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Written on 4/04/2004 09:20:00 am by sikapitan

First of all,let me get this out of my chest- GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!Yes, it's pretty embarassing that the only hope for Man u this season lies in the FA Cup, the cup that we so conveniently disregarded circa 2000, but in an era of rebuilding, i believe this is only the beginning. Ronaldo was at his mesmerising yet petulant-lembik best,Fletcher was OUTSTANDING while Wes Brown effectively shut out the famed Arsenal attacking flair. My mom asked me whether i'm still supporting Man u.My answer - i'll be with them to hell and back! I understand where she's coming from. Malaysians are generally 'fairweather fans'. Serious. When United won the treble back in '99, the whole of Malaysia was awashed with those sporting Becks-style haircut and fake-Golok jerseys. Now, it's Arsenal and their "pretty" football. Frankly speaking, i don't give a shit about others. You can support Millwall if you want, but for me, I've lived as a red devil, so i shall die as a red devil.

The real issue for today is safety. After the game, i went out to grab dinner for me and my family at Burger King.As i was locking my car (meaning pressing the alarm laaa..bukan pakai rantai ker apa..), i heard a loud thud so i turned around. Imagine my horror when i saw a lady being dragged by a car. At first i thought that it was an accident. Then i realized that they were attempting to snatch her handbag. They didn't managed to, and sped off. She was walking along the road at Taipan USJ with her husband and two teenage sons,perhaps just after a nice dinner,thinking that she's pretty safe and all. But "malang tak berbau" and she could have really hurt her right arm.

My girlfriend had the same experience during the last Hari Raya. She was just walking out of her cousin's house in Ampang with her dad and going to her car. It just goes to show that no one and nowhere is safe. Apparently, victims of snatch thief are rising. So has car-jacking. Now they just don't bother to fiddle with the your car alarm and 'Brothers' steering-lock (which is actually quite effective as a deterrent). They'll just point a gun or parang at you as you're alighting from your car, or even while waiting for your gate to open. Even worse, some have resorted to crashing into your car and then robbing you or abducting and raping. It's easy to point fingers at our Police force but the reality is that crime is prevalent in any country, developed or un-developed. They're severly short of manpower and motivation. Seriously, you'll get more if you work at Top Shop then you would if you become just the basic constable. Solution : increase the manpower by offering better wage packets and increasing the age of retirement for police officers.

But the police can't be everywhere all the time. In fact, the police can only work AFTER a crime has been committed, in the sense that they then would have suspects and leads to follow. Thus, crime prevention remains mainly in the domain of the individual. Try avoiding driving at night alone (in fact, avoid driving alone - period). Never stop if you're banged by a proton or kancil(no offence) or any other dubious-looking-easy-for-criminals cars full of guys, just move along to the nearest police station or any public places (eg:public car park, repair shops, rumah tgh buat kenduri) and during the entire episode, keep talking to someone whom you trust (sapa tak top-up regret laaa!). Ladies, please try to avoid walking by the road, and if you must, please be concious of the position of your handbag. The rest is pretty basic. Be wary of suspicious characters (don't be too absorbed with the latest gossip or mega sales) etc etc.

This is a public service announcement sponsored by the Kementerian-that-shall-not-be named. Guna IT,Cinta IT (what a load of bull). Go figure.

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