No...please don't be jiwang:)


Written on 10/29/2004 04:33:00 am by sikapitan

Who's freaking bored? Something to ponder.

Is that him over there?
Saying hello to you
Does anyone care?
I’m a part of you too

Or is he the one
Who brings you milk every day?
He’s pretty attractive
I always thought he was gay

Every smile and nod
Shake of hands and little pats
Bring me hateful thoughts
That there’s more in all that

I’m paranoid now you see
Losing you to somebody
It could be anybody
And that drives me crazy

All these insecurities
Are eating up on me
It’s a wicked world you see
Where people just take what they need

It’s better not to care
Better not be worried
Better not to stare
Better not to love

It means nothing.It holds nothing.It's rhymes. Cheerios:)

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