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Written on 10/07/2004 10:30:00 pm by sikapitan

I’m in the middle of my final exams, and frankly speaking, this is my most un-motivated semester ever. I just lost interest. Why can’t I do something interesting like race car driving, a best-selling author, an ad campaign manager, a rock star or even interior designer? Well, simply because:

(1) I can’t drive fast without losing my balls
(2) I can’t write a single paragraph without going off the plotline
(3) I can’t wear tight t-shirts and look like Simon Cowell
(4) I can’t wear tight leather pants like Amy Search
(5) I can’t draw if my gf’s mother’s grandpa’s life depends on it.

So here I am stuck doing the very rigid study known to many as Law, but to me as Crap. Sure sure, this might just be the frustrated dude who-can’t-answer-his-paper-this-evening talking, but it has made me think whether I’ve chosen the right path. Have I discovered myself too late (shit, don’t you start thinking that I’m talking about “going out of the closet” ok?)?

But anyway, today’s gripe concerns that all too familiar “Ello? David? David?” wrong number phenomena. I’ve been getting one too many this past few weeks, and while the calls are not that annoying (everyone makes mistake), it’s the reaction from the person on the other line that pisses me off. Have we no decency to at least say “sorry”? Does our credit means so much more than our values? Or have our values change so much that politeness is as foreign to us as intelligence is to George Bush?

I’ve made wrong phone calls before, but I’ve never blamed the guy on the other line for MY mistake. It’s weird how THEY seem pissed at us while they’re the one who made the mistake. Is it my fault that Maxis has blessed me with this number while your friend is stuck with another? Do they expect this person would suddenly appear on the other line if they huff-and-puffed? Top five typical responses:

5. “Betul ar ini bukan David?”
4. “Tapi dia kasi ini nombor.” (so?)
3. “ArrghhhhhHHHHhhhhh” (dude, chill with that Hulk impression will ya?)
2. “Ah, okay…kawan/mak/adik David ada?” (I’ve made it damn clear David doesn’t
exist, but heck they insist so I’ll say: “ Ada..tunggu kejap yer…” and let the phone
run its own course)
1. Click. Just like that, they’ll put down the phone.

And then they’ll call again just to be sure that this David isn’t pulling a fast one. Hey, I’m not saying everyone’s like that. Some are pretty pleasant, while others can be too friendly. But what’s wrong in saying, “Sorry yea?” or even “Oh okay”. So much for our Malaysian hospitality.

I recommend...
Guys, check out the movie The Girl Next Door. Well, it won't be shown on our screen anytime soon so go get the DvD or VcD okay? (The operative word here is "guys". Some ladies find it funny while some said it sucks. But all guys seemed to like Elisha Cuthbert. Good enough reason for me).
Download this : This Year's Love - David Gray

Hey, holidays are coming soon. Unfortunately (can I say this?), it corresponds with the arrival of Ramadhan. So I'll be at home most of the time. Filling you guys with crap that I myself find too much to handle. Thank you.

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