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Written on 5/11/2004 10:05:00 pm by sikapitan

The prosecution's case in the Canny Ong murder trial appears to be settled when the accused's confession was admitted to court after the trial within a trial to ascertain its validity.The guy practically admitted to killing her.However,we should not accept confessions as it is.It must be remembered that confessions are not a plea of guilt. It is to be admitted just like any other evidence. It can be rebutted though it's difficult to see how. Many people would confess when faced with tremendous psychological pressure (not to mention physical, but i don't want to be blacklisted by the Special Branch).Thus, it is the job of the defence cousel to dispute it.We must examine every facts and details before reaching a conclusion.I had a conversation recently with an older person who was playing football with us. He was lamenting that the judiciary is not as independent as it's supposed to be. I don't think he's the only one with this view. People have almost accepted the political influence on our judiciary. "Dia anak TanSri, diam-diam jer la" etc2 are some of the comments i've heard coming from the public. It's true that the judiciary must be separated from the other government organs. However, this is difficult to accomplish in our Parliamentary system where the executive controls the legislative, which in turn can set laws regulating the judiciary (even to the extent of Constitutional Amendments). But Malaysia's judiciary is not that bad,seriously. We are better off than our east-asia neighbours, with the exception of Singapore. There's room for improvement though (yea, and it's the size of the 'white elephant'-Stadium Bkt.Jalil!).

Sorry for the readers looking for the chatterbox.It's up and running again.Have fun while i'm gone. Tried some other templates. Didn't fit this tried-and-tested Simple one. Do you guys want to see something flashier (like different colour,background images etc2)? Personally, i think the current format, though a bit boring, serves it purpose. It's easy to read, manipulate and load.Anyway, you guys are here for the comments right (except for bojed who i know is trying to flirt with me-i'm telling fR3DO!-HEHE,melawak beb)?

Making final preparations for my UMRAH or "mini-haj" to simplify matter for my non-muslim readers.I'll be gone from tomorrow for 10 days,i think (that's just me, the last to know anything in this family). Don't miss me too much (i bet you won't). By the way, god-willing, there'll be an article on blogging and bloggers coming up this Sunday (or maybe next Sunday) in the Education segment of your SundayStar. I'm asking you, readers, a favour. Please keep a copy for me.

I'm sorry. I seemed to have lost my appetite to comment! Maybe it's the fact that i'll be leaving this country to Saudi in a time where middle-east equal bombs.It's times like this that i miss my friends so much and the things we do that we take for granted. Teh-tarik at the mamaks,spin around KL,or simply talking football. So i would like to say goodbye to my friends, specifically R1N13(luv),L0nG(ciao dude,we'll miss u in LawSchool),fR3D0(sorry bout the magpies),nUb13 and dh4n4. Yeah, the list's pretty short, but if you have the quick-fire tongue that i do, you don't really make that many close friends:) And to all my "regulars", specifically BoJ3D,j4s & H4Xdy. I'll see you guys soon.

Au revoir.

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