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Written on 4/05/2004 07:10:00 pm by sikapitan

Hehe..cool jugak title for today. I'm referring to One Utama, now a full-fledged shopping mall (cos it has the prerequisite expensive stores!)! I love going to OU because well..it was my first mall outside of Subang that i went to (back during secondary..i don't really remember) and the whole place is just so familiar to me. I've always preferred going there than Pyramid. Pyramid has become a bit too noisy (actually, this is a typical malaysian culture-playing loud music at shopping malls!) and too crowded (sorry, but i just hate it when its overrun by skinheads,ahbengs and whatnots-they act as if the mall is theirs!). OU has always maintained this sort-of quaint feeling about it. Like Subang Parade but with TGV and some real shops!It never seems to be too crowded (like KLCC-love it for the Malay shoppers..hate it because of the Malay shoppers.Yea,go figure) or overruned by punks who are only brave when in groups.

Yesterday, i went there to buy some carpolish and basically to just hang out with my buddy AeS813. I've noticed that despite being a weekend, OU's population remains basically family-oriented or couples-heaven with just a smattering of "gangsters" (group of guys walking around leering at girls,sorry i don't know how else to describe them). It was crowded and noisier than usual but we still can communicate without shouting at each other! Actually, the best reason to go to OU is because that place can sometimes be loaded with beautifull people...no lah..the parking is cheap mah! RM1 ONLY (Compare with KLCC)!

The UMNO Vice-presidents have stated their view that the top two posts in UMNO should not be contested. Good for Pak Lah..better for Najib. Why? Scared to say, SB's tentacles are far-reaching.

Started working today. A bit tired. Thus, my writing is suckier than usual.:) Thanks for all the support.
Au revoir

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