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Written on 10/20/2004 09:30:00 pm by sikapitan

I never imagined it would set in this quickly. You know; the dreaded “cuti-sangap-puasa-syndrome”. My mind’s set on hibernation. I’ve been filling spare time with Friends, the venerable “future Happy Days” sitcom. I’m hoping to catch all the previous episodes up till the latest 10th season on a month long holiday DVD-marathon. Ah..the wonders of piracy.

Vote for Nader
The United States election is starting in certain areas which allow early voting. Amazingly, Florida (we all remember the debacle of the 2000 election) allows people to vote earlier without giving any specific reason. Actually, that’s not really amazing. What’s even more amazing is the fact that George Wanker Bush is still leading in surveys and polls. Does that show the Americans are a fool-hardy bunch or simply John Kerry doesn’t inspire as he should? No other American president has gone into election on a deficit economy and unemployment; yet, Bush has maintained his lead. John Kerry had failed to seize the moment. Perhaps Hillary Clinton in 2008?

But I like this whole debate idea. Managed to catch snippets of it on TV, and it’s an interesting proposition. That’s matured democracy at its very best. Understandably, we are not ready for it despite the rallying calls by our opposition parties and NGO. I am for it, but not just yet. Political, social and economical divide still exist. Even worse is the almost unstoppable deepening racial division in our society. Malays are sticking to Malays etc2. The only people I see really mixing it up are racially ambiguous in the sense that they’re Malay, but they don’t act like Malays (drinking, dressing etc2). Can’t we just fit in without losing our identity? Can I not hang out with my Indian buddy on a weekend without me spoiling his plans to go have a pint of Guiness? It’s all too sensitive to talk about yea?

Just like Islam Hadhari. Apparently someone posted a comment on a blog, just like you guys, criticizing Islam Hadhari. I haven’t read the comment yet, and anyway it has been removed. But it has caused quite a ruckus, with people criticizing Internet in general, know-it-all bloggers in particular. I have to say that we as users of the internet must be responsible enough to be aware of the various socio-political elements prevalent in our “masyarakat majmuk”. That’s the problem with absolute freedom, currently afforded by our beloved Internet. It gives fools with emotional instability an avenue to spit out hatred. Rational thinking is as foreign to them as Durian is to MakSalleh. Like in Spider-Man; “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Who said you can’t learn anything from comics?

Please let me manage them...
Crazy-assed Man United is driving me crazy with their below-par performances. I’m used to take a lot of shit back in high school for being a hardcore red devil, but I never take it to heart because at the end of the season, Fergie’s men would be lifting at least one trophy. Now, everything’s uncertain. I can’t even say for sure who’s going to play in the next game. The main culprit this season is lack of consistency, perpetuated by the haphazard way the Gaffer has been shuffling his pack. Compared with Arsenal, “pound-for-pound” we are equal, if not better, but collectively we might as well be named Norwich. There’s no fluidity. Everything’s predictable. I can’t imagine myself saying this but my team has become boring. That’s like saying Georgie Bushie has become clever, or Proton can make cars without something breaking. It’s unheard of, and yet it’s happening. Maybe this month’s not the right month for Man United aka Red Devil. You know what they say about “setan kena ikat” during this fasting month? Go figure.

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