would surely find it hard to contemplate how their sons could die while camping. Most of us live out our daily routines without considering that at any time, we might leave this world. Going out to buy groceries, walking back from school, playing football, mowing the lawn...people have died while doing these. So the danger of going camping is inherently more than going bowling. Should that stop people from doing outdoor activities? My mother always say "buat apa gaduh nak pi panjat bukit/snorkelling/travelling etc2" everytime something like this occurs. I disagree. Without these adventurers, we would still think that the world is flat, or we're the centre of the universe, or that Pam's breast is natural..(huh?). Anyway, my point is this: without them going out climbing mountains,deep-diving, exploring etc2, our life would be duller. So celebrate these people as adventurers, not fool-hardy souls. I wouldn't climb a mountain, but i wish someone else does.

Read in the news today about the headmistress who went 'loco' and hit out a male teacher. Some might see this as a something akin of a joke, and i have to admit, i laughed a bit while reading this news. But more troubling is the fact that a person in charged of shaping our children could explode like she did. I've always believed that somehow, most Malaysians have some sort of mental illness. I'm serious. We don't open up, we strive to be a polite society. There's some serious pent-up anger inside Malaysians. We smile, but deep inside we're scowling. The fast-paced development in the last 20 years leaves many Malaysians unprepared. I don't think there are any credible soci0-economic-mental study of the effect of modernization on Malaysians. There's a constant conflict between what's real and what's ideal. The social constraint upon Malaysians make us unable to properly realize our emotions. Watch out, we could have our very own massacre in the near future, God forbid.

On a personal note, according to my dictionary, sexist means "a person who treats other people,especially women, unfairly because of their sex...". The key word here is unfairly. Who decides what is fair? I try not to explain my entries and leave it as it may, but jas here seems to misunderstood my point. I'm not stopping anyone from wearing hotpants. Go ahead. But dress accordingly. Pepatah melayu (improvised):masuk ke zouk,berjoget. masuk ke masjid,berzikir (derived from "masuk ke kandang lembu bla bla bla" meaning that you've got to adapt). And if you noticed, i'm actually critising the male psyche for being so blue. We are weak! (kesian la kitaorg) So if encouraging girls to stay out from being sexually harassed is unfair, then by all means, i am a sexist. But remember, don't ask your bf to carry that couch for you. Let's be fair,shall we?:)

One more week to Umrah.Gotta start reading some books.

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