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Written on 5/02/2004 04:30:00 pm by sikapitan

I don't know if this is of any relevance, but every time i watch a Man Utd game with my friend Fr3dO at the mamaks, man u would lose. I'm not joking. I seriously think that perhaps by watching these games with him, i have ruined united's season!luckily i didn't watch the F.A cUP semis with him, or we would have gone on trophyless (yea yea..macam la Milwall tuh lubuk sangat).And that's the beauty of football supporters. We all have our rituals and quirks. I used to watch European games wearing my 97/98 double banner. I know of some who wears red the whole match day. Girls tell us that we are crazy; but coming from the same species who adores pasting their face with animal by-products, i wouldn't put much weight into their thoughts:) Why do men, in general,love sports?

Maybe it's because sports reflects life in its very essence. Take football as an example. We have the good guys (MAN UTD) and the bad guys (any other team),trying to succeed within sets of rules and boundaries. Of course, just like in life, it's not a level playing field. We have the rich and the poor, the smart and the stupid, the talented and the untalented. We have those who finds life so easy, just like it's so easy for Ronaldinho to juggle the ball, and we have those who work hard their entire life,without gettiing recognition and reward,like Nicky Butt. We have the referees, who aren't always there to see everything. We have players cheating,celebrating,bragging (arsenal,arsenal and arsenal). We've got drama, we've got the unexpected (Monaco v Real) and sometimes we might be lucky enough to witness actual physical violence (standup arsenal thugs). We've got injuries, and deaths. The only thing missing is sex. Which is why we turn to porn, another one of men's favourite pasttime, but that's a story for another day.

On a global note, the cold war has officially ended with 10 new countries (mostly members of the former Soviet bloc) joining the European Union. I don't know, but i think that the world is more dangerous nowadays than it ever was. At least during the Cold war, we had a clear demarcation between the two blocs, and each one so evenly poised that the threat of a global nuclear war was never really on the cards. Now, the line between bad and good and everything in between are not so clear. We have only one major superpower, who are led by an ignorant cowboy with a penchant for the deathpenalty and stupidity. The threat is more global. Every country is not spared from the wrath of terrorism. The new enemy to this world is terrorism. They are the silent forces operating beyond the shadows of conventional warfare. Children are trained to hate, women are taught to blow themselves up. What's more dangerous is not the method, but the reason. The spirit of jihad, tugging at the heart of Muslims, have led to a narrow-minded approach towards solving the social inequality existing in the world today. We only see hatred, not tolerance. We prefer to fight with bombs rather than our mind. If the arabs realize their immense power as the main supplier of oil in the world market, and join forces to co-operate,much like NATO, then we no longer have to rely on the US as our saviour. But no, it's better to take the money, and let everything else takes care of itself. We have the most number of followers in the world, and yet the jews are controlling the global economy. Mind over matter.

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