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Written on 4/26/2004 02:09:00 pm by sikapitan

I read in the newspaper that the police has been asked to APPREHEND kids playing truant. If nabbing kidnappers,rapists,robbers, etc2 is not enough of a burden, they now have to content with going around snooker centres picking up youths. Now, these youths won't be charged with anything, considering that skipping classes is not a crime per se, so the most that would happen is that the police would bring them back to the station,call their school, parents and what-nots and hold them up until somebody picks them up. To me, it's all just a waste of time. I'm not saying that the police shouldn't take any action. In fact, i think that as officers of the law they are morally obligated to act against truancy.But to arrest these students would be an overkill. The most they should do is give these kids a right-old sound-off.I know i would piss in my pants if the cops caught me playing truant. No need for all the drama of dragging us in squad cars. It will waste manpower and resources that we don't really have. Overzealous government war-cry, that will soon die when replaced with something more electoral-friendly. Malaysia is famous for hot-hot chicken shit. Now it's truancy, last week it was gangsterism, next week..only God knows.

And yesterday i read about guards who went on a rampage went not being paid their wages.And what about guards who lost a million bucks just because they were busy picking up rm1 coins strewn across the floor by accomplices of the robbers.Stupid you might say, but these incidents occur more frequently than one like to imagine.It doesn't really surprise me considering the level of professionalism or lack of it amongst security companies. They would take almost any ali,ah chong and muthu as security guards. It pisses me off when guards at apartments leer and sexually harass (words can be sexual harassment) girls, or just sit there in their pagoda singlet, smoking or sometimes drinking. But we must consider their plight as well. Most are either too young, or too old to be effective. They are not well-educated. They are not properly trained by their companies. They don't have the experience. But most importantly, they are not well-paid enough to be motivated. Most take up the job because they can't do anything else or as temporary post until something better comes along. I've read somewhere that guards make around rm350 A MONTH! yOU get more by working at mcdonalds. Companies can only pay as much as the client's willing to pay. If customers are not willing to fork out the cash needed, then don't expect some Rambo to be guarding their premises.

On the footballing side, congrats to Arsenal for winning the championship. Their first-half performance was reflective of their entire season-controlled passing,quick counter-attack and killer finishing. Thierry Henry was again instrumental. It wouldn't surprise me if he wins the FIFA wORld FootBaller of The Year award.

On a personal note, sorry for not posting anything new for the past two days. Been busy with work, football and my sister's been hoggin the comp every night. I'll try to fit in updating the blog during lunch hour. tHAnks to Mumtaz for his analysis on the Palestinian conflict.

Au revoir.

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