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Written on 4/03/2004 11:50:00 am by sikapitan

Made some changes to the site..i thought the previous chatterbox was a bit messy, cutting into the main text so i inserted some tagboard style frame. The colours..well..i don't really know what colour should be used..so i'm hoping for some feedback from you guys. I think black is a bit too dull. Inserted some links..i'm not promising that they will be interesting..in fact, even i'm too lazy to visit these sites but if you have some spare time just go and lend your support. Traffic IS support.

Tonight is the big night, at least for Man Utd fans. My mate from MMU is having his finals (oddly, he's only taking one paper this semester, and he's there for two whole weeks!I think he's sick of staying at home!) so i'll be missing my regular Ali Berkat football buddy. Guess i'll be catching the game on my trusty ten year old SHARP. Hope and pray that Man U wins. But hey, Arsenal are playing like a team from Championship Manager (you know, winning almost every game etc2)! It's unbelievable what they've accomplished this season. It's not as if Man Utd have slipped up. In fact, at this stage last season they had less points. I think that next season we'll see the top three gaining more points at the expense of those in mid-table. You can already see it this season where there's like 7 teams sucked into relegation battle.

In support of LaLopez, I hereby concede that Tony Eusoff is improving (entry dated March 26). Maybe he was nervous the first few weeks of recording. Since i'm already on Astana Idaman, let me say that Cheryl Samad has potential! But realistically, she'll never get any major part in a major movie production. Not commercial i guess, which is a pity because from her potrayal as Sara in AI and what's-her-name in Each Other, i sincerely believe that she has the talent and attitude to become a great actress. It's too bad that she won't be given a chance while people like R.Rudaini (just as an example) and singers-cum-actors continue to monopolise the coveted heroin role in Malaysian cinema. Just look at Ellie Suriaty. With the exception of Spinning Gasing, which is distinctly NOT the typical Malaysian production, this talented actress continue to be cast as a side-kick etc. Are Malaysians THAT shallow?Deep inside me, and i hate to admit it, i KNOW i AM shallow. Sigh.

Hey, thanks for visiting and getting all psyched up. It's great that my discussions generate so much passion (albeit only from one person). But i must point out that freedom of speech should be tempered with care and caution. Racism is faux pas. I'm not deleting or vetting any msgs. Write what you want but do so at your own risk:)

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