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Written on 4/21/2004 08:58:00 pm by sikapitan

Movie Review- ScoobyDoo 2
I woke up late (actually i surf2 ehem2 sampai terlupa waktu) so i had to rush off to KLIA to pick up my GF. Let me tell you, the highway to KLIA is the best highway to just let it rip!I'm not condoning speeding, far from it. In fact, i realized that it's a really good highway while cruising at a sedately 80km/h *ehem ehem*.It's just that i saw a few cars going by at close to 150 *wink wink* and i thought that our speed limit imposes a great restriction upon consumer's freedom to use their wares.Imagine buying yourself a Porsche and having to limit yourself to just 120 while that pesky little Kancil with exhaust that can fit an elephant's trunk is busy kissing your bumper,the driver with fake raybans showing his displeasure (no offence-jgn pulak tanak angkat wa kat rumah wei!). I understand the need for speed limits. But the general speed limit is unacceptable due to the huge gap between the capabilities of cars on Malaysian road. In Malaysia, you can find an old,dilapidated Datsun Boy beside a Mitsu Evo. Thus, 120 is actually too much for the Datsun (and also kancils,kelisas etc-i've driven them la ok? and they just shake rattle and roll when you reach 100) but too easy for the Evo.Maybe we canhave separate speed limit for different types of cars? (Too costly to implement) I don't have the solution. Maybe someone out there can suggest a way to correct this discrepancy. But back to KLIA. Managed to only make her wait 10 minutes. Glad that she's here. Another week and i might have done some serious damage to our relationship.

Went to OU (yeah yeah, ou lagi!) and found out that there are not too many interesting shows left. Stuck with ScoobyDoo. Entirely forgettable. It's seldom that i've regretted paying 6 ringgit to watch a movie. wITH sCOOBY dOO, i felt that even if they ask me to watch it for free i wouldn't watch it again. The only thing memorable about the whole movie was alicia silverstone:) Loved Clueless (haha,research material maaa) and missed her on the big screen. Lost a couple of pounds. Too bad the whole movie sucks. The plot sucks,the acting sucks, and scooby was just plain freaking annoying. Everyone who's a fan of the cartoon series would have realized that Shaggy is actually a representation of a hippie who's high all the time (at least that's how i see it) but in the movie, it seems like Matthew Lillard is on multivitamins. He has too much energy for a character that is ultimately, a junkie! The only saving grace is my girlfriend. I bet if i watched it with my mates i would have fallen asleep long before the credit rolls in (like what happen with 50 1st dates). Isn't it amazing how being in the company of someone you love could just perk you up (please, don't think sexual).

On another note, about the whole malay issue, i feel that it's best i save it for the weekend. Right now, my friend's waiting for me at the pitch. Thanks MPSJ for building a futsal court beside my house. I know it was only for the election. But Lee Hwa Beng won uncontested.So i think they're silently cursing wasting money for us kids when they could have planted new flowers by the roadside so that dogs can enjoy their daily shitting routine.Just kidding.

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