Happy Mothers' Day


Written on 5/09/2004 02:09:00 pm by sikapitan

..to all the ibu-ibu that has sacrificed a lot to raise their children, and to love them even though they cursed your existence. We might roll our eyes, and pout our lips, whenever our moms mention the good old days but i bet when we have our own kids, we will do the same and reminisce about the time we could play in the rain (i predict acid rains in the future) or rm1.20 teh tarik (destined to be as expensive as wine-heheh). So go on, be nice to your parents. Because like i always say, what goes around, comes around.

Today is sunday, which means that i'll have my hands full reading 5 different news publications we subscribed. I love the comics section on sundays. Some of my favourites are Helga, Garfield, Pre-Teens and whole bunch more. Definitely NOT my favourite is Tommy Ong's In Lighter Vein (SundayMail). Seriously,it has got to be the crappiest comic column ever seen in Malaysia. Not only is it NOT funny,which is bad enough, it also has the worst artwork i've ever seen. The standard of Malaysia's comic is really pathetic. With the exception of Lat and Reggie Lee, the rest seems unable to come up with anything remotely resembling humour. Don't get me started on the comics in PancaIndera (yes, i do read it, thank you). Ujang, despite its lack of common sense and abuse of our national language, at least can make me smile. Why oh why do we allow this fools to have their works published? And they get paid for these "creativity"? Don't simply take them because they are Malaysians. All these comics do is show Malaysians as untalented and lacking in imagination. sPAre me the agony (and column space) and just put in classic Calvin and Hobbes!

The whole shutdown virus is spreading like the flu bug ravaging my family. It's affecting Net traffic and THIS site's traffic! I cannot imagine the chaos in the future when everything's connected to the net. It doesn't matter how many security updates or how expensive your virus scan software is, as long as you're connected, you'll always be vurnerable. There are more hackers than there are security software experts. We are at their mercy. I predict that we will soon see the age of Net terrorism.

aU REVoir!

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