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Written on 11/01/2004 01:34:00 am by sikapitan

I just thought that I’ll start having Top Ten lists like the ones they have in Dave Letterman. Since I am generally a hard to please individual (or some might say “stubbornly arrogant bastard”), I guess I’ll make a Top Ten list of things that annoys me. Now, this is not as easy as it sounds because quite frankly I’m annoyed with almost anything. I’m dead serious. But here are at least ten of the most annoying things/situations/people that grates me to no end. It starts from 10 to 1, in that particular order, with 1 being the most annoying.

10. AMP radio network which runs Mix, Hitz, ERA and other what-nots. I do understand the importance of commercials to keep a station running, but I’ve seriously given up on listening to radios in my car. There was this one time, I started the radio and I didn’t get to listen to even ONE damn song throughout the journey. Yes, it only took 12 minutes but isn’t that a long time for a radio station NOT to be playing music? It could be traffic updates, news updates, chit-chat with callers (who cares where they go to school) or the much dreaded commercials. Whatever it is, it’s actually encouraging piracy. I’ve resorted to making my own playlist, from songs downloaded, and I must say it is wayyyy more satisfying than listening to some over-hyped radio I’m-too-cool-I-must-have-slang Deejay.

9. While we’re on the subject of crass commercialism, let’s take a look at that annoying POP-UP tv ads or even worse, the TV-IN-A-TV exploitation. Ntv7 and TV3 are the most obvious culprits. I can’t afford a 34-inch flat screen tv, so please don’t minimize the already small viewing area and filling up the outskirts with lousy-cheap commercials. What about NTV7 and their never-ending commercials? For every 7 minutes of Friends, we have 6 minutes of commercials, AT THE VERY LEAST. Thank god it’s mostly cosmetics/shampoo commercials;)

8. Potholes. Yes, it might seem a bit trivial to many but maybe that’s because we encounter too many of them that we take them for granted. I cannot stress enough the damage potholes, no matter how small and insignificant its effect can do to your car’s suspension. It’s a daily annoyance I tell you, and that’s what makes it all the more annoying!

7. Blind-man donation scam. I have nothing against charity in general or passing the odd buck or two to a person in need specifically. But I am pissed at the almost systematic way this duo-routine goes about collecting cash from people at hot-spots. Uptown is a favorite and even your venerable Hartamas/Bangsar is not spared. I used to give any spare change I have and decline the utterly rubbish sticker/card they hand out. But as I hang out more and more I’ve come to realize that there’s an actual syndicate going about because my friend once saw one duo we met in Uptown change places! The blind becomes the guide and vice versa. Unbelievable. And even if the blind person is really blind, I cannot help but think that the real person benefiting from all our money is not really him. And that sucks because I am a sucker for people in need of help.

6. Secondary actors in the cinema. You have your Ben Afflecks and Nicole Kidmans on the screen when suddenly out of nowhere you hear Ah Ben and Nik Kidal giving their own version of what’s going on. What’s worse is when they get it totally wrong!! “No la no la, she killed him first one.” “But I thought Troy was a girl” and other such nonsense. Then there’s the radio commentator giving free shot-by-shot account of the movie through his new 33-who-bothers-to-know Nokia handphone. “Yea yea..she’s going into the room…very dark…wait wait..dia bukak baju…t*t*k besar..”. You get what I mean. Can I safely say I’m on the right side if I just smack them right on their head? Could they then call their taikos, cover etc2 to beat me up?

5. Proton. I’ve driven Protons before, and quite frankly there isn’t much for me to gripe about, besides the fact that my Satria broke its rear bearing TWICE, or our WAJA’s dashboard popped up to reveal the inner workings of the speedometer, or the window on the driver side of my Satria kept on getting stuck! We’ve gotten rid of them, and thanks to the seriously reliable Korean and Japanese imports getting cheaper, so should YOU! They’re bloody too manja for my liking. I liked all its cars, but I think that Proton is milking every last bit from a very very old cow. It takes them the same amount of time to complete the KLCC to come up with a new model! I’m really frustrated. They keep on churning out variations of the SAGA and SATRIA which is essentially based on platforms older than my little kid brother who’s now in Standard 3. While Perodua has been progressively moving forward with each new product (plus they have really cooler advertisement), Proton came up with the JUARA and ARENA, two vehicles any car lover would deem horrendous at best. Lack of ingenuity in design, coupled with utter disregard for reliable customer care has left PROTON way too vulnerable to attacks from other mates, for example the recently launched so-affordable Toyota Avanza.

4. People who thinks they’re always right and makes it a point to prove it to everyone. Well, that’s because I think I’M always right, but it annoys me nonetheless. Example: “Semua orang tahu BMW lagi mahal dari Merc” and I go “Oh, aku selalu ingat Merc lagi mahal (the polite way of saying- fuck you don’t know shit)” but he’ll say “TAK. BM lagi mahal..” and goes on and on how he reads this mag or that mag. Annoying.

3. Posers. Yeah, I might be one of them but I do find MYSELF to be annoying sometimes. Seriously, what’s with this elitist attitude? What’s inherently wrong with befriending girls who wears tudung? They’re not cool enough for you? Why must he be hanging out at Bangsar before you talk to him? I guess at all levels we do discriminate but that’s human nature. Certainly my taste in music and culture is different from a guy coming in from Jengka, and we don’t hang out because we just don’t click but what’s wrong with just being nice? I just can’t stand those who don’t give other groups a chance. I personally like hanging with the quiet group as much as I do the yo-yo group. It helps me understand how people work. We are all created equal, no? And the differences between you and I are not actually controlled by us but by the society surrounding us. So if YOU were the one born in Jengka instead of him, you could be a Siti-fanatic don’t you think? Understand this and you’ll appreciate others more.

2. United losing. It's closer to hearbreaking but the way they are currently playing just gets on my nerves.

1. Arsene Wenger. Brilliant coach, but a grade-one whining wanker.


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